Made colored cloaks FINALLY work (vid inside):

For those who do not know, in SOTN to change cloak colors (as well as to apply the blinking effect when enemies are damaged and many other similar effects like the spectral swords blinking outline) all that is done is the palette used for the sprite is changed to another one temporarily. This is very simple, but it is not something that can be done in GM 8.1 at a useable speed constantly and in a resource friendly manner
Humorously enough, I have thought about multiple ways around this for some time. All of which would be a fucking headache. Last night while I was laying in bed, it just came to me: why not just take alucard’s whole sheet and make 2 extra copies of it: one with only the internal colors of the cloak that change and NOTHING else. And then a 2nd one for the external colors that change. These spites would be small in size, and could easily be used in a draw event. Then just set the offsets & sizes of these sprites to be the same size & offsets as their corresponding sprites for alucard, greyscale them, brighten them slightly to make sure when image blend is used that the colors come out like the original game, and give it a try.
The first time I did it, I ran into an issue due to sprite interpolation, which in short would mess it up. So what I did was, shut interpolation off, and set the view size to be the same as the port size. I then tried it again: and it worked FLAWLESSLY! I was even able to recreate the twilight cloak with no problem.
Not only that, but the gfx still look gorgeous in game and not at all pixelated. In fact, a lot of effects now look just like they did in SOTN, but a little smoother. This means that I will have to go change a few things in the engine to make sure that they still look good, but it solves one of the biggest conundrums I was facing.
And since they say seeing is believing:
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  1. albertbosman says:

    Sir, definitely you are one of my favourite persons in the Internet. Keep the amazing work going!

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