MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Monster+ Graphics release.

Feliz Navidad everyone! This is a GM 8.1 file that contains not just all of the graphics that were included in the demo & it’s source, but also includes all of the candle sprites up until the end of the marble gallery, as well as more than 16 monsters from SOTN. Each monster also includes all of the effects that it uses in SOTN (ex. the unique “blood” effect used by the bloody zombie) with all transparency, rotation, and scaling off.
If anyone wants to take the time to make sprite sheets for these monsters go right ahead, but I did not do so because this file has HUNDREDS of sprites in it! And this is AFTER I deleted all of the duplicate ones that were used in more than one animation. But this is something that I know a good # of people in the Castlevania community, as well as hopefully some in the GM community will really be able to put to good use.
The monster sprites are all assembled, with each UNIQUE frame separated into a separate sprite in most cases so that each sprite has it’s own hitbox/mask setup (the exception to this is things that won’t be hittable by the player or can’t run into him like some death animations or fragments of a killed enemy) and also saves space since I don’t have the same sprite repeated in multiple sprite sheet animations. Each sprite is cropped and has it’s x and y offsets centered, and I also included a script that details the order that each of the sprites go in for each monsters set of animations. This way if anyone who wants to use these in their own game, doesn’t have to spend HOURS figuring out which sprites go in what order and in which animation. 🙂
THINGS TO BE DONE: I need to align the sprites for each animation (x and y offset) wise in game, rather than just centering them all. But this in many cases will need to be done via draw statements since some sprites can be used in more than one animation so I didn’t do it here yet.
A QUICK SIDE NOTE: there is a red hitbox sprite in most of the monsters folders; this is to be used later by me for collision with solid objects and that particular monster only. You will also notice that for some enemies like the bloody zombie, and warg rider that a separate sprite for their attack is included; this sprite is for hitbox purposes only when they use their attack (like biting, stabbing, etc) with a close range weapon.
This release includes the following monsters:
  1. Skeleton & Golden Bones
  2. Blood Skeleton (only the red one; the other colors will not be used by me. Also has new death animation which is to be completed with particle effects in game)
  3. Bat
  4. Zombie (all 3 palettes from the entrance, and 3 more new ones to be used later)
  5. Warg (all 3 types; the armored one now has some new animations)
  6. Warg rider (has a new animation too)
  7. Bone Scimitar (2 palettes that will be used)
  8. Spittle Bone
  9. Axe Armor (both palettes; charging animation is new and improved)
  10. Bloody Zombie
  11. Merman
  12. Fishman (only one of the two palettes, since they both look almost exactly the same)
  13. Bone Slinger
  14. Ouija Table
  15. Marionette (there is actually one final useless frame omitted here)
The file can be downloaded here:
If anyone uses this file or a good amount of sprites in it I only ask that you give me a tiny amount of credit for it at least. I intend to release another one of these files every so often as I add some new enemies to it as well. Hopefully a good # of people out there will find use for this. Enjoy. 🙂
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32 Responses to MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Monster+ Graphics release.

  1. JVC says:

    Hello Esco,Thanks in advance if you reply to this.
    After reading of your work in the last 3 years and this thread,I see your hard work,as a future computer engenieer(if all goes well),i really estimate you a LOT,actually from your work on my fave game of all time im inspired to keep on going thanks to you,ill get a laptop soon(ironically,i dont got a top notch pc to work on collage),so if you need any kind of thing that is just boring to keep on doing on GM let me know so i can get the basics to do it for ya.Thanks for all :D.

    • Esco says:

      Ok, thanks for the offer. My first question would be what kind of skills/experience do you have in GM or with sprites?

      • JVC says:

        Pretty much I cant test out much,i did try to replace sprites,collision like stuff,i used it for like an hour but i did advance a lot with tutoriales,but i cant do much yet cuz of no computer.

  2. IssoBelmont says:

    Hi man Sorry for bother you.
    first happy birthday. and congratulations.
    now on the business.
    i´m very far studying in your source code and i reached two issues that you may have fixed or not noted yet.
    first one is about richter spd variables. sometimes they copy the speed variable but the GM don´t process it entire resulting in Richter running with walking animations or vice versa walking with running speed.
    the second is about the overlay colors. sometimes they will not follow the player and will appear in random part´s of the screen.
    you know anyways of fixing this issues ?

    • Esco says:

      Of course not, because you haven’t told me WHAT causes them. lol, this is the first I have heard of anyone having these bugs, and the demo has bene out more than a year. Please check my bug report post on here for directions on what details I need you to post to be able to fix the issues. I’d definitely want to look into them. 🙂

      • IssoBelmont says:

        oh well they not are from your demo, at least not directly. i´m using your source code to do a game, so, these issues happened. what i was trying to know is if this already happened to you. but don´t worry i have spent some time and fixed them. for the first i have added a double check. it´s due on a slow interpreter. when there are many thing´s on the screen the GM start to work slowly and causes bug´s. the second, i found the answer to fix it in your source (deleting and replacing then).
        i´m a good coder but i don´t understand so much of this tool. and the tutorial´s on the GMC forums are very … eh… crap.
        another question. the GM use external sprite and how i can do this because the help file don´t say anything.

      • Esco says:

        Sorry but for general help on GM, please post on the forums as I just do not have the time to assist you. There are lots of helpful people there. Also, there IS info on external sprites in the help file. I only offer assistance with bugs that are caused by my demo itself; most of the time this just involves me finding and fixing the bug code wise.

  3. kato says:

    I know this is unrelated, but you did alot of work on strider 2, I was wondering about info on that… is it finished, or is there a download of the current version? also, why not make a strider 3 for playstation with a hacked strider 2? ..if you ever decide to take on this project, I would like to help out, I can make music, sprites, but I dont know too much about code/programming…

  4. DarkLordSoma says:

    Hey Esco are you planning on implementing the boss doors? The blue doors before you enter boss rooms? Or you gonna leave it the sotn way? You enter a room and then… SURPRISE!! Fight For Your Life! lol 😀

  5. IssOBelmont says:

    Sure i will use this ( giving proper credit of course ) hey man I´m was doing a Cv Fan game based in OpenBOR but I dropped the project due to the limit animation and i was not able to do whatever i wanted so i started working with gamemaker like you and i was wondering : Do you have any tutorial that i can use. i´m a good coder and spriter but i suck in the GML cheers and congrat´s on your work (Note:I´m Studying Your Available SOTNHacked Source right now and this really assisted me.)

    • Esco says:

      Glad to hear it will be of use to you. 🙂 No tutorial really, just experimentation, using the help file, and making a LOT of posts on the GM forum as needed. I will say this though: learn to use particles, primitives, and definitely surfaces.

      Also, code your own speed and movement vars (do not use the built in ones, they suck), and DO not actually use solid objects. This will make creating collisions via code much easier for you. Study my source code for an ok example.

      • IssOBelmont says:

        hey Man Another Question The GM Only uses The code Char That have in the help file ?
        how that simple coding script´s could create such great games. i´m wondered! Nah i have a suggestion to you. (Skeleton cave-Death) Have Something against Harmony of Despair stage 3 Tiles ? i have made a level called The Bone Hall with it so i think that you can use it to make your skeleton cave what do ya think ?

      • Esco says:

        ???? Where can I find harmony of despair gfx? Those would actually be of some use.

      • IssOBelmont says:

        well i ripped it for my personal use but sure i can give you something
        say what you need and i will upload it better than made it blindly.
        Another question for better collision i need to create a separate hitbox for all movements and player ? and need to do all things via coding instead of using the native GameMaker features ? i have picked many things of your source like the damage blinking and some other things, fear not i will give you full credit to it minus the Holy Blinking (in my opinion The SoTN one Sucks) and what is primitives that you call ? this thing is not only for 3D objects ? i will not put anything 3D in my game. cheers mate and continue with your GREAT WORK.

      • Esco says:

        I could use the tiles from stage 3. I would also be interested in knowing HOW you ripped them from the game too and what else you have from it.

        Yes, for collision with tiles the player and the enemies should have a separate hitbox for this. You will probably need at least 2 hitboxes for the player (standing & crouching), and enemies should need one each for all frames (keep it simple for them). 🙂

        Primitives are basically 3d objects; they can be useful for many effects in a 2d game.

      • IssOBelmont says:

        download Chapter 3 Tile here (
        (Effect´s of the BG Not Included) A simple (But hellish Boring) Way i Download a High Definition Harmony of despair video and with Screen Get(a program) i started taking screen shot´s with it after this you know what must be done.(The Boring Part Hey, you do the same thing with V-Ram.)

        But my game use a simple , but good, system Richter,Alucard and Maria will not have Diferent weapon´s so this could be easy to make i started to put my sprites in the game maker ( oh boy thank god that i will not need to mirror all of them again)

        a i know what u are talking now i call this flatten pieces or vectored pieces hey by the way … Can you give me the sfx effects of Symphony´s from DXC version ? i want all Alucard, Richter And Maria One´s if possible. Good night and continue with your great work.

      • Esco says:

        Sorry but I already have this, and have for quite some time. A quick google search pulls it up on sprite database. When you said tiles, I thought you meant you had actually ripped them from the game and had them separated in to separate tiles.

        Also I do not give out resources from my engine, including sounds, gfx, etc. on request. If I did, I would be constantly sending people things. Especially as much as you are asking for, it would be 100’s of files. I HAVE occasionally traded with people, but it would have to be something I can use and a LOT BIGGER to agree to send someone that much stuff. Sorry.

      • IssOBelmont says:

        so… it´s okay what you want is the separated tiles block´s not the complete one.

        Quoted From Esco (”Also I do not give out resources from my engine, including sounds, gfx, etc. on request. If I did, I would be constantly sending people things. Especially as much as you are asking for, it would be 100′s of files. I HAVE occasionally traded with people, but it would have to be something I can use and a LOT BIGGER to agree to send someone that much stuff.”)

        i understood this is normal i have many other things that i ripped too like Alucard Soul steal flatten pieces, all chapter´s and others thing´s like Enemies etc,etc,etc .that will be utile (to me) also cool Great sword and spear animation´s they will be very useful hehehe. also when you will release your next demo and source with Alucard on the debug room ?

      • IssOBelmont says:

        Hi Esco sorry for bother you again. but i must ask this
        1- where i can find the AI of Dracula on your Source and
        2- the variables that exist´s in your source are all the Var that Symphony engine uses ?
        3 – For what use the parent Object´s Bosses and Enemy will have .
        4 – if i put your External DLL´s like the SIN BASS and GMMOVIE on My Game + The script´s They will Work ?

      • Esco says:

        1)The dracula1 object I believe has all of it for dracula 1(and dracula 2 has dracula 2). If not, see what other functions/scripts it calls.
        2) NO
        3)Too many things to list
        4)Yes they should work alone IF you do it right. 🙂

  6. hatedrebirth says:

    I cant tell you how excited i was when i saw someone talk about a guy remaking “Symphony of the Night”, easily one of the greatest 2D games in existence. I was reading a few of articles you posted about sprites and whatnot, but just found out a few hours ago that you have it available to play now! Cant wait to see the changes in the game!

    • Esco says:

      Glad to hear that you are hyped about this project. But only a demo is available of the intro stage so far with richter and the dracula fight. 🙂

      • hatedrebirth says:

        Yah, i noticed when i “beat” Dracula. Man i don’t remember it being that difficult haha. You certainly have changed it. But i must say i am very pleased with the reslts. in the meantime im going to play the original on my android.

  7. Aldo says:

    Hi Esco Good to see that you still working on the engine and i look foward to it ^^
    i don´t have much time to help you because of my tedious work fellow NY , but i will give you a thing that you may can use
    I Have Played the Demo and read The Stage Planning Update. This Rotting/Dead Fan Game Have Tiles That you may can use. Mainly the Village and Ghost Ship ones
    anyway good luck with your genius work

  8. Pyromaniac says:

    Hey Esco, your work is awesome. I want to ask a question, I am playing SoTN with ePSXe and using PEC to add codes and stuff, I would like to ask if you know the code (codes) to allow Alucard and Richter to use the L2 button to switch between sub-weps. I cant find the answer anywhere, help would be appreciated.

    • Esco says:

      You would have to use a GS code that reads when 80007573 = -1, then have the value in 80097bfc increase by 1, and put something in that says when the value = 10 in 80097bfc to change it back to 1 since the max subweapon # is 9.

      • Pyromaniac says:

        Sorry to be an annoyance but I am new to this kind of thing, could you tell me what to do? I dont know how to write the gs codes other than copy and paste them into pec haha. If you don’t mind and if you have the time, would you post instructions or just the code, im sure it would help others as well because there doesnt seem to be information on this subject anywhere. Again, sorry for being ignorant. 😛

      • Esco says:

        No. You will have to learn like I did. What I gave you is more than enough and tells you exactly what to do.

  9. King says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year Man. good Work with the Sprite´s you have done. i´m On a Christmas Party but Working on a Sewer tile.The boss that you will Use is the Beelzebub ? if yes i will need to Expand the Last Areas by a bit.continue with the great work man.

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