Update 12/2/14: current donations amount, and the next new boss being sprited!

Well since my last post I have been hard at work finishing off my semester and working on the engine in between. Luckily my last final is tomorrow, and then I will have a month off to work on it more. Since the previous post some more people were generous enough to donate, which  I want say thank you for!
Donations since previous update: $60
Total Donations towards sprites: $130
Coding wise, I did several new things that involved me learning all new features in Unity. This of course, slowed my progress down some. Here is a partial list of some of the updated stuff:
  • fixed some bugs here and there (mostly due to mecanim not updating instantly in Unity when changes are made to it)
  • tweaked alucard’s hanging from the roof animation after a high jump to be cancellable by a dive kick or his charging move.
  • Completed the combo system that will allow you to cancel a fist/knife attack with a sword/club attack, then that with a spear, then that with a sub, then a critical, then lastly a crash or special.
  • Increased the speed on fist/knife attacks
  • Made a couple of tweaks to the screen render to make the game look even more hi-res
  • implemented special move controls (tapping forward twice, tapping back then forward, double tapping down, and charging up then doing a fireball motion which probably won’t even be used). As you can see I kept all of them VERY simple and easy to use.
  • I actually tweaked the controls some so that now you have 3 attack buttons: one for fists/knives, one for swords/clubs, and one for spears.
  • The following critical arts controls were implemented along with Alucard’s animations for them: valmanway, shield rod, blue knuckles, Holbein dagger, marsil, and javelin (all ground and aerial versions)
  • The following special moves controls were implemented along with Alucard’s animations: black lightning, astral slash (teleport slash with alucard sword), soul steal. These are all ground moves only.
  • Alucard’s slide was also coded in using the new wolf sprites I had made by my artist; this required making 3 different animations, and then testing them all on different slope levels to ensure that everything still looks good at all times while using blend trees.
  • Added in the wolf object, to be a child object under Alucard. This object then has 2 more child objects: front half and back half. Which then each have yet two more child objects separated into body and legs categories, with their appropriate objects as well. This took quite a bit of studying on my part of the original SOTN to figure out how to set it up properly.
  • the slope detection code was done for the wolf; this is used to know whether the wolf is on a flat surface, going up/down slope, coming off an up/down slope etc. and angle him properly. This sounds easy, but was a pain to get working properly and involved in short, getting the normal of the surface we are standing on, checking distance to a slope vertically or horizontally based on the type we are on, positioning the back legs vertically and also checking to see that they are on a solid enough. Thankfully, it was much easier to do in Unity than GM.
  • Setup some attacks (spear weapon, subs, criticals, etc) to transition from their aerial version, to the ground versions when you land instead of cancelling like fist, knives, swords and club attacks do.
  • Condensed all of Alucard’s character sprites onto one master sheet, and re-setup any necessary animations due to this.
I also  came up with a novel way of having crashes take one button, yet you can do any of them. Which I have always wanted to do, since I want to keep your trips into the menu at a minimum! By holding the crash button first, it then checks for input from any of the other 7 available buttons (Attack1, jump, special, attack2, attack3, block, evade). Based on which one is pressed it will do one of the crashes. If the crash button is just released, it will also do one. This sets it up so that ANY crash can be used quickly and easily (up to 8, which is all I’ll need), without having to switch between them, and at any time. This will be done before the next update.
Sprite wise, here is a preview of the newest one being worked on by my sprite artist; the Wyvern:wyvern colorAs you can see I chose to keep the original purple color from DXC, but had the artist make him MUCH more detailed and monstrous than the original. This is a rather large sprite, so it is taking him a bit longer to complete the animations, but I have to say that the amount of detail he has put into it thus far is truly amazing.  (and thus means that I will have to pay more for him too of course; have to keep my artist happy). 
The animations that I am having made are:
  1. Flying
  2. Spitting a fireball
  3. Charging horizontally in the air
  4. Turning in the air during flying
  5. A swooping and grabbing move
  6. Flying horizontally across screen breathing flames (similar to the wyvern in CV: Curse of Darkness)
  7. A move where he charges a huge blast, and fires it at the ground creating a fireball spitting geyser temporarily.
  8. Flaming wing beat attack (behaves similar to its dragon flame attack in Rondo and DXC)
  9. Death
I thought of initially having it land and having ground attacks too, but he already has 6 attacks as is. Which I felt is enough for him since it makes you have to use all of the moves available to you at the early point in the game when you encounter him. Anymore would have been overkill. I may however have him land as part of his death animation.
Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!
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47 Responses to Update 12/2/14: current donations amount, and the next new boss being sprited!

  1. Maximus says:

    How long is this project going?
    It looks very nice.

  2. sam clarke says:

    here is a preview of what I have done with the rooms. also hear my fantastic musical talent. let me know!

    • Macedo says:

      Man, your background work with all the lightining and stuff is REALLY REALLY wicked! They manage to add more atmosphere into a game that couldn´t get more atmospherical! I´d love to see them in Esco´s hack!

      • Esco says:

        I agree it is excellent work. But I am not even thinking about beautifying the game yet. That would come WAY later.

      • sam clarke says:

        i appreciate your comment. just try not to forget about esco’s water effects!
        sadly, I am still working on behemoth, I just had to move an entertainment unit and 3 100lb+ speakers into my house…
        I have the front half of the torso complete. all that is left is the end of the torso and the spine, and these should be done shortly

  3. sam clarke says:

    i do not have a copy of the project, as it is i only do the sprites bg’s and audio. search up my name on youtube and i have a room building “tutorial”. i do things differently mainly as when i build rooms in layers, the “shadow” foreground layer is above the sprites. this way allows for very dramatic lighting. i loved your water reflection btw. anyway, i also make/edit sprites, and would be happy to handle any requests you have. as far as payment goes, i am in the process of starting a paypal. imho paying 100-150$ for a sprite sheet is rediculous (even though the ones you have bought are fantastic) and you mentioned tweaking sprites until you are satisfied, that is completely fine, just be as descriptive as possible. reply back soon, i will get an example of what i mean by dramatic lighting. also, with the project i am doing, they want to remain unaffiliated if thats ok.

    • sam clarke says:

      if you want, let me know what you are working on “right now” and i will set up some sprites for you. these can be for an area(maybe one of the bonus ones not using vanilla sprites) enemies, objects, items etc. just let me know. i have a skype as well, but edit this out so it doesnt reach the final post. “CENSORED” you can find my skype with that.

      • Esco says:

        Ok, thanks for the offer. I wrote you on skype and sent you an invite. Reply to it when you have time please. Thanks.

      • sam clarke says:

        ok, so im sorry it has taken so long I haven’t been able to reach unrestricted internet so for now I will just upload here. you said you wanted a sketch? I had it done a while ago but… so as im sure you know what looks like corpses of behemoth reside in the coliseum in sotn, so I did a quick rip and tried to base it on that. if you look the sotn behemoth up, when I do the actual sprite I plan to use the same spiky fur texture. what I really went for was a mangled look. this obviously not final I just stuck a gradient texture and a blur to make it look a little nicer. anyway, this is to see what you like and dislike and I will continue to edit until we have the body the way we want it. I took the basic body shape from por, busted the skin off the snout to make it like the sotn behemoth/ dos gergoth, changed the fur shape to be caked with blood and matted down, popped the spine and it (and its spinal cord) are dragged behind it as dead weight. (you will notice at a point behind the shoulders the spine just drops and the only thing holding it up are the ribs that grind aganst the floor) there is also an intestine or to dropped down. the left horn is snapped at the end.
        the hip/pelvic piece is connected near the end of the spine. I changed the colors to a darker more realistic feel. what I already know needs to be fixed is the bone/vertebra shape so dont worry about that. speaking of, I could compile the walk soundfx, possibly adding that scraping from the ribs/vertebra. another idea I had was possibly a spear sticking out somewhere.


        so let me know what you like/dislike what needs changed removed or added.
        SEE YA!

      • Esco says:

        This is off to a VERY nice start; I like it. When can you jump on skype so we can discuss it more?

      • sam clarke says:

        as I said before I have been having internet troubles, I CAN however reach the wordpress at school. if you could talk this out here that would be great. again, I need to know what you like and dislike here before I begin spriting it. I can reach the wordpress every week-day, so yeah. if you want you can just censor out this conversation. thanks esco.

      • Esco says:

        Sorry, but that is not an option. As I informed you before you MUST be able to talk on Skype or you cannot assist me. I appreciate your efforts, but communication via here is not only too public, but also too slow, and it is very hard to give enough detail as well and clarify any inquiries you may have with my request.

        Please arrange to setup a time we can skype in the next 3 days at extreme most. If this is going to be an issue please let me know.

      • sam clarke says:

        worked last night until probably 3am…
        anyway, here is what ive finished so far.

        (use of the link is at your discretion if you want the forums to see it)
        1: fur isn’t textured yet
        2: the exposed skull no longer looks like a beak
        3: the rest of the sprite behind in the preview is just a scaled down version of the sketch.

        let me know what you think so far.

      • Esco says:

        Sorry but can’t tell so far. It still needs quite a bit of work. I will jump on when I get home for a few. Appreciate the dedication though definitely. 🙂

      • sam clarke says:

        once we start making animations I will pick up the pace, sorry.
        there should be more for you to look at this time 😀
        I have noticed that you havent released any demo vids on the unity version…
        is this because your unity engine version of the hack has not gotten as far as your old gms version? just a little odd that’s all. so tell me what you think of the sprite so far, I am thinking of puppet animating this (without code, just a spritesheet) if that will look correct…
        if I don’t use interpolation it winds up looking slightly pixelated like galamoth did originally, which could be good or bad, as well I COULD use interpolation in order to give it a slight blur but without ruining the sprite like method one may. however, if I have to make a lot of new sprites then so be it.

      • Esco says:

        Sorry but I think this is still nowhere near done. It needs a lot of work at this point to fit into SOTN.

        No interpolation please. I already do that in unity.

      • sam clarke says:

        HEY behemoths done sent it to your Skype.

      • Esco says:

        Great. I replied on skype.

  4. i wish i have a time machine to travel in the future and see this project done, any chance for a demo with alucard as playable character? great work guys it’s really good and very interesting

  5. megagodxxx says:

    Pretty solid hack for SOTN.Seems more like Super Castlevania IV than SoTN from what your describing.Once i get done with a playthrough of richter and maria i might check back on to see if an update is released.Great hack 10/10 GOTY.Anyway just a suggestion for marias weapon is punching as why have an owl attack when you can falcon punch everyone to space.

    but honestly the inverted castle was poor gameplay design just inverting a castle.They could at least have been decent enough to include walking on ceilings with gravity boots, a few anti gravity segments and something better than backdashing for that button.

  6. Ballistic808 says:

    I cant believe that through out all these years I have been kept from this site! I cant believe that you are doing this. You must have a load of SOTN fans like me cheering for you. I cant wait for the completed game that you are working on, Ive seen the improvements that you have made and its a master piece within itself. Keep it going man your truly doing good

  7. ookiiushidesu says:

    I’ve been following this for God knows how long… I am so glad the work is continuing to move forward. Great job! I Can’t wait to play.

  8. ixmarcel says:

    This looks very interesting. Looking forward!

  9. Dizzy says:

    Hey Esco! So glad you are sticking with this!!

    One question, how far are you on the current engine? I know you restarted from scratch, and I’m just curious how it is all coming. (As it has been 1 month since the last update, and I am admittedly curious!)

  10. Nico says:

    Good work man!

    Just a quick question: As you’re planning to make the whole castle bigger and trying to get rid of the “oh, we have to make this game longer, so we just take all sprites and rotate them 180°!”-idea of Konami.. what will happen to the 2nd Castle bosses?

    Some of them are directly taken from other Castlevanias like the original Castlevania, but others were new (like Beelzebub)

    Do you plan on reimplementing them?

  11. Guillermo says:

    Esco, did you have an e-mail to receive incoming messages that I can share some thoughts and ideas with you?

    • Esco says:

      Nope. The reason being I already have enough thoughts and ideas of my own. FAR too many in fact. You can just post it here if you like. 🙂

      • Guillermo says:

        Hi Esco, isn’t ideas for the game itself, but how to raise more donations and other thoughts about it. With more money, you can hire some guys to help you, and you be the project manager, maybe its unloads your back a little. I know you don’t have any rush to finish, but you can ease your life sharing tasks with paid professionals. I’ll put the idea: make a sheet with all you need to finish and how much you cost to do, time or money, and share with us. Calculate how much each “fan” will have to donate to finish one of these tasks. It’s important to people who support any project to know how much will take to finish, or at least how it’s progressing. About the game, now an idea, but PLEASE, don’t do it like levels, retaim the Metroidvania style! Thanks for attention!

  12. Zero Messiah says:

    stupid question, but where is the newest version of the hacked rom?

  13. alucardspear says:

    is the menu gonig to be faster aniamted? like you’ll have to wait less to be able to switch between game and menu, because that was annoying in original.

      • alucardspear says:

        Well if you’re interested in me making you some tilesets just add me on skype it’s skip.this.step

        Using huge images for each room is ridiculous. 320*240*4 bytes = .3 megabytes, just for one screen. How many does SoTN have? Around 2k? .3 megs * 2000. That’s 614 megabytes.
        You should’ve thought this out, lol.

      • Esco says:

        Actually a room that is 1792 * 224 is only 52k. And there will be at most maybe 20 rooms in an area. At that rate, it would be about a meg per stage. So even if there were some outrageous # of stages like say 50, that is still only 50 megs. If that is too big file size wise, then people need to REALLY upgrade their internet!

        The alternative would be doing tile mapping; which would slow down progress and room creation to a CRAWL. Not to mention be very demotivating, and an overall MAJOR aggravation. The thing is people need to understand that giving up a little disk space or resource usage is most definitely worth saving hours of real life time that I can never, EVER get back.

        So yeah I’m going to go on a limb and say that I already thought this out preeeeeetty damn good. lol

  14. TonyJih says:

    hello ecso , since you are not working on GMS anymore , may I ask you for releasing the source code of the GMS engine ?

    • Esco says:


      That includes the source & any other related project material.

      However, the source to the demo that was released is out and has been since the demo came out.

  15. eriky says:

    also im an artist. i have no experience in making sprites or anything in the video game world but if youd like some original art done to send to someone that can turn it into sprites or background stuff let me know ill do them 100% free. id like to see this project complete and have a chance to explore a whole new sotn world myself.

    • Esco says:

      Thanks for your offer, but DO NOT spam me like this again or you are blocked. Unless you can do sprites, sorry as of now you couldn’t help me. But I thank you for the generous offer.

  16. dssirius says:

    Wow, you’ve made a lot of progress. I wouldn’t say the wolf detection code sounds simple at all by the way! It sounds like an absolute nightmare! In addition, that Wyvern sprite looks brilliant, you’ve clearly got a very talented artist on board.

  17. I think you could rip the PSone dialogues, they are really better than the PSP version

      • alucardspear says:

        like how do yo figure it all out
        where in memory enemy limb animation stuff is stored
        its amazing how you find the exact addresses for it
        and how you know where everything is stored
        and how it all works
        you’re jesus???

      • sam clarke says:

        you can look at the ps1 gpu ram through an emulator and then slip through it to find what you want to rip. its very simple once you understand it. im currently running my own ripping project, if you want to see an active video of me ripping, im planning one for when i do the alchemy lab. also i will have a video out of me using all my edited sotn tiles and advanced shadows to recreate the entrance. it will be glorious! anyway esco i also sent in a post on the previus thread if you didnt get the notification. looking forward to helping you out, and since ive already devoted the year ill probably wind up being on call for you until this mess is finally over.

      • Esco says:

        Yes I would be interested in seeing a vid of what you are doing. Thanks for the offer. I no longer use GM though; I am doing this in Unity 3d.

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