10/28/16 ANOTHER quick update:

The engine isn’t dead and has made a TON of progress; Alucard’s sprite sheet has been completed….. blah blah blah, coding in swimming information for Alucard, blah blah blah, made the shaders I needed etc. etc. blah blah…. blah blah…. blah…. and… blah.

…………… oh wait, you guys want more details? Lol, ok then. 😛 Let’s put it this way:

  • Alucard’s original sheet was a little under 300 sprites; mine is at 682. That isn’t counting wolf form or bat form of course. It took about 10 months to do and cost about $2265 (which is far more than I thought it would but the results are really amazing). A detailed cost sheet will be released soon with lots of cost details since I’m sure many of you are curious about why and would like to some details. SPECIAL THANKS GOES OUT TO LVLV & PHILIP BOYNE who each contributed $50 to this endeavor, for a total of $100. It definitely helps. 😀
  • Weapon animations are now being done for Alucard and should be completed within 2 months. I would love to go into more detail here, but a video would explain things much easier. Which I plan to put up in the next few weeks
  • Alucard now has an actual swimming animation along with attacks for it. These are limited to sword/club attacks and the Valmanway/Crissaegrim as a special. I am in the process of coding swimming in along with a new collision box for it. One limit will be that Alucard will NOT be able to change to wolf in the water now since I don’t plan to have sprites made for swimming in wolf form (which would be at extra cost and somewhat useless overall).
  • I taught myself CG shader in the last 2 months or so and managed to create the majority of the rest of the shaders I need. Which was a daunting task in itself. As it stands now, there are just 2 effects left that I may need help on: one is Olrox’s death in his 2nd form where pieces of skin fall off and then pieces of the skeleton revealed underneath blow away (which may need to be done manually piece by piece) and the other is the part of akmodan’s death where he disappears pixel by pixel as that same pixel blows away (which I have a few ideas on too).

In any event, I look forwarding to put up a video showcasing lots more stuff in the next few weeks. Since I know that seeing is believing. I actually meant to put one up for a while, but I always end up thinking “I’ll just do this one more thing and then throw one up.” Which then turns into another thing…. and another… and another…. etc. etc. ad infinitum.  Anyone else out there who programs, I’m sure knows EXACTLY what I mean. 😉

Donations as always can be made to esco1979@cfl.rr.com.

Thanks for the support everyone. And your patience.

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27 Responses to 10/28/16 ANOTHER quick update:

  1. VanillaBro says:

    Hi, Esco! It’s great to see the progress on updates. SOTN is probably my favorite game ever and I’ve been following your progress since it was a PSX hack. I really admire you for what you’re doing for so long and about how seriously you’re dealing with it.
    I’d love to see you on Patreon, it would surely help you, speaking of finnancial support, but I really have some concerns about copyrights and trademarks… If my country’s economy was better (Brazil is facing a heavy finnancial crysis), I’d be very happy to help you with the development costs.

    Well, I wish the best for you and I really appreciate what you’re doing.

    • Esco says:

      You know I will say this: every time someone says “I would donate/contribute but INSERT EXCUSE NO ONE CARES ABOUT HERE” I have the urge to stab myself in the throat with a rusty spork that has been sitting out in the rain on a bed of Tetanus infected nails that have been swarmed by mosquitos infected with a mixture of West Nile Virus and some weird new strains of Ebola, Gonorrhea, and Herpes.

      ……….it’s just such a BS line. And I think I’m going to start editing those messages to make the person sending me such generic garbage look like a cheapskate/baffoon. Just because it will give others a laugh. Not mad at all about it. Just saying. 😂

  2. ChampionRed says:

    Will there be any sort of co-op? I’ve been looking for multiplayer castlevania fan games and they either die in production or they’re cheap. Even if it’s just an Alucard palette swap, I’m sure with all the features you are putting in would open up more supporters for you, something to think about. (Or you could have the characters selected twice since there will be more than one.)

    • Esco says:

      Nope. Not something I plan on ever doing. I know nothing about programming netcode/online play. And have no interest in it.

      I considered local co-op, same issue: but no interest in it. And the project is already big enough as is. I don’t want to overdo it more than I already have.

      • ChampionRed says:

        Fine by me, second question (Last one I promise.) will you be releasing any tool/disassemble not sure what to call it, for edit files to add levels,enemies and such after your project is completed? I read you’ll be updating this after 1.0 release, so maybe opening up an opportunity to give other people to add onto their own individual builds would be a good thing to look into after your initial release

  3. ASAsaS says:

    Esco, people may have already asked this, but why no patreon?

    I can see you hitting good montlhy help

    • Esco says:

      A what now?

      ……… just kidding. I’ve heard of Patreon. But I know nothing about it. I thought that was for artists only? Though thinking about it now that IS what I need funds for: sprites. Please tell me about it.

  4. I´d like to help with this outstanding proyect!

  5. Hi Esco, several years ago you were searching for music to be played in the game, nowadays there’s a lot michiru yamane concerts and oficial OST on the youtube, just saying cause you could not have the time to search for it anymore.

    • Esco says:

      I don’t remember ever saying I needed more music; I remember saying the opposite, that there were WAY more Castlevania Tracks out there than I knew what to do with.

      At the moment, I have only one song that I want redone: riddle from Castlevania III (doppelganger’s stage) which is also the track for the large cavern in Castlevania: OOE. Nevertheless, thanks for the link! 👍

  6. Hellement says:

    Once again, good work.

  7. Apsel says:

    Nice to hear about the progress. I’m looking forward too what comes next!

  8. I’ve been silently following this for, shit I dont remember how or when I learned of it. Some years ago

  9. Ben White says:

    Contact me on Skype for level design help : EDITED

  10. abster316 says:

    Hmmmm. I didn’t foresee swimming mechanics becoming a thing but I am looking forward to it, especially when when you get to Maria.

    • Esco says:

      Hey Abster, long time no speak. Swimming will be preeeeetty basic compared to regular gameplay. Since it won’t be used much, relatively speaking. It will consist of treading water near the surface, swimming forward, 2 types of sword attacks, and a swimming valmanway attack that can be useful against projectiles and for extra damage. That’s about it. You will also have limited time underwater, making those sections more fast paced. I’m sure I can come up with some creative underwater gauntlets and hazards too.

      As for doing other characters, I’ll definitely have to get some crowd funding going of some kind. Alucard was VERY pricey to have sprited and I can’t afford to disperse those kinds of funds for 2-5 more characters. But, on the other side of the spectrum, you have to pay good, if you want good quality. 🙂

      • abster316 says:

        Eh, drowning mechanics really aren’t my thing. They tend to make water sections less fun to me, even though in the original SOTN it was ridiculous a snorkel would let you breathe underwater after touching it melted Alucard like a witch.

        I’ve been trying to find some pixel artists for my own game, including some that you worked with before, but none of them really came back to me just yet.

      • Esco says:

        Fair warning: just about everyone I’ve worked with in the past 3+ years for sprites WILL expect to be paid. Keep that in mind. As they say: you get what you pay for.

  11. sam clarke says:

    being that olrox is puppet animated (actually looks like adobe flash stretching) making pieces of each piece fall off might be a pain, but on the bright side the bones can just be drawn under it…
    congrats on learning CG.
    do you have your damage system planned out, or your basic AI functions?
    i might be able to help with them.

  12. OneLeggedCyborg says:

    You are AWESOME!

  13. Artemi TV says:

    Go Go Go Esco!! You’re the best!

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