DONATIONS NOW OPEN! Also a video of Pazuzu, Cyclops, and the color rotation/palette shader in use!

Well, I said I would never do it…. and I meant it with all of my heart. But the fact is paying for sprite work gets expensive fast! Just for Pazuzu & Cyclops alone I have easily spent over $500 of my own money! And with being a student, and a parent this would just get too pricey for me too fast to handle by myself. So I have opened up a paypal account, where anyone who wants to help out can send any and all cash donations.

The account is found under Please note that the email address is only for the paypal account that takes donations, and will not receive incoming messages.

Any and all donations would be really appreciated, but I have to ask everyone who wants to help to please try not to make it less than $5-$10 if possible. The reason is because less than that sadly wouldn’t help since one animation set can cost around $300. I really hate having to even do this, but the fact is that I just couldn’t afford to keep having new sprites done without getting a little help here.


For those of you who would like to see what I have so far I have included 3 videos below so that you see the level of quality that is going into the new sprites! One is of the Cyclops, the other is of Pazuzu/Leviathan (and includes the new boss coffin), and the last is a video of the color palette/rotation shader being used in Unity. This allows me to perfectly duplicate all of the special color and palette effects from the original SOTN.

PLEASE NOTE: the Cyclops and pazuzu vids are ONLY to show off their animations; this means there are almost no flames, particles, dust, projectiles, or other such effects shown as of yet. But they will be done in game to make these look even more amazing!

All sprites were done by Mario Santos; a very skiled artists who has been a HUGE help to me.

The shader was done by jonne_nathan; a very talented programmer who has helped me immensely!

For those wondering, the next sprite on the list to be done is Alucard’s wolf form: Alucard Wolf Compare5The reason it is being redone is because the old one looks robotic, and has a TON of issues from a programming perspective as well. I will not be redoing any of alucard’s other animations.

OTHER PLANNED ONES: new bosses/enemies like Wyvern, Behemoth, Dullahan, Final Guard, and also additional Animations for existing enemies/bosses like Blue Robed Death, Slogra, Warg, Plate lord, Akomodan, Medusa, etc. Also animations and full weapon sets for player characters like the new Richter, Maria, and Axe Armor Captain!

Cyclops Video:

Pazuzu Video:

Color Effects Video:

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26 Responses to DONATIONS NOW OPEN! Also a video of Pazuzu, Cyclops, and the color rotation/palette shader in use!

  1. Wouldn’t it be better if you created some sort of Kickstart page so we know how much money you need and exactly on what it’s going to be spent on? I’m not really comfortable making blind donations, total transparency would be really appreciated.

    • Esco says:

      Kickstarter actually legally guarantees you NOTHING; that is a complete illusion. Anyone could open one up and then literally take the money and run. Doing one for a project like this would also be like asking for a problem (since it is a remake of a Konami game) and I’m not about to shoot myself in the face like that just to make some people feel more at ease with an illusion.

      All the proof you need will be here with the sprites and videos I put up. If you have doubts about my intentions, then don’t make a donation. I’ll live.

      • Daniel Bolling says:

        I have to agree with you Esco. It would be illegal anyhow to do it though Kickstarter. People who truly want it done and can afford it won’t mind it the way it is being done. All I know is I am antsy for the release and willing to pay whenever I can

      • Esco says:

        Exactly! Thanks for the support its appreciated!

      • OH NO, Esco doesn’t care about me not wanting to donate unless he does it my way! So I am going to ignore the obvious truth in his reply, and throw a tantrum by being rude and insulting other posters on his page who have nothing to do with the conversation!

        Edit: blocked for being a troll; I don’t do this for money or I would have been homeless long ago. In fact, fuck your beliefs. I don’t even like the idea of having to ask for donations in general, and fought doing it for years.

        On a side note: so far I’ve gotten a grand total of about 60-70 dollars. One spritesheet can easily cost over $200. But that’s fine, I honestly don’t expect people to give me squat, and no one owes me anything. But its still nice when people actually try to help, versus being demanding trolls.

  2. dssirius says:

    That new wolf looks so much better! Why didn’t they do something like that originally?

    • Esco says:

      I have no clue. They put SO much detail into Alucard himself, even the mist form. Yet for some reason, they seemed to just do a rush job on the wolf, and the bat somewhat too. Its odd.

  3. ZE says:

    wowzers thats pricey, but yup, it certainly looks good, the feathered wings is what i really like….. i myself avoid them for their difficulty, much easier to do batwings

    i can’t donate munnies myself, being in a similar situation as you, but i can offer my cheers and root for u from the sidelines lol, so keep up the good work guys!

    PS: i hope the wolflink fur can match the cloak colors, otherwise i think it should at least match the pallet of the original (not that grimmace purple is entirely flattering, its just a familiarity thing y’know?)

  4. i heard about this project through the Mario Santos devian art page, and i have to say i´m really impressed with all this project and mainly the results! looking to all the videos, i have a question. this will be a remake of SoTN, a complete new game with SoTN feel or something else?
    (ps:i will donate when i can 🙂 you all, with no doubt, deserve it )

  5. Dami says:

    I’m totally suprised about color shader, it’s look great, just like in original castlevania. I didn’t know that GameMaker can do such a powerful think, but I see I underestimated your programming skills. Very nice guys, very nice! Gonna Donate next month, even if I’m kinda lacking of money. I’ve been working on Game Maker in the past, and I know it’s not as easy, it’s just engine, programming and graphics skills are required to do something great, and you guys doing well!

  6. Daniel Bolling says:

    I sent 5 and will do 10 next time. The demo made me want to play NOW and that is rare for me and demos of games. The game is so far and will be the best Castlevania in existence for all of eternity in all universes in the multiverse.

  7. Dizzy says:

    Keep up the great work!!! I will try to donate 20 next month! Stay Strong!

  8. SrTommy says:

    Donated 10 dollares and I promise that I will donate more next month. Thanks a million Esco 🙂

  9. Artem says:

    There are lots of animations there, this is a really impressive work! Those two guys are amazing!

    • Esco says:

      Thanks and I agree! The saying “you get what you pay for” is DEFINITELY true and I am getting my money’s worth! Best part is only one person did all the animations! 🙂

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