UPDATE: 7/31/13 – progress on the Alucard engine

A quick note: I have put up several new images on my deviant art site; feel free to check them out here: http://esco1979.deviantart.com/

Wussup peoples! Seeing as how the entire game obviously won’t be finished for a while, I figured it would be best if I made sure to get Alucard 100% done first, and release his part of the engine to the public! This would give everyone something to try out, help me to find any bugs, and also the source code would hopefully prove invaluable to anyone else who wants to make a Castlevania fan game out there. It would also make balancing the gameplay much easier, and pave the way for me to make the other characters in the future.
I would also like to integrate the menu into his game, once it is done. At the moment, Dengo (aka Dengojin, aka Dengo Tepes) is hard at work on the equipment screen for it.
Now, before doing ANY of this, I had to rip out all of Alucard’s stuff from the main engine, and also redo quite a few things using the knowledge I have acquired in the last 6 months to code it even better, balance it out more, add new stuff, and fix any bugs. Sooooooooooooooooooo here is my progress thus far:
  • Re put in all 270 existing frames of Alucard into the engine separately one by one in a manner that enables color capes, as well as any flashing colored outlines I want to add to him, and fixes any alignment or collision issues I had before.
  • Complete the normal, diagonal, as well as all 3 separate levels of his hellfire subweapon.
  • Enabled and completed dark metamorphosis
  • Redid a good amount of the coding for his sword and club weapons using timelines to make them much less buggy and much more efficient
  • Completed all 5 new spear type weapons
  • Complete 4/5 great sword type weapons (I just need 45 degree and 22.5 degree frames for the last one the sword familiar; ANY VOLUNTEERS TO DO THIS PLEASE MESSAGE ME)
  • Redid the knife and knuckle weapons and improved them quite a bit
  • Added the base critical arts for each weapon: the blue knuckle uppercut, holbein dagger slashes, valmanway slashes, armor basher, rune sword attack, and javelin toss. This only leaves a few secondary critical arts (multi stab with spear, firestorm with laevatin [sp?], etc.)
  • Created animated icons for each of Alucard’s sub weapons, and crashes.
  • Created new icons for Alucard’s weapons as needed, and put in the old ones needed. Put in all relic/item icons unique to Alucard
  • Put in all icons for accessories, helms, capes and armor, and also ones used by all characters for certain items, money, etc.
  • Edited a lot Alucard’s code to be much more efficient and well arranged; so far all of his code is under the object, thus making editing and adding  new things MUCH quicker.
  • Standardized a lot of code used for Alucard, so it can be reused for other characters.
The next things I want to make on is completing more of his sub weapons, as well as crashes. Then I will be integrating the original movement controls from the engine into this (most of that will just be a copy and paste). Then I figure I will transfer over the bat and mist forms (the mist will have to use sprites for mist particles now, since particle attractors don’t exist in GM studio, but that is a small fix).
Then the big task: redoing the wolf to use my puppet animation code. This actually will cut out HUNDREDS of lines of code, and making it WAY less buggy. I am just hoping that it is fairly easy to do, and doesn’t drive me to start making turpentine cocktails, lol!
Anyway, stay tuned for any more updates in the near future.
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10 Responses to UPDATE: 7/31/13 – progress on the Alucard engine

  1. Allan says:

    Hi. I am so excited to play the game that I can’t wait! I hope the game is done soon. You are doing a good job, man! Congratulations! Sorry for my english, I speak spanish =P Siguenos informando sobre tu progeso del juego, por favor! Saludos! =D

  2. BLuFeNiX says:

    I just found this project, and I’m very excited. Is this the best place to stay up-to-date? Is there an expected release time frame?

    • Esco says:

      Glad you like it; yes this is the place. Read the FAQ.

      • BLuFeNiX says:

        I just read the FAQ, and I’d love to help you get this finished. I am a professional software developer (mostly Java). I have never done any real game development (I’ve played around a bit with Slick2D), but I can probably rip sounds/sprites if you still need that to be done. Feel free to send some tasks my way and we’ll see how it goes.

      • Esco says:

        That is very generous of you. Thanks for volunteering; send me your skype name please and we can talk on there.

  3. Chris Perry says:

    Nice work so far, you’re making really great progress recently

    Seeing as I’ve been playing this game for the last 13 years, and have basically memorized the entire thing in the process of learning to speedrun it over the last 2 years, I can only hope I’ll be able to provide feedback on how your new stuff “feels” in relation to the game whenever you release new updates since I can’t contribute in any other way.

    Keep it up, I’ve been watching this since 2009, and will continue to watch.

  4. Jacques-Philippe Longbottom Horowitzbergstein says:

    I’ve been following your progress on this project for a couple of years, now, and I am increasingly impressed and eager to see the results of your work!

  5. Lelygax says:

    Good job, seeing you going out of your way only to polish even more the code shows how perfectionist you are.

  6. shinobido says:

    What about richter and maria, he is ready or will you still working on them? thx

    • Esco says:

      I have not worked on Maria yet coding wise. Richter has his stuff from the intro, but most of the stuff for the different player characters I can simply copy and paste from Alucard. Then I just go thru and add each of their unique little intricacies.

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