Update 4/11/15: Recreating Alucard’s sprites (artists needed)

Yes I know it’s been a bit since I updated. Long story short: started off working in the accounting industry, graduating with my BA in 3 weeks, was working 3 jobs for several months and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, stuff you guys don’t care about. But with school ending for good I will finally have a lot more time to work on my engine. Thank god! πŸ˜€

So let’s get to the point: I’ve decided to expand on the idea of combos even more and put in ones for each of the weapon types similar to the 3d Castlevania’s. This would mean more sprites would need to be made starting with Alucard; however when that idea crossed my mind, another one did as well. I have been for the longest wanting to redo Alucard’s sprites. While I like the original, it really doesn’t look like him at all and is about 20 years old. I’ve wanted to add more detail to him for the longest and just have him look more hi-res. And I figured if I need more made, might as well make sure I am not going to have to pay to have them done now, and then later in an updated form.

Several problems come with this: first is making sure he still fits in with the rest of the game’s sprites/backgrounds. And second was finding an artist that can redo his approximately 300 sprites at an affordable rate. A while back a former artist of mine Mario Santos came up with this awesome looking sprite (circled in red; the big one is his too but I of course cannot use that in game):



new alucard


I honestly like it a lot; with the exception of the 5 gray pixels above his crotch that make up the bottom of his waistcoat that look like an inverted penis. But that is a SMALL and easily fixable thing. I would honestly like to see what else people could come up with, but this is so far the ABSOLUTE best one I have seen.

With that being said Β I have gone forward and began having his sprites remade. The problem is so far, some of what I have had done just feels……… off somehow. The artist is very talented and trying his best but several things just don’t look right. So I figured I would put the animations up and see what you guys think. I basically showed him the original versions on Alucard’s sprite sheet and had him remake them. Please note that the bright green and pink on the cape is for coding purposes in unity to recolor it.

Feedback is definitely wanted for these:

Idle (boot & leg look funny to me when he stands up straight near end):Β IDLE


Idle on a slope (plays in SOTN when he is walking and stops on a slope before the walk starts looping)


Charging up MP ( both of them just don’t look right to me; we have a slow one when he first starts holding up to recharge MP, and then a quicker one for when he starts restoring it faster):



Posing to use a sub (this is basically when you hold up originally in SOTN):

posing to use sub

If anyone feels they can improve them feel free to contact me and we will arrange to speak on Skype so you can show me what you can do. This would be a paid position of course.

Any donations would, of course, be very welcome (since this is getting costly fast and I have already put about a grand of my own funds into this project) and could be made to esco1979@cfl.rr.com via paypal.

On a side note: if anyone knows who the artist is who made the image below, please let me know how to reach him. I am interested in paying him to redo classic Richter for the intro just like this:


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42 Responses to Update 4/11/15: Recreating Alucard’s sprites (artists needed)

  1. Netic says:

    i gave it a try to alucard, he’s a fucking piece of art in the original sotn, so it’s really hard to improve over perfection, but here’s what I did to him.

    Basically I looked at Alucard’s original artwork and found some differences:
    * the cape’s “folding” gets easily confused with his hair in the original sprite, so I remarked it a little more.
    *he wears some kind of silk scarf that is not present in the original sprite, now its there.
    * the clothe’s design isnt there at all in the original sprite, added details based on his artwork.
    * the boots in the original sprite have some sort of knee padding, this is unaccurate based on his artwork.
    * in the original sprite, alucard doesnt have the sleeve detail with the button at beginning and gold lining going right down to where his hands are. Made it more visible now.

    Improvements based on my point of view:
    * made him just a little more paler.
    *made him 1 pixel taller just so the hair can be improved a little more.
    * added some folding in the cape’s shoulder area, i assume it’s heavy and requires good strength to wear it.
    *used his original pallette. no other colors were used.
    *remade the boots, original sprite looked as if he had black sneakers.

    • Esco says:

      Thanks for the attempt. You clearly have an excellent eye for detail. But I have to say that the resulting sprite just doesn’t look right. And think the reason behind that is the color limitation. You just can’t get in that much detail with just 16 colors on such a small sprite without it coming out looking like a bit of a mess. But I think that if instead you had used 16-32 it would have come out much better. In any event, you seem to have some serious talent. And although I already have someone working on Alucard, I do still need someone to redo Classic Richter. Would you be interested in doing that? It would be with a color limit of 32 instead of 16 and the base sprite is already up here that I intend to build off of.

      Let me know, please. πŸ™‚

  2. Ninlhil (Jake) says:

    I have no idea if you are still looking for artists to work on Alucard and other characters, but I thought I might toss my hat into the ring.

    Basic philosophy is that one should use as much of the original art as one can, simply giving it a new polish. It prevents sprite edits from becoming too laborious and difficult, while keeping it grounded in the beloved originals.

    • Esco says:

      Your Alucard remake isn’t bad at all I have to say. You improved the head, shoulders, and fixed the issue with his legs looking totally disproportioned. The edit on his coat isn’t bad either. But his boots weren’t fixed, like on the edited sprite I put up. Also, although I like the head on yours (which is a recolor of the original) the hair on the other remake is better. There are two problems with yours that I would definitely point out: 1)is the angle of the green part on your cape, which looks odd and 2)is the angle of his back leg. It just isn’t right for the pose. It would probably work better if this pose was a transition one between idle and getting into his pose when he holds up and is getting ready to throw a sub.

      But overall, I have to say that if this is what you made to apply for the role, then yes I wouldn’t mind talking to you at all. It seems like you have real talent and a damn good knack on this. But most importantly, is that you seem to have a keen grasp on what I am looking for. Which is not to redesign Alucard from the ground up, but to make his original sprite (which I am to this day a huge fan of) look more like the artwork and polish it.

      So why don’t you send me your skype name and we can discuss more details there? I am still looking to hire an artist for this role. πŸ™‚

      • Ninlhil (Jake) says:

        Sure Sure. I borrowed from the one you posted for the audition, but I didn’t want to just totally copy it πŸ™‚ Anyhow, my Skype name is **EDITED**. Talk to you more on there. I would also turn your attention back to my Deviantart page if you haven’t taken a browse. I made a few completed animation cycles, mostly for my own amusement. They are all based on my original edit, though sometimes it can help to see things in motion.

  3. On the website I posted in the “your website” box, you will find demonstrated almost all of the original game’s delicate control quirks, which more or less show how the developers wanted the actions to flow together. (Which is what Igarashi mentioned in the let’s play also posted here somewhere)

    Will sotn hacked have the same possibilities or will it be different?

    • Esco says:

      I have no idea what you are talking about and I have no idea what the “your website box” is either.

      • Apparently when you click my username it links you to the site I put in.

      • Esco says:

        Yes I see it now; interesting site. Sadly most of what you have up are actually things that the programmers overlooked (small glitches in essence). Things like attack cancelling will still be in the game for many things, but otherwise I intend to make alucard much more combo capable without his moves being so easily abusable.

  4. Gledson says:

    Alucard 2x

    • Esco says:

      Sorry, but scaling up a sprite sheet by 100% while using a filter doesn’t really help me. I could do that myself in literally 10 seconds.

  5. alucardspear says:

    Also, have you seen this?

    it’s useful knowing what the original designers/programmers think!

  6. shinobido says:

    I just thought the back leg of the position of the new alucard could be a little more bent, as well as the old alucard, for me the way he positions the leg in the original passes an image of power and superiority.
    otherwise, it’s pretty cool

  7. james Watson says:

    the progress you been making is amazing i love the new sprites and how things are looking and i myself like everyone here is excited to play it when its done πŸ™‚

  8. K. says:

    A thing I really like about this project is that you are not only trying to superbly* improve its mechanics and graphics but also trying to do stuff just like the original team wanted to do. So promissing.

  9. Custom says:

    DUDE! You’re still up and doing things thank god! Sprites are dope tho, love it!

    • Esco says:

      Thanks, lol. I never have quit on it and never will. It’s just a matter of time.

      • K. says:

        Could you tell us/me the differences you guys created between the original and the revamped models/character sprites? Im so curious and I really would appreciate if you let me(us) know. Thank you πŸ˜€

      • Esco says:

        If you are referring to Alucard’s sprites so far only the ones I put up are done and as you can see they need touching up. I had to reassign the artist some other stuff because he quite frankly couldn’t do Alucard justice. He tried his best but was not up to the task and I have yet to find someone good enough to do it.

        The fact is if I am going to redo Alucard he will have to look AMAZING! This is a sprite that everyone including myself has been used to for over 15 years; it won’t do for it to not be redone to be even more awesome so I am setting the quality standard VERY high. It also must still fit in with the rest of the low res gfx in the game at the same time; not an easy task to accomplish. This also means it will also be very costly sadly; in business something can be 2 of the 3 following: cheap, fast, good. So if it is fast (which it must be since there will be over 300 sprites so it will take a while) and good it thus will not be cheap. Believe me when I say any donations here will be very helpful.

        Meantime I have been having a bunch of the icons for relics and pickups redone. Sometime soon I intend to put up pics, but I first want to do the majority of the prologue so I can put up at least some kind of demo video here.

  10. David K says:

    The stiletto boots seem a bit much.

    Personally? I think all this looks awesome otherwise. With Iga’s new kickstarter, you couldn’t have a better time to release something like this to legions of adoring fans.

  11. Omg this is fucking awesome, I wish I knew how to make pixel art like that in order to help with the sprites 😦 I would fucking do it for free since this is my favourite game.

  12. dddd says:

    esperarΓ© y esperarΓ© hasta que salga el juego con alucard y ricther
    me gustaria que cuando juguemos con ricther nos enfrentemos antes de ir al castillo invertido a un boss

  13. Dizzy says:

    Want to say it looks pretty good. But frankly, not sure it would feel right playing with a different Alucard sprite. I love the original >.<

  14. my opinion for that alucard sprite is that it looks very big and “king” ish

  15. Filip V says:

    You may not be accepting any suggestions but please consider using a new sprite for Richter, one that looks like him in the cut scenes…I don’t know if you allow advertising so i’m just gonna post a picture of the Richter sprite that I had in mind. http://i.ytimg.com/vi/ybkgfSWc8EA/hqdefault.jpg
    Another thing (pushing my luck here) but if you can, please make Richters moves easier to execute like something similar to Portrait of Ruins Richter Mode.
    Well those are my 2 chips.Agree or disagree you still have my support.

    • Esco says:

      I already have a # of remade Richter sprites for the cloaked main game version. The really good sprite you are showing is Serio’s and I used to actually use it in the EPSXE hack version. Until I had this one made: http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r160/Esco1979/newricwhippinganimatin_zps577e0758.gif

      The problem is that the person who was making it (theMoonMan aka BullockDS on the CV dungeon forums) vanished from the forums over a year ago and has not been back since. I was going to pay him to finish them before he did. 😦

      The problem now is finding someone with the skill and dedication who I can pay to finish it. For the moment, though I am focused on Alucard’s sprites and Richter’s intro sprites since those will be needed way sooner.

    • That sprite looks sick! Damn, I would pay to play as this Richter

  16. Val says:

    Hey !
    I’ve found the one who made the Richter sprite :
    ( The sprite is on the 9th post )

    • Esco says:

      Lol wow that is FUNNY! I completely forgot he was the one who made it. Sadly he vanished from the forums over a year ago. 😦 He was also making the cloaked version of Richter for me. I really wanted to pay him to finish it and do this one. Shame he is gone. Now I need to find an artist who is talented enough to do it in my friend’s place.

  17. I think the problem with the Alucard sprite may be the fact that he has a big, damn, beefy Trogdor right arm… I mean, he is trying to cover it up with his cape, but it’s still there… waiting. That plus the stiletto boots leaves something of a “more than meets the eye” vibe for me.

  18. AvennGed1 says:

    Hey, I wish there was something I could do to help you. I’ve been a fan of the game since I was just a little kid. I would love to help, but I know nothing of the art of coding. But, if you needed help with spreading the word or testers or anything at all I would be glad to help. So far, this looks great and I fully support you πŸ˜€

  19. Hey man! I read about your new areas in 2nd castle. What will you do with music in “Sky walk” and “Skeleton Cave”? I think, that you need to take music from Harmony of dissonance and remix it. I can help you buddy (for free)

    • Esco says:

      Thanks for the offer. If you want to help, remake and expand dwelling of doom from CV2: simon’s quest (the mansion music) in a way that I can use it in SOTN.

  20. ZE says:

    haven’t i seen updated versions somewhere before? i can’t seem to find it, may have been taken down…. its been a while since i’ve checked… shame, woulda saved ya hours of remaking hundreds of sprites.

  21. man! that alucard looks great! i’m happy to know that you’re still working on this project……….Symphony of the Night really deserve this kind of changes and a remake too, it would be nice that Konami do something about it instead of fans like you that spends your own money so for that man i really wanna say thank you and i really can’t wait for this project to be complete.

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