Update 5/22/13: marionette, stone rose and the….. wakwak tree!? Videos below.

Since I figured out the code to make puppet animations and how to make objects orbit one another I figured I would try them out some.But first I made sure to modify the code some more, so that now you can actually rotate the ENTIRE puppet animated creature at once if you would like to (an example of this would be making red slasher appear to be flipped at 45 degrees).
After this, it was on to my first task: redoing the marionette! Now this one in game was actually coded just with normal sprites. HOWEVER, what makes it somewhat unique is the way it dies. When it does, it literally goes all to pieces in the current frame (unlike most other enemies that go thru an animation first, thus making it so that the death animation is the same each time). The only way to duplicate this perfectly in GM,  was to recode her use puppet animating………… FOR ALL 48 FRAMES!!!!!!!!!!! This took me a few days…….. but I got it done, and she works flawlessly. 😀
My 2nd test: I wanted to come up with another tree like enemy for the forest part of the stage before the castle entrance and the garden of madness. The enemy I decide on: the wakwak tree.
………… yes, yes I know…. the wakwak tree was OFFICIALLY the LAMEST CV enemy in history. So with that being said, I figured I would see what I could do with some recoloring and a bunch of particle effects. The result is going from the bright purple faggotry we were used to seeing, to well, this:
Making him look like this involved adding smaller bubbles inside the large red bubble, adding blood & branch particles, rotating the fleaman in the bubble so he looks like he is floating in liquid, a new death animation for the tree, changing the branches animations, breaking the sprite into pieces, adding different dust and flames as needed, and recoloring the tree! But I have to say that I am VERY happy with the results, compared to how lame he originally was. I can actually think of a LOT of setups with this enemy that can make life VERY interesting for a CV player.
PLEASE NOTE, that fleaman have NOT yet been coded, and thus are not shown in the video.
And lastly: the stone rose. This one was a ROYAL pain in the ass, compared to how easy I thought it would be. Getting the snaking motion down perfect was NOT easy. But once this was done, setting it up so that the pain and death animations would work properly was very simple. I also had to fix several bugs found in sotn (the skulls do NOT come out facing the right direction when the rose is created facing left, they did not rotate right, and regardless of which direction he face the neck moved the same; which looked VERY odd).
On top this, I also added another neck piece and set it up so it ACTUALLY looks attached to the body, fixed the way the body pulsed (before the roots pulsed too which look, stupid), AND added in an attack that he had in circle of the moon: his lunging bite attack. This move is designed to keep you from getting directly under his face and attacking once it has opened. As for when it is closed, he now drips acid from his tongue to prevent this as well. His skull seeds can now bounce off walls like in POR (which can create some NASTY setups), he weaves up and down some once open, and his poison seeds now fly out with more vertical range too. Here is a quick video of him:
I still want to release a demo of my puppet animating, but I want to do one more enemy before doing so: the diplocephalus. I also need to finish Red Slasher’s (aka Blade’s) animations.
I am also trying to figure out when I will release the demo of Alucard. I wanted to add in the rest of his weapons, but seeing as how he already has a TON of stuff done, I figured I should just release a demo sometime soon for you to all try of it anyway.
Anyway, sorry about the long wait between updates, but real life keeps me very busy. With that being said though, as you can see I always make time to work on the engine anyway! It is my dream, and I do not plan to give up on it EVER!
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13 Responses to Update 5/22/13: marionette, stone rose and the….. wakwak tree!? Videos below.

  1. I’m entering every day to see any news. Can’t wait!!! Totally in love with your job. Like another friend says: “sotn is my top game”. Cheers man, great work!

  2. Shizuki says:

    Hello Esco impressive work you are doing here.
    are you a lover of Strider or any related similar games ?
    i´m seeing very similar things. the rank system, the difficulty of the Demo boss battle.
    well, this can be just my imagination.
    anyway in a near future i will start a Strider Project if Capcom not inform anything about it.
    and certainly i will use your source as a base ^^.
    continue with the nice work.

  3. Leon Belmont says:


  4. Dan says:

    I’ve been viewing your updates since 2011 and I am really looking forward on your work. Please keep it up! Can’t wait to see how Doppleganger works 🙂 good job!

  5. AluCarD says:

    Dear Esco
    I am glad see you still working on the game, i have been watching you for years now and i am waiting and will still waiting because this is my top favorite game of all the time
    and you are doing great work until now

    Q: are you going to add underground garden and the cursed prison ?
    Q: is there will be hardmode in the game ?


    • Esco says:

      Yes, All of those things are planned but will be VERY different from the originals.

      • sam clarke says:

        Esco, I’m to bored to make an account, but anyway, check out CV:soul of Dracula. Its a fan made. The detail and depth of that game could put galamoths father to SHAME!

  6. As someone who proudly lists SotN as his favorite game of all time: Please do not stop working on it! I am counting on your extreme talent for a chance to re-experience this game.

    I have one question…what can we expect when it comes to difficulty? Is it just gonna be sort of harder? What i’ve seen in the vids looks like “sort of harder”.

    I want it to feel like an ALUCARD MUST DIE mode!!!

    (possible difficulty setting?)

  7. bacabca says:

    Well, what can I say, when you said you were moving from Hacking the game to Re-doing it I thought “Ok, I will see this completed in 10 years from now”.

    But know what? the waiting will be rewarded as the best platform/ action/ puzzle/ exploring game!

    Also, with this engine, you can change graphics and do a game of your own for PC in the future. Really.

  8. SrTommy says:

    Amazing job man!!! Take all the time that you need. I know that real life is very time consuming but nobody is pushing you with the time for this. I’m glad to hear that it’s your dream make that wonderful game, but playing a real challenging castlevania isn’t only your dream ;-). Thanks again for the update!!!

  9. TonyJih says:

    good job !

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