New video up: The Castle Entrance

Just like the title says.

3 quick things:

  1. There is no sound in the video
  2. There are no enemies and the boss is not placed into the stage yet; these will all be programmed later all at once since many enemies will be used in multiple stages. All unique stage objects for this stage were included however.
  3. The gfx artifact in the teleporter room is from the video; it does NOT appear in game. If the vid seems slightly choppy or the colors are off some I assure you it is just the video itself and that the game runs perfectly.

Long story short: I managed to duplicate the intro to the entrance stage after MANY PAINFUL hours. This thing was WAAAAY worse than the regular 8+ layer parallax background in the stage. It involved:

  1. 4 repeating sprites for the forest then a unique sprite to end it for the line of treesย  in the VERY background
  2. 3 differently scaled lines of trees of different heights; with the closest line of pine trees actually not having much of a pattern.
  3. Bushes that seemed randomly placed
  4. A foreground line of trees that get further spaced apart near the end, and come in 2 shades with varying heights, and slightly varying x positions.
  5. The front most fore ground of large trees which is similar to point 4 above, but they were set up in a way where for most of the intro you see the tree from the other foreground first, then the one from this line come up in somewhat of a pattern
  6. 2 owls with varying scales, darkening, and movements, and then there is my ABSOLUTE favorite tiny little ANNOYING detail:
  7. The 8 fucking leaves that pop out with the second owl.
  8. And lets not forget the drawbridge and all its angling sprites, along with the background gfx in the gap. The drawbridge was several sprites and actually required a unique sized slope tile to ensure it looks like the player is actually running down it (along with using various other different size slope tiles)
  9. Not to mention disabling the way the views normally follow Alucard, and setting him up to move on screen right, jump right, slide into the next room, etc. etc.
  10. And then there is the usual sky and lightning effect, plus the background wall at the end.
  11. Oh yeah almost forgot…. the little bugs on the closest foreground trees that show up (bet you thought I missed that little detail). ๐Ÿ˜‰

…………….loads of fun. ๐Ÿ˜กย  But its over now thankfully! This video will hopefully give you a good idea of the level of quality that is coming in this game. I had to throw in a few transitions here and there for the video so as to NOT give away any secrets. But you still get to see most of the stage and even get to see the spinning platforms, water effects, and the new falling boulders hazard.

Also note that in the room where you stop in front of the fountain and notice gates have risen on both sides that this if where the boss fight will take place. Just saying because I know it seems kind of odd how that just happens.

On a side note: with my classes picking up steam and projects becoming due, tests coming up, etc. for the next month or so if I don’t update too much, hopefully you all can obviously understand why.

I am also still looking to hire spriters, so if anyone is interested please feel free to message me here.

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18 Responses to New video up: The Castle Entrance

  1. LightMindedJedi says:

    Very impressive. I was wondering, when it is done, will it be a rom file or will it be its own program? Also, will people be able to customize the controls? just wondering. I wish I were able to make my own hack of SOTN.

  2. DarkLordSoma says:

    Hey Esco! It’s been a while since I posted here but I have to say, your work is outstanding G! I do have a question though. Where will Alucard converse with Death now?

  3. D_Durango says:

    Looks awesome overall. My favorite things: the boss area, the surprise fireball and the gate that traps you. AND the way you perfectly and meticulosly recreated the forest scene. It scared me in a good way.

    Only thing I didn’t like: the reflection of the water. It confused me A LOT, You know, we’re all used to look for underwater platforms in CV games, and the reflexes all looked like them.
    That kind of stuff makes all the difference in a platformer section, IMO.

    • Esco says:

      If water is reflective unless you can see solid ground in it, or you can clearly see on the map a passage leading downward, you do NOT want to jump in. Simple. Water you will have to navigate through will will be clear. Though even then you wouldn’t want to jump in without a holy symbol active or you lose health QUICK (you’ll see what I mean).

      ……… and YES the forest intro was a HEADACHE!

  4. Dami says:

    Really nice work. Water looks amazing. I see you even made a thunder flash in the first room.

  5. kaliber64 says:

    This looks great. I am a fan of all of it. The fountain I thought looked cool. I think my favorite thing is this video was the water splash. looks great.

    • Esco says:

      Humorously enough, although all of the splashes pretty much mean NOTHING to well……. ANYONE, due to how they work they were actually a real pain and took a lot of effort to get looking good. So I’m actually really proud of them (though they are such a minute detail overall). ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  6. GrimBreather says:

    I don’t have anything special to say but, keep up the amazing work!
    This project is far to unknown, you don’t get the recognition you deserve!

    Greetings from Germany.

  7. Inccubus says:

    Great work so far, bro. It’s looking awesome.

  8. I’ve had interest in this project for a while but seeing how the original level design was completely changed simply made me lose it. I was hoping for a remake with nice (optional) additions not for another “Symphony of Destruction” or whatever the name of that mediocre flick was. Oh well.

    • Esco says:

      There is no point in me spending YEARS remaking the exact same game with just a few extra features. That would be fucking idiotic.You seem to also be forgetting that this game is over 15 years old now, and when compared to newer 2d platformers (both of the touhouvanias for example or bloodrayne betrayel) it just seems like a very slow game with nothing new to discover. The metroidvania format as it stands now is old and tired, and in desperate need of some serious overhauls. Hence the reason behind the overall low sales of the games that have come out with this format over the last few years.

      You also fail to realize that with the changes I made to the entrance that it now actually feels like a whole complete stage, versus a halfway done incomplete one. But you are entitled to your opinion. Just as I am entitled to not care what you (and all other purists) think.

      • dssirius says:

        Agreed! I wholly approve of all the changes you’re making. Mainly upping the challenge as let’s face it, some of the bosses like Medusa in the second castle you can pretty much kill in less than 10 seconds without any threat to dyeing whatsoever. I love SOTN like everyone else here does, but I’ve played it to death about 50 times already, a fresh spin on it is what I’m anticipating most in this project!

      • Mar says:

        The reason for the low sales is because all of the games after sotn were low budget clones made on the nintendo DS and GBA even instead of a proper big budget game on a console like the fans wanted. Every metroidvania since sotn has had less items, less level content, less bosses, no special move inputs, 1/3rd the relics, less familiars, no dedicated transformation buttons and atrocious music.

        All had to be done with some very shallow magic system that was only accessed via the start menu, which mean you had to pause gameplay to do more than 5 different attacks. That breaks immersion, breaks the pace and limits the amount of combinations you can make with your moves. All those metroidvanias were subpar for this reason. No shit they didn’t sell well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        That said i don’t mind you changing the layout a bit. It might be fun and there’s more levels for us to play. I am worried about that typical game maker feel. That 2 pieces of cardboard moving in front of eachother, but it does look good, if a bit empty without all the enemies.

  9. Zaine says:

    It makes me so happy that you are still working on this, what you have done so far is incredible. I cant wait to see more!

  10. Artemi says:

    Man that is just fantastic! The water in the new fountain looks pretty strange though, but other than that is just so cool, you did an amazing job! Love it.

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