The Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Hacked Blog – F.A.Q. & important information

Welcome to my blog for the Casltevania: SOTN – Hacked project. Seeing as how I seem to get asked the SAME questions, over and over again, I figured I would create this quick little FAQ to answer the most common ones about what my goal is with my project, as well as addressing many of the commonly asked questions about it.
I AM NOW TAKING DONATIONS TO HELP PAY FOR SPRITE WORK! They can be made to my paypal account under Here is a post with some demo vids up of 2 new bosses I have already had sprited for me! These cost over $500 total which is why I can now use all the donations I can get:
First off some useful links:
  1. The latest release of the engine (just an old demo done in GameMaker) is here:
  2. Here is the source for it:
  3. Here is the blog post with info about the release:
  4. And here is where bug reports go:
  5. For a LONG and detailed post on what I have planned for the engine, please look here:
  6. For the deviant art page, look here:

Please be sure to read this before asking any questions because anyone who asks one of the questions that is located and answered in this faq, runs the risk of basically being ignored on here.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: this 2D project has been moved to the Unity3D engine!

First some quick rules:

  1. Do not put up more than one post in a row on any topic UNLESS the post is over 3 days old; if you have something extra to add please edit your old post rather than double posting. The first time this is done, I will merely delete the post. The second time you will be called out on it, the third time you get blocked. Please do not spam me; nice and simple.
  2. Do not say things about me losing interest in the hack and dropping it, or the project getting shut down, blocked, taken over by aliens, etc. That is my problem not yours, and the negativity is not welcome.
  3. Do not ask for updates or demos for the hack….. PERIOD! You will get them when everyone else does.
  4. Do not try to add me on MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Facebook, Myspcace, etc. without speaking to me first. Unless you are assisting with the hack, or you are a personal friend to me I will not even consider doing so. You can communicate with me on here; that is what the blog is for. If you attempt to add me anywhere else and you do not fit into the criteria I mentioned above, you will be blocked on the spot without warning. Sorry if this sounds negative, but it is what it is. 🙂

Now on to the questions:

  1. I want to contribute: is there some way that I can assist with the hack?
    ANSWER: There absolutely is: I need people to rip sounds, make shaders, and I could always use anyone who has artistic skills, or is really good with unity or coding in C# in general. I don’t want people to code for me (I am the only one who will be coding the game, since besides myself only the developers of the game have all of the extensive knowledge necessary to duplicate all of the stuff in SOTN) but if you have a lot of C# coding skill you can contact me, and I am sure that there would be many things we could come up with together.
    If you want to contribute and are SERIOUS about it, feel free to send me a message here. Not to sound rude, because I appreciate any help that I get (I am actually a very gracious man) but if you volunteer and do not produce, you will no longer be asked for assistance. I have just had too many people offer to help, and then never even finish a single thing and just have excuses
  2. How is this hack being made?
    ANSWER: Initially I was utilizing memhack to find and change things in ram for the PSX version of the game . I graduated to also making ASM changes, and changing things directly in the ISO file from there. However, after over 4 years of working on the thing, it had become apparent that I wasn’t making much ground and that it could take YEARS before the hack could be done.
    This was obviously unacceptable; so I began searching for alternatives and found one: recreating the game in Unity3D. This would not only make it possible for me to do WHATEVER I want, but it would also speed things up enormously, greatly improve compatibility and use less resources. This was initially being done in GameMaker; but that proved WAY too buggy and slow for my tastes.
  3. But Esco, I thought Unity#d was too limited for 2D to do a game like this?
    ANSWER: absolute rubbish; it has joystick support, can do 3d models, has much butter particle control, as well as better collision possibilities, scaling, rotation, transparencies, can use mp3’s, etc. etc. And with its new native 2D features, I just couldn’t say no!
  4. Will I be redoing/using any of the Saturn things?
    ANSWER: I will be redoing the garden to be a totally different area in a difference place. The same with the cursed prison. I will not be using Richter’s sprite from the game; it is god awful. As for Maria, she will include all of her stuff from the PSP version, and some stuff from the Saturn version. I will not be including any of the new enemies from the Saturn except the wraith; 99% of them are god awful and the port sucked in general.
  5. Will Maria be included in the game?
    ANSWER: Yes
  6. Will there be Japanese voice overs in the game in addition to English ones, or will you use the voices from the PSP game?
    ANSWER: At first no. I am really not concerned with this, and many fans just didn’t seem to care if we had dual language support. And I plan on using the PSP voice clips for the English dialogue.
  7. Will I be able to play the “hack” on **insert system name here?**
    ANSWER: if your system can run a normal PC exe file… then yes. I do not know if there will be a mac version at this time.
  8. Will you be providing bug fixes/updates after the hack is released?
    ANSWER: Definitely! Although I will try my best to find all the bugs that I can, I am not perfect and I recognize that people will probably find stuff that I missed. I see no point in releasing a game if I am not going to be responsible and maintain it.
  9. Will there be any new areas in the castle?
    ANSWER: Yes.
  10. Will there be any new items/weapons/bosses?
    ANSWER: Yes
  11. Will Richter and Maria have a whole playable game?
    ANSWER: Yes; they will both have an inventory, equipables, relics, and their own unique abilities and spells. They will also be able to fight all of the same bosses that Alucard can fight.
  12. When will the hack be released?
    ANSWER: as I have always said: when it is done
  13. Can I have an update on **insert something here**
    ANSWER: asking for updates, mentioning my project being shutdown by whatever or whoever, or being a troll in general will get you automatically blocked!!!!! All updates are put up on here, and if you are a personal friend then you know of other more private ways to ask me stuff. 🙂
  14. Esco, can you put **insert item here* into your game? I think it would be sooooo cool and I would love you forever, LOLOLOL!
    ANSWER: I only take suggestions and requests from people who have contributed to the project and will assist me with making it. If you are not one of them, then the answer is hell no. lol
  15. Can I be a bugtester for you?
    ANSWER: NO…… HELL NO….. HELL MOTHERFUCK NO!!!! Lol. I say this because the majority of you who ask me this are just hoping to get your hands on the game before everyone else, and will not provide me any real play testing data.
    In the future, when I do need bug testers, they will only be provided the portion of the game that they are testing. And that will be all, to ensure that they focus on actual TESTING and not on just PLAYING! 😉
More questions to come as I get them and deem it necessary to place them up here. Thanks for reading.
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84 Responses to The Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Hacked Blog – F.A.Q. & important information

  1. Anthony J Breeding says:

    I absolutely love what your doing here! I’ve been learning to code for 2 years in my free time to create a game I’ve been wanting to for twice as long and I greatly thank you for a look at the source code and engine details, I wish I knew more but this is great reference and study material I only wish I had a way to contribute or enough money to help fund this project! And I’ve wanted to know how the spells were coded ever since I started coding on game maker so again, Thank You!! Now the only thing I need to learn is a better way to incorporate into my own engine some way to have my soundtrack sync’d to the variable change of tracks that depend on item use without a step event because that seems to be too intensive to be checking on every frame but thats for me to learn in due time. I just wanted to thank you and say I look forward to all progress you make with this project sir!

  2. This project is awesome, regardless of the time it takes you to accomplish it. I can only wish you all the best, and can’t wait to hear more about this. 🙂

  3. Leo says:

    Hi, just have a quick question, I know this seems a bit early to ask, but do you have an idea what the requirements will be to run the game? The computer I’m currently using is a Dell Vostro 220s. Its from about 2007, and has Windows 7 (x86) (it used to have Vista) on it, so it’s an old computer.

  4. Jam Jam says:

    Hello, i am an artist and im not really sure how i could contribute to anything you may already have planned (i dont think i could do castlevania style sprites), but i would like to contribute somehow (perhaps concept art for any new artwork?) and i have some ideas that you might find interesting (mainly just ideas for things that i think would go perfectly into a castlevania game and i dont understand why they have not yet). So if you think you can find a use for me in this project please email me and perhaps we can discuss this? Either way i plan on donating in mid september when i can afford it, and look forward to the progress of this project.

  5. skeetonjesus says:

    Hey I can definitely help you make some custom symphony of the night style sprites or edit some if you are still working on this project. I’d show you my work if you are interested. But I want to send privately not sure how though ..

    • Esco says:

      Sure, I could use the help. Send me your Skype name and I will write you on there tomorrow. Thanks for the offer.

      • skeetonjesus says:

        I don’t have Skype maybe Email?

      • Esco says:

        Nah, way too slow. It would take literally HOURS just to discuss a small animation and give feedback. You can just DL and install it if you want to help (its very simple)
        . 🙂 I stick to Skype anyway to discuss the project because that way I can be messaging 4 people at once about it when needed and it saves me a lot of time.

      • Arthur Lexington says:

        EDIT BY ESCO: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Esco hurt my feelings! Somebody change my diaper and get me some ice for the beating that I am about to get handed!

        BTW EVERYONE: While I am rarely this cruel, this little scumbag threatened to try and get the project shut down. A humorous fact, since 1) Konami encourages fan games and has been aware of me for a while, and 2)if I ever did get a C&D order I would still technically be able to make it. It would just mean I wouldn’t be able to update people or share it with them. I actually wouldn’t personally lose out at all since no one would have a way of knowing if I was still making it on the DL.

        But for any and all who like me just don’t like the idea of what this troll just threatened to pull, free to tell him what you think of him for being such a selfish little prick:

        Name: Arthur Lexington
        Email address:
        IP Address:

        He is apparently in Janesville WI, and here is the little ladybug’s facebook page:

        BTW you are now blocked from commenting. Who needs to tread lightly now huh, my little `suka!? (Russian word, look it up)

  6. jonnelyonne says:

    Hi Esco,

    I’d been following your blog for quite a while now (although, I haven’t been posting) and am loving what’s going on with the project!

    Anyway, I read the past couple of posts regarding Unity3d and was wondering if you’d like any help with it. On my end, I work with unity on a daily basis for work so I pretty much know my way around.

    Truth be told, (and this is where my half-rant starts) I was pretty bummed when I heard about Iga leaving Konami about a month back cos that almost means no more CV. Been spending the past month or so playing through all the metroidvanias I have (+DXC) trying to get my CV fix. So I figured, this might be a really good way for me to get my fix and get involved.

    In any case, I basically learnt most of my basic scripting in Game Maker and SDL before finally moving on to Unity sometime last year. Do contact me at: if you’d like my help with anything!

    PS: Clicking on my name goes to a blog about a game idea I had before, not currently working on it, but might continue sometime .It might give you an idea of what I can help with. Please contact me if you have any questions!


  7. Duckula says:

    I’m so happy I found this website – I can’t wait to play this game..
    Thank you VERY MUCH for putting so much time in this project!
    (Symphony of the night was my favourite game on Playstation, and its a shame nowadays there are no more 2D bea(u)ties like this;)
    Very impressing videos here, it looks like you’re “almost done” – isn’t it too late for a switch to Unity 3D ? (But if it can be done without too much hassle, I guess its a good idea. (of course it depends.. and there are some ‘stability issues’, and MonoDevelop kind of sucks, but) in general, there is nothing better than Unity3D – and it gets even better and better)

    Keep on the good work, and once again thanks a lot.

  8. Klipeti says:

    Hello again.
    Did you port the project to Unity?

  9. Klipeti says:

    This. Is. AWESOME!
    You are talented using GM. I have used Multimedia Fusion 2 for my projects and they are (in my opinion anyway) better than average releases made on MMF2. I have never used GM. But this, this is one of the very best looking things I have seen! I could never do anything this big on GM of MMF.
    To duplicate the whole game and add extra content… That is shitload of work, only the AI is complicated!

    BTW, are the “stages” only one frame long? Making the castle, do you use frames for every room or is there better way doing it? I haven’t worked on games like this so I’m interested in the castle exploring system.

    Also, stupid overly asked question, which you won’t probably answer: how many percent is the game complete? Just because I want to know if I should forget this “hack” and be happy to someday see it in it’s full glory 🙂

    I’d prefer answers in my email:

    • Esco says:

      Thanks! I have considered MMF23 and construct2, but their lack of good primitive and useable 3d model support won’t work as SOTN use them both (a minor amount; but necessary). I am actually trying out Unity for the next few days since it looks like I may be able to get the project done MUCH quicker in it. I love GM:S but it has too many bugs and issues that slow up my progress. Along with all the constant and unpredictable changes that break things, and its display issues. Just making a decent effect with some particles the other day took me 2 hours due to the interface. In Unity I could have done it in 15 minutes in seems. It will also help teach me C# better.

      Each room in SOTN is a separate room in GM. A stage is comprised of several rooms. Not sure what you mean by frame, as that is more of an animation term.

      Do not ask for progress updates including how done is the game. It is done when it is done. 🙂

      • Klipeti says:

        Unity sounds good. I personally haven’t used it but I have seen very good games made with it. Also I lack the skills of “real” programming languages… Gotta start learning C# someday 🙂

        “Frames” in MMF2 can be thought of as “playfields”, parts or as the levels of the game. Each frame has it’s own programming, events, sprites, objects etc. For example, you can make main menu in Frame1, Intro video in Frame2, Level1 in Frame3, Credits in Frame10 etc. As I said I haven’t used GM so I don’t know how that is made in it.

        If it isn’t too much trouble to port your progress to Unity, I’d say: DO IT.

        BTW, Do you work daily on this project? One more thing, in SOTN you can freely explore castle, but if it is seperated in stages, how can you explore it?

      • Esco says:

        Yes I work daily on it. For the other question, you will have to wait and see. 🙂

  10. I already searched in the entire blog and I won’t find it.

    Did you have any idea how much, in percent, you have complete so far in your project?

    How much time you’ve spendend working on this project?

    Why I’m asking these two questions?

    Because I can calculate how much time, problably, you’ll release a complete public playable version.

    Everybody can deny, but wants to find out when this project is gonna be complete.

    I’m a guy who enters every day in your blog to check any news…

    Feel free to not answear, by the way, it’s your project.


    • Esco says:

      When will the hack be released?
      ANSWER: as I have always said: when it is done

      • Esco, I didn’t ask you for a release date, I just asked about how much time you’ve already spented in this project and how much you believe to have done, so far (in percent). Is pretty obvious it will be released when it’s done.

        Don’t take me bad so, if you don’t need almost any help, don’t want to talk about release dates, don’t need beta testers and hides all detais possible about this project, why you worked on a blog?

        It’ll be more simple to work alone and “in the shadows” and realease the blog and the game, together, when it’s done? This would save so many “boring” questions that only take your time.

        This game meaning a lot for a great number of fans, so why people cares so much about any minimal details. Not only the game itself has his fans, but you too. People believe that you will bring the definitive version of the game and I’m think the same thing.

        I hope to see any news soon.

      • Esco says:

        …………. BS. Your question was just a round about way of getting a release date and you know it. Why else would you need that info? As for the rest of your comment, I am glad you are looking forward to the project, but how I do things and why I do them is simple: because I feel like it. All you need to worry about is if I get the job done or not. And I will; its just a matter of when. hopefully, it lives up to your expectations. 🙂

  11. conans says:

    My user is


  12. MLSabre says:

    Hello again.

    I noticed in customizing gamepad controls, there is no option to remap joystick inputs to D-Pad inputs. Do you plan on implementing D-Pad inputs sometime in the future?

    I thank you for your consideration regardless of your choice.

    • Esco says:

      It is set to the d-pad; there is no analog stick support that I setup. That shouldn’t be an issue in the future, but it will depend on your pad’s settings in control panel

  13. There is something I wanted to ask, in the Saturn version you could equip a healing item into another button instead of having to equip it to a hand, any plans to implement that?

    • Esco says:

      No. Read my LOOOOOOOOOOOONG post about my plans for the engine to see why. I have something MUCH better in mind.

      • Looks like I missed that part, but since you are planning to do something better I am OK with that, I just wanted to avoid the pain of equipping an item into a weapon slot just to cure myself.

      • Esco says:

        No worries man I hate that shit too. I want to make it so you have to go into the menu as little as possible.

  14. dssirius says:

    Hey Esco, I’ve been following your project for a while now, and am very glad to see you’re still progressing with this.

    Just a quick query, with the new stage system in play, will stages have to be selected again from one sort of menu, or can you backtrack to them similar to SOTN except they are just arranged in a more linear order? Also if you die and lose all your lives, will that literally mean starting the entire game again?

    You’re doing a fantastic job btw, keep up the good work!

    • Esco says:

      Losing all lives would NOT mean going back to the beginning of the game; that would be nuts. lol, the other question I cannot answer at this time.

  15. Esco, looking at the, I found this composer: “Armen Hambar”. His songs resemble the Castlevania style. Worth checking out.

    • Esco says:

      Thanks for the info, but there are already TONS of remakes and songs I want to put into the game as is. I even have a composer who made one AMAZING song for me, who wants to make more, but I had to tell him that I probably won’t need any.

  16. thainferno says:

    hi esco will this be playable on playstation 1

  17. STUVash says:

    Hello Esco (sorry if I already asked you on your youtube account)

    I just got interested in Castlevania SOTN recently and I’m trying to get a glitched weapon I found many years ago … probably 10 years while playin’ on my PsOne.

    And I was wondering if you had ALL the original sprites of the game (extracted directly from the CD). If you do I’d like to check them and see if I can recognise the weapon I’m looking for if it ain’t bothering you.

    Thing is I can’t get it again because the glitch was just pure luck, but now I ain’t even trying to get it back. Now I’m trying to figure if this weapon had one original sprite or was it a glitched sprite too because it had quite an epic look.

    The glitch occured because of some paper scratchin’ the CD while playin’, it seems I’d have to mess up the game quite a lot ’till I ever get to play with it again.

    Or if it does have an original sprite then I might be able to find where it is used and how but first I’d like to know if it’s an original.

    • Esco says:

      All sprites have already LONG since been discovered. There is no hidden weapon sprite.

      Also I do not share resources from the engine. They are released to EVERYONE at the same time.

  18. sasukekun21 says:

    Hello Esco i’m a big fun of Castelvania and i wanted to say that you have done nice job so far.I have one question only.I downloaded the game i played but after i killed dracula the game doesnt seem to go further more and it returns me to the screen menu.Why is what?Did i do something wrong?Please reply to my comment.Thank you

  19. sean says:

    Hi esco this is by far my favorite game of all time and i cannot figure out how to get it to work! Im not by any means i computer wiz but i got as far as getting the demo to work but cannot figure out how to play the full game? It says i need GM 8.1 but that is 39.99 dollars to download? so i took the source code downloaded it then put it into the file with the exe. but what now? it says cannot open but im not sure either way…please help me i love this game

  20. catnip says:

    You mention that you will make the game less linear because this is not wow or whatever. But this is sotn. And a majority of people will want the exploration in it. It’s one of the things that made the game fun to replay for multiple times.

    Now my question is: by more linear, do you mean that the game will have a standard route that makes the items you find make more sense, and it is recommended to follow this route, but will still allow a lot of sequence breaking and total end game freedom through the castle, or will it just be a few straight roads with alternate routes choose from like c3?

  21. SINCaliber says:

    To continue working at this for this long is quite impressive. Keep at it! :]

    I like to ask, would there be a new game+ feature that’s been featured in the more recent Castlevania games?

  22. esypsilon says:

    Hi Esco!

    First of all, I simply love your game. Being a GM novice I admire your coding and all that.
    This may sound stupid, but I would really like to use your engine and source code – it has always been my dream to make a Castlevania game of my own. GameMaker seems powerful enough as a tool to do so, but since I’ve never really been into programming and stuff, my understanding of GM is quite limited. I managed to get a bunch of things working but it is still very sloppy and glitchy.
    Now on to my question; you wouldn’t write any documentation of how to customize your engine to suit the users needs would you? I guess you’re busy doing your stuff anyway but it would be a huge step forward to me.
    If you can’t or don’t want to, that’s fine and perfectly understandable though.

    Regards, Es-Ypsilon

    • Esco says:

      This is an excellent question: I actually just rewrote a lot of richter’s code, and the controller related coding. I felt that the originals were WAY too hard to follow, even for me. I do plan to eventually document a bit more, and in fact just recently did so. But there is only so much that I can document too. The biggest thing that I am trying to do is standardize how I code and where I place things. For example, if code is only used by one object, I would just place the code directly under that object, rather than making a separate script file. And if some bit of code is used many times, I would make a function out of it. But since the game is in development this is all of course still WIP. 🙂

  23. Mordecai Walfish says:

    I am glad you are undertaking this project! I have been playing the PSP, saturn & original playstation versions today to get back into the game, and so far determined that I want to play the saturn version for alucard (speed boots!? about f-ing time!) and maria (unique playstyle in this version i hear).. The PSP version for the vastly improved audio to the psx original and the changes that made it into that version/portability. The original PSX version has the nicest graphics of them all but besides that not much else.

    It will be nice to (eventually) play a version that incorporates the best of all worlds ^_^

    Good Luck!

  24. ed says:

    i was wondering if you knew of any good tutorials for putting in options like equipping weapons on characters summoning pets i know you said you didn’t want to make an open exploring castlevania game but you inspired me to learn to use game maker i want to make a game like castlevania symphony of the night using the lvl up system and items gather and going out side the castle but in a 2d world not like order of ecclesia where the maps where only long lines but i having trouble just using the yo yo games tutorials also i not sure what you mean by To use the source code YOU must have the full version of the game installed do you mean castlevania symphony of the night for psx eulator or do you mean game maker also i will gave you proper credit for help me with my game esco.

    • Esco says:

      Sorry but I do not know of any tutorials; much like myself you are on your own here. 🙂

      Also about the source code, you have to have MY engine installed it means. Since it uses some external files from it.

  25. kevinski says:

    You mention that Maria and Richter will fight all of the same bosses that Alucard fights. Does that mean that Doppelganger 10 and 40 will still be based on Alucard, or will Maria and Richter fight Doppelgangers of themselves?

    Also, will Maria as a playable character be based around her PSP or Saturn counterparts in any fashion (in terms of the powers that she’ll eventually get throughout game play), or do you plan on changing her play style up considerably?

    • Esco says:

      To answer your two questions:

      1)This is an excellent question. Everyone will have ONE doppelganger fight; that is all I can say for now.

      2)Read the faq.

  26. Bakarai says:

    As hard as Castlevania 3 on NES? Really? Isn’t that game known to be way too hard?

  27. gadesx says:

    Amazing to see the game, very good work!

  28. 8mike8 says:

    In terms of Richter and Maria having their own equippables, does that mean Richter will be able to use alternative weapons to the vampire killer?

  29. Dengo says:

    does that mean i can access to the shop buying items / weapons and skills playing as richter or maria ?

  30. rasgarblue says:

    Having worked with GM before, I completely understand how tedious it can be to add the sprite animations in. I could certainly help out with that if you want me to, as I have a lot of downtime where I watch TV or something – the sprite thing is something that can easily be done while multitasking.

    There may be additional ways that I can help out, as I have some degree of artistic skill (both drawing and musical, but sadly not with spriting), and I have a fair amount of experience with ripping voice clips, music, and sound effects from games.

    My question is, how would I go about helping you with adding in the sprites? Is there a way to merge projects in GM? I can’t imagine you’d want to start throwing your project files at random people.

    • rasgarblue says:

      Not really sure what I could help with in terms of graphics. I don’t really know what you’re looking for. Sorry…

      As far as adding in sprites, that will work just fine for me. Go ahead and tell me what you want me to do 🙂

      • Esco says:

        Graphics wise, mostly sprite edits and touch ups.

        Ok, sprite wise please get the bat, black panther, warg, and fishman done. The sprites are on spriters-resource. Please do not just place them all into ONE file for each enemy; please separate them by animation as if using them in a game (ex. for bat: he should have an idle, shaking to open, and flying animation) in the correct order, centered and cropped.

        Please send me a link to them once they are complete and if you want to do more then, I will gladly send you them. Thanks for your help.

  31. mar says:

    Im afraid the game will feel different than the original, because of game maker. Could you comment on this?

    • Esco says:

      Sure I can…………. you’re insane and should be locked away in a dark padded cell, while being fed a constant dose of horse tranquilizers! lol 🙂

      • mar says:

        Well im not sure id like being thrown into a cell on horse tranqs but I guess you’re trying to say is that the game will feel exactly the same as the original.

        That online multiplayer x360 castlevania feels like a flash game, ugh, the horror.

  32. oliver says:

    por fa si lo hacen les doy todo mis ahorros en dinero porfa haganlo yo se que pueden es una obra que vale la pena jugarlo de nuevo desde bolivia oliver de villazon suerte amigos

  33. Missing Number says:

    oh didn’t understand thats what you meant @ 13 sorry

    well i have a bit of skill in animation thats why i was curious regarding the alt-costumes / animations etc.

  34. Missing Number says:

    just realized there was an FAQ spot so i wanted to ask a few Qs for some As

    1 . im not sure if game maker can do this but…. if it is possible, would you consider multiplayer? i know it deviates from the SotNess of it all, but i kinda always wanted 2 players, especially after Portrait of Ruin, nothing MMO local even would be sweet


    2 . Considering other characters once your done?


    3 . Maria n Richter, are they gonna start out beefed or are you gonna strip them of their stylish skillz n make them have to “relic” them to reach new heights?


    4. Should someone provide alt costumes, would you painstakingly add them in as a cheat code option? like say Judgement Al or Maria, or Old school Rich n Maria


    5. Are familiars gonna be expanded upon i.e. equipment or skills or something? or just as is? i kinda liked Innocent Devils and hoped those would inspire a bit




    7. I understand the Saturn’s extras were not … extraordinary…. but should one come up with suitable replacements for those areas/enemies…. would ya add em? IMHO i think that little save room in the entrance always was a source of imaginative curiousity… i think you could add in your own crazy world down there n no one would mind

    ANSWER: You will just have to wait and see what i come up with won’t you? 😉

  35. yeahright says:


    Do not say things about me losing interest in the hack and dropping it, or the project getting shut down, blocked, taken over by aliens, etc. That is my problem not yours, and the negativity is not welcome.

    …………………. this is your only warning. Please do not do this again. -Esco

  36. Eliwood says:

    So are Maria and Richter going to fight Dracula or is it going to end at shaft like the original?

    also are you going to add the maria fight in the clock room from the saturn and psp versions?

  37. no enrealidad son enemigos de unas fases que aun no publico si me das tu e-mail te los paso o dime tu como quieres que te los envie,por que como son fases sin publicar aun no estan en ninguna parte y solo yo los tengo

  38. deathjck says:

    hola yo estoy diseñando unos enemigos y fases para el castlevania online,de kotai y tenia unos enemigos hechos a base de los originales del cv sotn por si te interesa,personalmente son muy buenos


  39. Rian Q. says:

    You’re going to make WHAT in WHAT so you can WHAT!?

    I wish you the best of luck, the demo of the PSX hack with Dracula turned up to 11 is the most impressive thing I’ve seen in any edit of any game ever.

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