FAN FEEDBACK WANTED: Seeking new CV tracks to include in the engine.

Seeing as how the second castle used the same tracks over several times, and that some stages will now have 2 tracks due to their length, this means that I have PLENTY of room to put in a bunch of new music. But rather than just picking what ever music I wanted, I figured I would ask the fans for some feedback here.


  1. Your comment must include the name of the track, along with a link to listen to it, AND a link to download it. If these 3 things are not included for ANY reason, your comment will be erased with no warning or response.
  2. The tracks must be up to a quality standard that will match the other ones in SOTN. This means no NES/SNES/GENESIS quality music.
  3. The track MUST BE a Castlevania track.
  4. None of the tracks can be remakes of ANY of the music currently in the PSX version of Symphony of the night as ALL of the tracks there will be used still and I do not want duplicates. Remakes of music not in SOTN are DEFINITELY welcome though of course (ex. taking a SNES track and remaking it to PSX quality).
  5. Don’t waste my time and yours suggesting PC engine Rondo of Blood or Saturn SOTN music; I obviously have heard both of those suggestions a 1000 times already.
  6. If I like the track and intend to use it, I will reply to you and let you know. if I do not respond, it means I have no intention of using it.
  7. You are only allowed ONE POST, with only up to THREE songs at most. There wasn’t a limit to the # of songs before (you should all know not to spam me though), but after only 6 hours this was getting ridiculously out of hand. This way everyone gets a fair chance. NO EXCEPTIONS; break this rule and all your posts here go BYE BYE.

Feel free to suggest the tracks you like in your comment. I WOULD ESPECIALLY LIKE TO SEE SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR SOME OF THE CREEPIER MUSIC IN THE CASTLEVANIA SERIES (since ironically there doesn’t seem to be much of it). With the HUNDREDS of Castlevania remixes and songs out there, I am looking forward to seeing what you guys all come up with.

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30 Responses to FAN FEEDBACK WANTED: Seeking new CV tracks to include in the engine.

  1. jonnelyonne says:

    CV: HOD Successor of Fate remastered by Kurayami311 on Soundcloud

    CV: HOD Marble Corridor, Blood-stained marble mix by Geoffrey Gunn

    CV: OOE Clashing of Waves remastered by someone called RageMario on Youtube
    [audio src="" /]

    Here are like 3 of the more uncommon tracks which I enjoy quite thoroughly. in fact, I keep em in my mp3 as part of my daily commute listening.

  2. BrudasekPL says:

    Hi! On this site there are plenty of great remixes. Maybe you would like to check them out(maybe you will like them too): (Link to site’s remixes) (This one from Super Castlevania 4) It’s from Aria of Sorrow)

  3. sotnhs says:

    I love this so much. This would be awesome:

    Maybe not these specific songs but something like this. Thanks.

    • Esco says:

      Normally I would have erased your post for NOT following directions; but this style of music is EXACTLY what I am looking to put into CV. It so fits the mood to it!

      Sadly… its still NOT CV music, and thus will not be used.

  4. meowstick says:

    name: Interior of Crimsonwood Keep



    i know this isn’t castlevania but i’ve always felt like it was inspired by ‘the tragic prince’ and sounds so much like castlevania to me. sorry for posting a non-castlevania song, hope you like it as much as i do ^___^. keep up the good work!

  5. drckml says:

    Death Fair – Castlevania Adventure. (If you plan on making a stage/extra with a lot of death traps, i would love to see the face of people getting frustrated having gamer over too much to this music lmao)

    Clock Tower – Aria Of sorrow (for reverse clock tower stage)

    As for reverse castle entrance, just my suggestion though. You could use the hidden track, just remove Alucard’s speech at the beginning. I really like the tune lol

  6. sam clarke says:

    hello esco, ive been watching from the background for awhile. i thought you might take a look at some of my music, anything in the REMIX TOTAL/ CV MUSIC folder. i use alot of styles, so no one song can describe. follow the link please.

  7. Genjuron says:

    Hi! I found some cool dark music tracks(Not Castlevania) that i think would fitt nicely to what your doing, here’s the links.

    • Esco says:

      Now that is more like it, these sound extremely good! I may actually use that very first track!

      • Genjuron says:

        Hi, it’s nice that you liked it! I think that track no3 is actually very good as well…maybe for a dark area/new area before a major Boss encounter?

      • Justin says:

        Hey Esco,

        I didn’t know if DMing is possible here, so I’m just sending a message this way.
        Fear not, I’m still working on “Riddle.” I’ve had a contract job pop up so I’m working on both at the same time. You can expect to see (hear) something within the next few days though.

      • sotnhs says:

        I think the tracks from JPs and my post are better. The ones here are too orchestral. They’re too full and ambient actually. They sound noticeably out of place compared with other sotn tracks I think.

    • D_Durango says:

      God, this sounds exactly like LoS soundtrack should sound!

  8. JP says:

    “Deep Question from Green Owl” (Mad Forest) from The Lost Vampire Killer:

    This jazz arrangement of Mad Forest is done in the same fashion as one of the Beginning remixes from the Sega Saturn version of SoTN.

    “Out of Time” from The Lost Vampire Killer:

    I think it can be used as a good BGM, because the tempo is slow and there are no “in your face” moments. This track can be good for such locations as the Clock Tower or the Castle Keep.

    “Dwelling of Doom” from Dracula Perfect Selection:

    Pretty good arrangement of the Mansion theme from Simon’s Quest. This could work for some of the darker locations.


    Good luck and keep up the good work, Esco.

  9. omarzuqo says:

    How about these:

    “The gears go awry” from Portrait of Ruin, my personal favorite of the whole game (and that’s saying a lot).

    “Azure Wanderings” from Order of Ecclesia. Perfect for a water/cave level:

    And finally, “Iron blue intention”, again, from Portrait of Ruin, because no man in his right mind would leave this one out.

    Here’s the download link:

  10. cattiereldin says:

    Castlevania Chronicles – The Tower Of Dolls
    also PSone so should fit right in.

    • Esco says:

      I have to say I find it funny when people put up links to music from the common games like Castlevania chronicles, DXC, the ds-vanias, and lament of innocence. Nothing wrong with it, but I was hoping you guys would all point me towards some of the lesser known but amazing remixes out there.

  11. naitrox says:

    prueba esta¡¡¡

  12. Inccubus says:

    I APOLOGIZE! I wasn’t thinking. You’re right, I should know better than to use your blog as a note pad.
    Looking through my music collection those 14 other songs I posted were what I came up with. They’re all obscure or unused songs that the average player won’t recognize but still more or less fit in well with the style of the original SotN music.

    You can listen and download them all from this one link.

  13. Lashmush says:

    I’ve got some new Rondo of Blood remixes that might work as boss tracks. I can turn them into looping tracks if you want either or both of them.


    Opus 13

    I can also make more tailored remixes from scratch if you want. c:

    • Esco says:

      Great to hear from you man. Coincidentally, I just sent you a message on skype a few hours ago. I have 2-3 requests for you. Check it when you have the chance please.

      • Lashmush says:

        Didn’t see any message. Send me an email with your requests and I’ll have a look.

      • Esco says:

        I don’t check email often. A better idea: I can be on Sunday and Monday: after around 5PM EST. Which of those days can you jump on skype around then? Shouldn’t take long.

  14. Eliwood says:

    Alucard’s theme from CV3 remix

    This is a song that is not in SOTN but deserved to be imho, this remix seems like it would be great for the reverse abandoned mine or possibly a variant of Demon Seed cause you do fight Death there and the track in the reverse portion is exactly the same as the normal castle

    [audio src="" /]

    • Inccubus says:

      That song isn’t Alucard’s theme. It’s just a regular stage theme.
      At any rate, IMO the Dracula X Chronicles version of that song fits the style of SotN way better.

      [audio src="" /]

      • Esco says:

        Good to hear from you bro, but you of all people should know better than to spam me with multiple messages like this. Please do not ever do this again. If you have more song suggestions, please make one more post with them. Please limit suggestions to 3 songs at max.

    • Esco says:

      ELIWOOD: SPAM ME AGAIN LIKE YOU JUST DID AND YOU ARE BLOCKED!!!! Use common sense next time. You are allowed one more post to list up to three songs that you like at most!

      • Eliwood says:

        I Apologize Esco if I had been you in this situation I would seriously have been like wtf dude and been pissed, but I also blame the poor makeup of wordpress and that you can’t edit or delete an earlier post. Had I the ability to do so I would not have made so many posts. also I should have considered the length of my posts too I kind of rambled and I am sorry for that as well.
        Anyway I am going to repost the puush links from before seeing as though you can download(right click and save link) and use them to listen, only 3 as you said but my favorite 3
        from Lament of Innocence
        Leon’s Theme
        Dark Palace of Waterfalls
        Fog Enshrouded Nightscape

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