UPDATE: 8/16/14 – GM/Unity, donations for sprites, progress and some new boss sprites:

Well, its been several months since I’ve updated this blog. And while I’m sorry for any of the riots, fires, looting, and acts of suicide committed by women who threw themselves to their deaths in a fit of sorrow due to this, the fact is I’ve been busy enjoying my summer too much to update here! However, with University classes starting up again, I will now have a lot less social time going on, which means more updates on here for all of the fans of my project!!!!

The other HUGE reason behind the lack of updates has been this: for some time now progress on the Engine has been going MUCH slower than I wanted it to. And that is for one reason: GAMEMAKER! With the constant buggy updates, all of the internal glitches they call “intentional features,” and how just absolutely counter intuitive their system for debugging and testing is, it has majorly impeded my progress! It had gotten to the point where I was either a)going to have to abandon the project until GM improved SIGNIFICANTLY and fixed all the issues or b)I was going to have to find an alternative engine to use.

I will save you all the suspense  and tell you up front there was NO WAY in hell I was putting my engine on hiatus; that’s how things get abandoned and it just wasn’t an option to me! So instead, around Late May I picked up Unity3d and begin the gargantuan Mandingo cock sized endeavor of learning it. And I haven’t been happier since!!! It’s 2d features new as they are, are truly amazing! I spent several months experimenting and learning a lot of things in the engine. Including how to setup the camera, mecanim animations, learning a good amount of C# to code with, the different commands and features I had available to me, etc. It truly is an amazing program, and like a dream come true for me compared to hacking it in MHS, or coding it in GM!

In short, YES THE RUMORS ARE TRUE, I HAVE MOVED THE ENGINE OVER TO UNITY3D!! In fact, I have managed to not only code in all of Alucard’s animations, and basic weapons, but I have also coded in the graphics for over 15 enemies, one new boss, countless effects and attacks, and I have even had someone VERY talented create a shader for me that allows me to change color palettes, and duplicate the rotating color effect from SOTN (a HUGE thanks to him for this!) And all of this got done while taking into account that I had to actually learn Unity and experiment in it, work, gym, daddy time, going out, etc. It is truly amazing how much quicker Unity lets me get things done easily, efficiently and very bug free compared to GM. I will never, EVER go back to GameMaker, and I wish Unity had implemented 2d features so much sooner!!!!!

I am now in the process of learning collisions, and becoming more acquainted with CG shader coding, as well as the particle systems in unity! Not only will knowing these things let me do a LOT more for the project on my own, but they will also help me in my real life studies when it comes time to start working on getting some certifications!!!

In other news, I have found a very reliable, and VERY talented sprite artist who managed to so far remake:

  1. The Cyclops (50%complete)
  2. Pazuzu/Leviathan (done!)
  3. The Boss Casket from CV3 (done!)

The new sprites can be found on my deviantart blog here: http://esco1979.deviantart.com/

Next up on the todolist will be the Wyvern! With that being said though, just getting pazuzu’s animations all done cost me over $250!!! That means that this is going to get very pricey VERY fast. So even though I never wanted to do it, I will shortly be making a post directing people as to where they can send donations to assist on offsetting the cost of getting these sprites done!!! Believe me when I say that any and all donations will be VERY appreciated!

First however I intend to put up a video showing several of the new animations done! Just so people can see that the level of quality that has gone into them, and confirm for themselves that the sprites will fit in with the others from SOTN! As they saying: seeing is believing!!!

Stay tuned for that info, along with any other updates here, & on the Deviantart blog!!! Thanks again to all of the fans of this project!!!!! It really is great to see how many people are really looking forward to this!


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17 Responses to UPDATE: 8/16/14 – GM/Unity, donations for sprites, progress and some new boss sprites:

  1. This is really awesome! I am a fan of SOTN and I’m also making an original title based on it. Best of luck! https://www.facebook.com/belialgame

  2. ZE says:

    Shame my wyvern wasn’t up to snuff 😦 but i do like what the artist u went with has done with Cyc, so i wish u guys the best in your endevors! glad to hear bout unity going forward, alot can be done with it.

    I know it really can be tough to juggle RL with this but like that tortoise to the hare, slow n steady wins the race, so keep up the good work, and i hope to play this game in the future!

  3. MSlash says:

    Greetings, Esco

    Did you thought about starting a new project on kickstarter or if is applicable for this project, since you need some donations for it?

    • Esco says:

      I do not think starting a kickstarter for this would be a good idea for a LOT of reasons. Some of which would be of a legal nature, not to mention I don’t like the idea of asking for money at all.

      • MSlash says:

        Hmm, was just an idea. However, I greatly appreciate the efforts of all involved on the team, who gives your worth time to raise a project like this, and not give up. I’m following this project since 2012 ( I believe). I’m also fan of Serio’s project. I’m sure that the knowledge and experience of this project is worthwhile for a life of a game developer.Very well done , and keep going (y)

  4. abster316 says:

    Interesting. I heard Unity was not very good for 2d projects until just recently and even then it was still in the development stages. I have it on here and considered it as an option for my own game. Perhaps this may be some evidence to swing me to Unity again?

    • Esco says:

      It is much better than GM now with the 2d features they have implemented since November. Haven’t you noticed that GM is now mimicking a lot of their stuff?

  5. Andreas Asimakis says:

    I’ll be sure to donate! Great to see you back. =D

  6. D S SIRIUS says:

    Very glad to see this is ongoing. I’ve been checking back from time to time so was pleasantly surprised to see this update 🙂
    Have you got a long way to go to make up the progress that was made on Gamemaker?
    Even so, it sounds like the project is better off now!

  7. Alucard says:

    Excellent choice Esco, I’m studying Unity 4 in this moment and I think there are many possibilities to expand the SOTN version to many other platforms like android or linux. God bless you!

  8. madlow says:

    where i can donate?, maybe its not much but its something

  9. Artem says:

    Great update Esco, I enjoyed reading it.
    Looking forward for the new animations showcase!

  10. Dire says:

    Thank you for not giving up. You definitely have an army of fans waiting for this release, and as for me, SotN is my favorite game of all time so there’s that. I try to tell people about your project whenever I learn that they’re a fan of SotN.

    Please finish it soon! You’re the man!

  11. xnamkcor X says:

    Welcome to the future. Good luck recovering your progress.
    I forget, was a map overlay without pausing planned?

  12. ltior says:

    bien esco saludos desde Perú (sudamérica)

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