New deviantart page up for the engine (FINALLY, lol)!

Like the title says; on the advice of several peoples, I have put up a page on Deviantart as well (credit goes to Dengo Tepes though for finally being the one to convince me, lol). The reason being is that my 2 biggest problems with the engine both involve graphics. The first being finding people to do sprite work (even for pay), the 2nd being coming up extra graphics effects to make the game look prettier. So I figured why not go to one of the biggest artistic resources in the world, where tons of skill artists worldwide go to show off their work.
Feel free to check it out, if any of you feel the urge:
I also joined several Castlevania groups there. Hopefully I will be able to meet some talented people who may want to contribute to the project a bit and maybe help me out some.
For those of you who check here do not worry: this will STILL be my primary space for all updates. The one on deviantart will be my secondary.
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