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Teleporter Room: completed (video included)

Just like the title says; this is just a quick video of the teleporter room in my engine. You will notice that Alucard goes from a room with a horse face in the background to another room with a horse … Continue reading

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New video up: The Castle Entrance

Just like the title says. 3 quick things: There is no sound in the video There are no enemies and the boss is not placed into the stage yet; these will all be programmed later all at once since many … Continue reading

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FAN FEEDBACK WANTED: Seeking new CV tracks to include in the engine.

Seeing as how the second castle used the same tracks over several times, and that some stages will now have 2 tracks due to their length, this means that I have PLENTY of room to put in a bunch of … Continue reading

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UPDATE 2/4/14: entrance stage rooms/objects are done plus some new stuff:

These last 2 weeks or so I have been hard at work on the castle entrance, doing my best to get the rooms and its unique objects completed. And I am happy to say they are now done. This involved … Continue reading

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