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Update 12/25/17 – MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!

Happy holidays peoples! It’s been a bit since I put up an update so I wanted to take a few minutes to drop one today as I tend to do most years on Christmas day. As a way of me … Continue reading

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Update 8/22/17: I’m not dead.

Yup. There’s your update people. ………….. lol, no seriously. I’ve still been working hard on the engine, in the free time I have. I have a ton of stuff I’d love to share…. but no time to do it now. … Continue reading

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Fan input & ideas wanted for the first NEW stage!

So since the last update, I have been hard at work coding in more of the animations for Alucard and making various revisions to existing code in the hopes of finalizing everything that I have done already so that I … Continue reading

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Update 12/24: Merry Christmas everyone! Video and Cost Sheet inside!

Ok, so in my last update I promised an itemized sheet detailing the expenses related to Alucard’s new sprite set. And I am a man of my word so I have put that information into an Excel sheet here, INCLUDING … Continue reading

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10/28/16 ANOTHER quick update:

The engine isn’t dead and has made a TON of progress; Alucard’s sprite sheet has been completed….. blah blah blah, coding in swimming information for Alucard, blah blah blah, made the shaders I needed etc. etc. blah blah…. blah blah…. … Continue reading

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5/1/16 A very quick update:

Hi, everyone. I’m not dead and the engine is still constantly being worked on. Alucard’s sheet is about 70% done which has thus far cost about $1,100 (no that is not a typo; you get what you pay for and … Continue reading

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Update 10/15: WIP sprites and some other small stuff.

The video can be found here: Here are the 2 animations mentioned in the video: And here is an additional WIP concept sprite for Axe Armor Captain: Feedback is wanted on all of these sprites from fans and spriters alike, … Continue reading

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