New WIP Pause Menu (NEW PIC: 7/15/13):

Currently Dengo is working on the pause menu for the engine, and so far I have to say he is doing an amazing job. So far he has completed the main menu screen:

SOTN Hacked Menu with borders

This piece of amazing work was again done by Dengojin. I then added in some small things and made some minor tweaks. The little blank squares are for little weapon/equipment icons that will be put in from within the game itself (as you can see above this was done here).

Please note that EXP is now spent from within the upgrade menu, so you do not have “levels” anymore. Also, the rate % (instead of room #) and times listed are just for the current stage; there will also be a total in game counter for both listed under encyclopedia, along with other stuff like kill count. That is why you do not see them on here.


P.S. YES you will still be able to change the background color. I didn’t forget that. lol

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20 Responses to New WIP Pause Menu (NEW PIC: 7/15/13):

  1. Abster says:

    Since this thing is going to have a lives system and stage clear mechanic, why isn’t that info listed on the status screen?

    • Esco says:

      Lives will be on the main screen. Things like best clear times, best scores, etc. will be under encyclopedia. Putting more on the main screen would be overkill. Remember: less is more sometimes.

  2. Gokajern says:

    I think the menu looks good overall, but there are a couple of things confusing me. The equipment pictures besides the attributes; is that the equipment the character is using or is it just a representation of each stat? also is each one of those pieces of equipment affecting the stat it is next to? In other words, is the ring of varda affecting MND or is it the representation of MND in the menu.
    The same thing happens on the upper right corner with the attack and defense, what the menu is telling me at first sight is that there are two weapons equipped (or is that the sub weapon?) and a shield. Is the attack of each weapon 15? Is the shield’s magic defense and regular defense 10? What about your attributes, are those attack and defense values calculated using your attributes?
    Anyhow those are my concerns otherwise this remake is coming along full of awesome as usual, keep at it dude. And sorry for the long post I’m paranoid about explaining myself properly..

    • Esco says:

      Those are your currently equipped items. The weapons were put next to their attack powers; the rest were just arranged in a logical order that looks good since some of them can affect several stats at once. I could explain why I did this but it’s a long explanation. The rest you can figure out for yourself.

  3. Pereira Alisson says:

    hello greeting´s from Egypt(yes, Your Work is well known and appreciated here too ^^).
    this pause Menu look´s very cool. one question and suggestion. you will not need the loading room anymore because the game will not have any load point´s at all. remember that double angel
    that exist on it ? i´m using it to create a HUD life Bar. later i will post a prototype to you see.

    • Esco says:

      Glad you look it. And yes Not going to need load rooms really like you said. Sure feel free to show me what you come up with. I need a new HUD anyway so that’s great. 🙂

      • Pereira Alisson says:

        this is the angel that i was talking about.
        before i start i want to know how much gauges i will need to use.
        the model of the pieces.
        and the general shape that you want. mejorard the size that you want it.
        thing´s like alpha channels, glows and other sprite related thing´s you can add with the GM i think.

      • Esco says:

        That’s not a bad idea actually. But before you start, send me your skype name so we can chat on there please and we can discuss what is needed in greater detail. If you don’t have skype, please get it because that is where I talk to everyone at once concerning the engine, ok? 🙂

  4. bacabca says:

    Sorry if it seems to negative, but I over-ally don’t like it.
    I think that the pause screen should be something that is together with the game graphics and aesthetics.

    Think on how that screen is far away from the save menu and initial option screen would be way much better:

    I think that the Pixel text and gothic borders should stay somehow, and working like the initial screen, would be awesome.

    • Esco says:

      The old pause menu looked NOTHING like the load file screens, and was very plain and bare bones.

      Although I do agree about it needing more of a gothic castlevania look; hence why I am looking for border to use that would work (NOT rip off the lame ones from the load screens). 🙂

  5. Inccubus says:

    The first thing that popped in my head is to see what sorts of borders exist in the original game and convert some of those into HD to match he quality of the Pause Menu.

  6. gadesx says:

    but the graphics have big resolution no? looks like a flash web game

  7. shinobido says:

    when the status is with “poison” for example, could be behind the screen purple, or when the spell “Dark Metamorphosis” is activated, the screen would stay behind with blood or something.

  8. lee_terry_jr says:

    Anyway back on topic, could you add blood and, maybe have it trickle down the background of the menu (so the blood would be behind the buttons and that way it wouldnt cause problems reading the menu). I think that would be awesome and since Alucard is a vampire it would fit him nicely. (sorry for double post couldnt find edit button and forgot to add this before submit)

    • Esco says:

      The menu will also be used for Richter, Maria, and Axe armor, and I don’t think that would fit them too well. But thanks for that very creative suggestion

      • D. Durango says:

        Finding some cool rococo gothic borders is surprisingly difficult in the CV series. Maybe there are some in the DS titles, but they’ll need heavy editing.

        Since the beginning I was wondering what if each character had his own HUD and pause menu that graphically matched his/her personality. If designed correctly, that’d be a great addition to the original game.

        Anyway, Tepes’ job with the menu looking great. Why don’t you ask him about what he could come up with for Richter and the others? Just an idea 😛

        Congratulations for the work so far, man!

  9. Shien says:

    how about a border selection in the personalization menu?
    anyway try looking at the side pictures of castlevania sotn in the psp version, maybe those can give you some ideas…

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