UPDATE 2/4/14: entrance stage rooms/objects are done plus some new stuff:

These last 2 weeks or so I have been hard at work on the castle entrance, doing my best to get the rooms and its unique objects completed. And I am happy to say they are now done. This involved me moving around several rooms, and extending others. For example, the room that once contained a blade and gurkha has been relocated to be above the courtyard room (which is now several screens long). I also added in a fountain to the courtyard along with many more impaled bodies and effects, added in one new secret room, replaced the save room with one of the small side rooms (since there are no more save rooms), and setup the teleporter room which I will complete today (which is VERY easy since I just need to draw a white rectangle over the player as he teleports, then scale the debris and move it towards a point. All while drawing a white rectangle over the whole screen.).

The room where the new boss fight is initiated is done, the hatch in the beginning has been setup with its own switch (the red door in the room below will lead to the new sewer stage), and I took the room that originally had the jewel sword and GREATLY extended it. I have setup the flow of the stage so that upon visiting it you can get ALMOST everywhere the 1st time. The exceptions being the teleporter (this is where you will leave the sewer from and leads you right where you need to go: back into the marble gallery), the room with the switch to the hatch, and the room from the underwater caverns. But basically since the flow goes underwater cavern -> entrance -> switch to hatch to get to sewer -> sewer stage end leads to teleporter -> teleporter is right near room outside marble gallery 2’s red door… you will get into these rooms just by playing the game, versus having to backtrack redundantly.

So what’s left? The scripted intro,  all enemies, and item placement (though common items and the relics themselves have already been coded in).  The intro will be done soon, but the other stuff has to wait until later for design reasons. I also coded in red doors and blue doors, and setup the relevant movement scripts, along with coding in new falling rocks with effects and particles, the classic spinning platforms (these will include the spiked version too), and new white crystal platforms. These white glowing platforms can only be seen with a white crystal, and fade in and out of existence. I have ones planned for the blue crystal too, which will be used later in game, due to them vanishing  much quicker. With just 3 these platforms I can create some very interesting combinations, but I am also implementing moving platforms, falling blocks, and am going to TRY to do those see saw platforms you occasionally see as well in place like the ghosts ship (CV3) or the clock tower(CV Chronicles).

Now obviously if I want to set it up so that the platforming elements are maintained I had to make some tweaks to alucard; otherwise you could high jump or fly past the worst stuff. Which I have already taken into account. For one thing I will be setting up a rune portal that when crossed disables the bat temporarily until you cross another one to enable it. For another thing, changing to bat costs hearts for the initial change (though after you can stay as a bat for a while and it costs 0 mp). As for high jumping, it can only be done from the ground, and straight upward, and is a great evasion tool against some attacks. It has a small window of invulnerability near the very start against projectiles only, but you can’t double jump after it. This means that when you come across platforms and jumps you will have to stick to double jumping past most of them, or even dive kicking off of enemies in some cases.

Now then, with all of that being said, in the next day or so I will be making another thread in the deviantart forums. This one will be an ad looking for someone who is willing to do some PAID sprite work for me. I will need not only the sprites for the new boss here (I know exactly what I need already and can show an example of what I want him to look like), but also ones for the cyclops, and several new backgrounds for me, including redoing some from Castlevania: harmony of dissonance ones that I liked. So there is a good amount of $$$ to be made from this. If anyone wants to volunteer feel free to post here.

In the meantime, I have a few other things to work on for Alucard, and then will moving on to the alchemy lab. Stay tuned for more updates here

EDIT: forgot to mention that I setup views in a way now so that I can have auto scrolling areas, or even parts where the scrolling stops temporarily while you fight off a BUNCH of enemies. All scripts related to the boss fight (such as locking gates etc.) are done with the exception of where part of the fountain is destroyed by the boss and grass burning up. I also added in flies to a freshly impaled corpse I put in one room, and blood dripping from 2 others. Minor things, but that’s what really makes the difference between a mediocre game and a badass one. 🙂


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10 Responses to UPDATE 2/4/14: entrance stage rooms/objects are done plus some new stuff:

  1. Butts ecks says:

    Also i noticed now you put a penalty on changing into bat form. Be aware that this demotivates from people using it very often. I use batform every few seconds: backdash into batform which makes bat fly backward for a bit, penalty on bat form for using it, people won’t be able to use it besides for just flying. And that’s a pity

    • Esco says:

      Good! You shouldn’t be able to use and abuse it constantly. That is idiotic for so many reasons and there are many ways to make it balanced and useable without it being used non stop to break the game!

      Also, please do not double post.

  2. ZE says:

    I can’t help but wonder what kind of boss u wanna build and how much u wanna pay. I am interested in this

  3. Genjuron says:

    This is great….your hacked version is truly great! Hope to see more of your great skills in future demos versions…keep up the good work you ROCK!

  4. alucardspear says:

    Hi I heard you need graphics help with the particle effects you said u needed help wiht special effects in the main titel pls dont block me i wanna help u i have some good sets of particles that can look good i suppose in ur game?

  5. dssirius says:

    That’s fucking crazy man. You’re progressing so fast! Keep up the good work!

  6. Kaliber64 says:

    Glad to hear your still making progress. I’m still an avid follower 😀

  7. Justin Slaughter says:

    Sounds like the game is coming along nicely. Depending on what it is you’re needing, I can help with any environment work you need. Just hit me up at my email, JustinLSlaughter@live.com

  8. Artemi says:

    So great to see new updates! Best wishes!

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