Teleporter Room: completed (video included)

Just like the title says; this is just a quick video of the teleporter room in my engine. You will notice that Alucard goes from a room with a horse face in the background to another room with a horse face in the background. This is not a mistake, due to how teleporters are now used in the engine and how there is a stage system implemented.  The other teleporter rooms will be used in game for their own counterpart teleporters. (NOTE: there is no sound in the video)

On a quick side note: I love how the superior additive blending in GM over the psx makes the arms on the statues in the background appear to glow slightly as the screen is whited out. Adds a small, but more realistic touch to it.

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29 Responses to Teleporter Room: completed (video included)

  1. milon says:

    really nice post,,,,,,,,,,, very helpful for all the events blogger as well the for the newbie who did not now much about blogging

  2. Guillermo says:

    C’mon Esco, it’s time to bring us some news! It’s have been passed six months from your last post. Don’t be cruel!

    Thanks for your efforts to bring us the definitive SotN edition.

    • Esco says:

      I should curse both you and Mickey Brown out right now for not following the rules, and then block you both faster than a New York Giants linebacker would do to a skinny 130 lb white dude who stole the ball, and is now running to score a touch down for the cowboys!

      But…. I’ve been meaning to update anyway, so you are both good! There will an update in the next few days. Stay tuned.

      And BTW, thanks for the support peoples! 😀

  3. Mickey Brown says:

    I’ve been watching this project for years, back when it was an actual hack. Any updates?

  4. Danilo Scala says:

    Esco, fantastic your project .. thanks for making it

  5. Hello Esco. Is this project is still going on? I just discovered this today and the last update was in February. I don’t know how I could help you, but I would like to. I really want to help also because emulating the game wouldn’t be as good as this.

  6. Asous says:

    How you Rip the sprites from The Original Ps1 game ? Using PSX V-Ram ?.
    Just wondering 🙂

    • Esco says:

      Edited Screenshots; I used memhack to disable the backgrounds; I can also use memhack to move objects as needed or freeze them in place at a certain frame of animation. I even have a way to set the map screen to not display the map and NOT darken the screen but still pause which is VERY useful. 🙂

  7. Dankz says:

    Man I just found out about your project and let me tell you… I’ll wait all the months or years you need to complete this, it looks AWESOME, I can’t wait to play this. Keep the good work man you’re cool!

  8. simon872012 says:

    Hi there Esco, I have only just seen this hack on the web. You said you need sounds or music files I think for the new area’s of the castle. I have got all castlevania’s music albums of all the game’s. I can send you the music files if you like. I am a fan of the original SOTN game. I can’t wait to play this when it is finished.

    • Esco says:

      Thanks but I have access to every song you could imagine. I was asking for suggestions if anything, and obviously with a link in case it was one I had never seen. 🙂

      • simon872012 says:

        I read that you are not interested in the nes and snes castlevania music because of the sound quality. So I suggest looking at the lords of shadow soundtrack. I know allot of the music from lords of shadow won’t fit sotn but there are some good boss battle music eg final battle fight on lords of shadow 2 – Gabriel Belmot vs Alucard. They made the los 2 soundtrack more electrical because poeple complained that the first game wasn’t like the classic music. So I suggest you cheack out the los 2 soundtrack. Hope this is of any help.

  9. alucardspear says:

    Hello I am sorry for asking, but what is tileset you use? Did you rip tileset using some program? What did you use to get all these complex and unique tiles?

    • Esco says:

      That is a GREAT question; I do not use tilesets. I have a program that was made by a very talented friend that can open the actual maps of the stages in SOTN. I simply take screenshots of the background/foreground in their default size, break them up as needed, and use them. Most new games do not use tilesets; they use the same method I use. Tilesets were used in old games due to size, space, and ram limitations.

  10. kite2012 says:

    good work wiht the project

  11. alucardspear says:

    I hope u can make a video of your skeleton animation dolls I’m really excited for that, the animations gonna be soo smuuth!!!!

  12. naitrox says:

    este juego es muy largo lo que me lleva a pensar que su proyecto finalizara en tres años más.
    tengo 15 años y lo vengo siguiendo dos años y ya no más

  13. alucardspear says:

    Wow I wonder how your engine works, I guess you make a ds_list to store all teleporter rooms (ordered by X value on the map) and cycle until you find the next one!!!!!

    • kaliber64 says:

      That would cause all teleporters to be accessible without being explored. If you just pick the next one in the list. You could naively solve this by also recording if the next one has been explored and continue until you find one that has been. Waste of computation. Also completely ungeneralized giving it only one use and no flexibility to script any special destinations.
      P.S. please don’t explode like I’m attacking you. I’m just providing something to your topic.

      • Esco says:

        Sorry, but none of that is really helpful, and some of it doesn’t make sense. But don’t worry, I already have teleporters figured out perfectly.

  14. Alisson says:

    this means that each teleporter will only work only on a stage? for example: the horse teleporter will only work on the first stage the castle entrance?

    • Esco says:

      Each teleporter is now only linked to one other one. Due to how the game is more linear now, with less backtracking and running in circles, and also stage based (similar to devil may cry) you have no use for teleporting all over the castle. If you want to start in an area to practice, pick that stage from the menu and you are there. Much simpler, and much less of the BS of going back to the same rooms you already visited just to get one more useless item. 🙂

  15. Artemi says:

    Very nice

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