Your donations at work: new sprites shown inside!

First off thanks A LOT to everyone who donated! Every bit does help!
The total donations I have received since putting up my initial post: $70!
I know that several people said they would feel more secure having a running tally of how much I’ve received and what I’ve done with it, and I think that is a VERY reasonable request. Especially considering how many thieves are out there. To wit, I will be putting up these posts every so often when I get a few donations in and have new sprites to show off.
The newest one that was just fully completed: alucard’s new wolf form! The animations created:
  1. Idle
  2. idle-panting heavy
  3. idle-lip licking
  4. idle-growling
  5. walking
  6. dashing
  7. jumping
  8. double jumping (he actually curls up a bit for this one; it has to be seen to be believed!)
  9. sitting
  10. crouching
  11. biting
  12. wolf charge
  13. falling back off a ledge
  14. turning around
  15. standing pain (yes, getting hit in wolf form won’t knock you out of it now)
  16. crouching pain
  17. aerial pain
  18. new heaven sword attack; on the ground
  19. …. crouching
  20. ….. and in the air
Total Cost: $220…. and worth EVERY PENNY IMHO. Credit goes to Mario Santos for being such a talented and diligent artist!
The same artist also edited two animations for Alucard that I had made a while back: his jumping/falling spear ones, and the ani for when he uses summon spirit on the air. These cost about $25 total as well.
Here are two animated gifs showing off the wolf; one for idle, and the other for his new jump. I also included a pic of Alucard and his old “robotic” wolf form for comparison’s sake. (please excuse the water mark and blur applied to the ani’s)
Alucard Wolf Compare5 wolfjump-finaldemo wolfidle finaldemo
Once he is coded into UNITY (I had GM written here before by mistake) I will then be showing a video of him too. For now I am finishing off all of the code for Alucard’s human form first though. Wolf will be next after it.
Next up on the list: WYVERN!
As usual feel free to make any and all donations to via Paypal.
BTW I try to send everyone a quick thank you email when they do, but sometimes for the oddest reason it returns an undeliverable mail error. So if you don’t get one, don’t think I forgot you. And know that I really appreciate the contributions more than typed words on a page can say.
Stay  tuned for more updates, including one very soon showing off the collision engine in Unity including moving platforms, vanishing platforms, slopes, jump through platforms, spinning platforms, water, quicksand, Alucard’s animations, and his new attack cancelling system, that allows for combos, etc.
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30 Responses to Your donations at work: new sprites shown inside!

  1. Omg, this is beautiful. :O

  2. ZE says:

    I’ll assume its incomplete but the idle’s animations are a bit awkward, too much huffn’ n puffn’ and there is a spot on his neck where the fur should move but doesn’t and the chest doesn’t move inward on the upswing, just a minor tweak should fix that

    • Esco says:

      They absolutely are not incomplete; in fact you’d be surprised at how often I have my artist redo something until I feel it was perfect. He has 3 idle animations for one thing, and I personally like them all and see nothing wrong with them. No idea what you mean by upswing, as he has no upward attack.

      Still, you are entitled to your opinion, and I have no issue with your feedback and do welcome it. However, unless you feel like correcting these issues and showing me yourself what you feel they should look like, I have no use for it either sadly, as this is paid work, and I do not intend to pay anymore for it than I already have and am VERY satisfied.

      • ZE says:

        jus tryin to be helpful, not critical for the sake of it, i’d demonstrate what i’d mean but i dont want to undercut another’s effort, some artists welcome it but others… not so much..

        but it does look good dont get me wrong! so keep up the good work mon ami!

      • Esco says:

        The artist said by all means feel free to.

        BTW if with the breathing you mean it goes too fast, than yes, that is right. That was corrected looooooooooooooooong ago. 🙂

  3. alucardspear says:

    Hello Esco, I making a program that takes in an aligned screenshot of sotn, scans all 16×16 chunks, and deletes all duplicates to make only one of each unique tile visible. I think this would come in very helpful in making tilesets. Do you have interest in such a program?

    • Esco says:

      I have ALL of the tilesets for every stage in sotn already, as I have an actual map editor for it made by a brilliant programmer years back. I will eventually release it. 🙂

      However, what you have actually ARRANGES the tiles in a way that could be VERY useful for me, since they are grouped as they are found in game. At the moment, I am uploading the entire backgrounds assembled as single images. What you have could reduce ram and space usage by a decent bit for the end user. If you wish to tell me your Skype name, I would be happy to discuss your app further as I think I could find good use for it. Thanks for the offer too BTW, but please do NOT spam me next time. 🙂

      • alucardspear says:

        Oh, it doesn’t arrange anything. That’s up to you. All it does is single out tiles so you can arrange them more easily.

        Here’s the Studio import. Just change the sprite “sTileset” into any screen capture of SNEER (align it first!), and you’re ready to go. Run it, wait for the program to capture all of the image’s colors, and it will get rid of duplicate tiles for you. After it’s done, I just ctrl-printscreen’d the results, pasted it into an image editor, and arranged tiles like that.

        If you’re not willing to go through all the trouble, I could make a few tilesets for you. Just don’t expect any incredible results; I’m not as experienced with SotN as you are.

      • Esco says:

        Thanks but I have no idea what Sneer is (though it sounds familiar). Also what do you mean by align it?

      • alucardspear says:

        By align, I mean that you want your screen capture to have its top-left aligned to the nearest tile. If you offset the image by even a pixel, it will screw up everything.

      • Esco says:

        Oh I knew it sounded familiar! I know the guy who wrote that, he is a very helpful friend of mine and used some of my info from the original hack too. (y)

        Sorry but if your tool is this involved just to use it I will stick with my current method. Thank you for the generous offer though. 🙂

  4. Macedo says:

    “Once he is coded into GM I will then be showing a video of him too.”

    Hmm, did you change your mind about Unity and changed back to Game Maker? Or was this just a mistake?

  5. alucardspear says:

    Did you see this video of these weird unused SotN items? It froze on the second grape-looking item. Very weird.

    • Esco says:

      There is no such VALID item. I know all of the unused ones. If you are changing values in pointers, you probably were altering the ones that had the values for the image and code pointer for a particular item; you changed the image to the grapes, and the pointer to an invalid value. That would be my guess. 🙂

      Now there could be countless bits of dummied out crap that does NOTHING too mind you. Which is normal. 🙂

  6. sotnhs says:

    Looks great. A small suggestion; maybe as a sort of hommage to the original castlevania have something like where certain items will appear out of the ground if you perform a certain action like the bonus points treasures in the original. I always thought that was kind of spooky. Thanks.

  7. Tremis says:

    Very cool.

  8. Artemi says:

    Man, the new wolf is sooo much better than the old one. It looks just fantastic! I’ve noticed that there is no sword attached to the wolf in the animation. Does this mean that there will be a different animation if a weapon is not equipped? Is it possible to increase a wolf walking speed?
    I remember him either be really slow, or really furious. Just wanted to give a thought about making his speed the same as the Alucard’s one. Hope that make some sense.

    • Esco says:

      The sword was not included in the ani’s, but yes he still carries one on the sprite, especially now that he actually uses it.

      His speed was already adjusted and balanced long ago in the GM version I made, so don’t worry there.

  9. Daniel Bolling says:

    I will send another 20 asap 😀 I get more giddy every time I see these kinds of posts 😀

  10. Patrick Romero says:

    Wow, that is really cool looking. I wish I had a decent of amount of money so that I could donate some of it to you for your project.

    • Patrick Romero says:

      Edit (as best as I am able with this page’s layout and formatting/programming):I do not mean or intend to sound like a troll or demanding person, but I was wondering whether you were going to keep the wolf’s ability to swim. I personally don’t mind whether you decide to or not, but other people might or might not want that ability, so this question is being asked only so they will not have to.

      • Esco says:

        If by swim you mean change into him in water, yes definitely. But he never had an actual swim animation in SOTN.

        You will also be able to change into mist as well. Which is needed for balancing purposes with the other characters.

      • sam clarke says:

        actually the wolf did. boot up your sotn, and if you have skill of wolf (i think, idk because i just have all the relics) hold backdash and up/direction while in wolf form and in water.

  11. SrTommy says:

    Amazing work!!!! Donated another 20 dollars 🙂

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