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DONATIONS NOW OPEN! Also a video of Pazuzu, Cyclops, and the color rotation/palette shader in use!

Well, I said I would never do it…. and I meant it with all of my heart. But the fact is paying for sprite work gets expensive fast! Just for Pazuzu & Cyclops alone I have easily spent over $500 … Continue reading

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Teleporter Room: completed (video included)

Just like the title says; this is just a quick video of the teleporter room in my engine. You will notice that Alucard goes from a room with a horse face in the background to another room with a horse … Continue reading

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New video up: The Castle Entrance

Just like the title says. 3 quick things: There is no sound in the video There are no enemies and the boss is not placed into the stage yet; these will all be programmed later all at once since many … Continue reading

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Made colored cloaks FINALLY work (vid inside):

For those who do not know, in SOTN to change cloak colors (as well as to apply the blinking effect when enemies are damaged and many other similar effects like the spectral swords blinking outline) all that is done is … Continue reading

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Update 5/22/13: marionette, stone rose and the….. wakwak tree!? Videos below.

Since I figured out the code to make puppet animations and how to make objects orbit one another I figured I would try them out some.But first I made sure to modify the code some more, so that now you … Continue reading

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UPDATE 6/12/12: Alucard’s Weapons (video included) and some info on how elements now work

For the last few days I have been hard at work completing all of Alucard’s sword animations. As I said some time ago, in the original SOTN there are literally 40+ swords that use just one animation. For the most … Continue reading

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6/9/12: A Demo video of Alucard AND his completed form changes!

I think the title speaks for itself; this video shows alucard’s different animations, forms, and also different types of tiles such as jump thru tiles, sitting in a seat, a grate (it turns from purple to blue) and even shows … Continue reading

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