10/20/12: Stage & Boss Planning:

With my current schedule being what it is, I do not have a lot of time to program. Mostly because when programming something I am not good at just stopping in the middle of it and coming back to it later. The end result: me staying up late to EXTREME hours of the night, determined to finish something. With my lifestyle being what it is, I cannot afford to be doing that.
Stage design however, is something that can EASILY be done in small spurts, room by room, and easily picked up again later after being left alone for a few days WITHOUT the person feeling lost. So I have decide to work on that for now. This of course, requires me ripping a lot of gfx from the game myself (there are THANKFULLY a lot on spriters resource already that I can use, but there are also quite a few that are incorrect or in pieces that it would be easier for me to do myself) but that is again, something that I can do during my downtime at work.
NOTE: if you have any artistic skills and feel you can help contribute by editing some GBA Castlevania tiles, or have suggestions for tilesets that can be used for the sewer area in castle one, OR ANY OF THE AREAS in castle 2, even from other games (as long as it is not obvious they come from some other game of course) feel free to send me a comment. The tiles should fit in just as well with the rest of the ones in SOTN. This is an area of making the game that I will be in DIRE need of help with.
With that being said, here are the current stages planned for both castles with their bosses listed:
  1. Graveyard & bridge, but mostly a Forest (a sort of tribute to the path leading to the castle in Simon’s Quest) – Cyclops
  2. Castle Entrance – Wyvern
  3. Alchemy Lab – Slogra & Gaibon
  4. Marble Gallery – Behemoth (mid-boss at end)
  5. Outer Wall – N/A (Doppelganger room now leads to nightmare area)
  6. Nightmare (several screens long now)- Succubus
  7. Library – Lesser Demon (leap stone & mist needed to reach him)
  8. Chapel – Hippogryph (there will now be a save point right before him instead of after; which was lousy design in the original SOTN)
  9. Castle Keep – Richter Belmont or Alucard (depends on player used)
  10. Underground Caverns – Scylla
  11. Sewer (located where the garden is in the saturn version) – Beezelbub
  12. Colosseum (to be made a larger area) – Minotaur & Werewolf
  13. Clock Tower (to be made larger and MUCH more hazardous) – Malphas (a.k.a. Karasuman)
  14. Underground Mine – Cerebus (now found at end of stage)
  15. Catacombs – Legion (a.k.a. granfaloon)
  16. Olrox’s Keep – Olrox
  17. Castle Center – Maria or Alucard (depends on player used)
Shaft’s Castle:
  1. Sky walkway – Darkwing Bat
  2. Garden of Madness – Camilla’s Mask
  3. Muddy Tombs – Mummy Twins
  4. Phantom Village – Dragon Zombie
  5. Ghost Ship – Medusa (another minor CV3 reference here)
  6. Cursed Prison – The Creature
  7. Skeleton Cave – Death
  8. Entrance to Castle Center – Doppelganger (based on which character you use)
  9. Castle Center – Shaft & Lord Dracula
  10. Treasury – Mummy, Cyclops, Pazuzu (a tribute to CV3)
  11. Arena (vastly expanded and changed) – Grant, Sypha, & Trevor.
  12. Unknown Portal – Galamoth
  13. ????????? – SECRET
NOTE: as much as I have tried to finalize this list, it is possibly subject to change at a later date as needed.
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20 Responses to 10/20/12: Stage & Boss Planning:

  1. King says:

    wassup Esco Searching trough The Web i Have Found Some Interesting Thing´s That you May can use.
    First One is In this Site :http://www.webxprs.com/blogpunisher/la-maldicion-de-castlevania/
    (Scroll To #10 ,#11 and #14)
    #10 The Game Have Some Interesting TIles Of The Mad Forest And Other Ones That Can Be Used as The Cyclop´s Boss Room .
    #11 Some Tiles And Trevor Slide Attack Can Be Used on Trevor Boss To Make The zombie trio More Anoyng
    #14 Based On Richter Sprite Of this game, Your SpriteMaster Can Draw and Design out Good Cloacked Richter Frames.
    Super Castlevania IV Treasure room ? Is The One that U want ?I Ripped It Maybe Some Bg´s Could Be Used
    Alas The Sewer BG that i´m ripping is from Unholy Sanctuary (A Japanese Game I Dont Know The Maker Name) Can Be Found in this Vid :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzcZGsVt9NA
    Take a look at !2:50 to !6:00 On the Video To See it. The Rest is irrelevant.
    And don´t trying to be inconvenient but what will you work on Now on The Engine.?

  2. King says:

    i have added you. as i have said from 19 to 21 i´m online on MSN.

  3. King says:

    well, interesting. the holidays from my university are coming and I will have the entire summer for free i can help you if you are working alone has a list of what needs to be done?

  4. King says:

    i Suggest use the Sewer of the castlevania Dracula X from The SNES as it look´s good with some Work what u think about it ?

    • Esco says:

      What sewer? There is no sewer in that game that I remember. Just underground caves and a water area.

      • King says:

        sorry for my mistake it´s rondo of blood sewer area after you drop down through the chase of behemot my idea is to join pieces of this level and the aqueducts of dragon from HoD and editing the ghost ship of rond to fit well , with the correct monsters ,these two areas can be hazardous as hell. as for the muddy tombs with a great edition the sandy grave stage from PoR will be very great.

      • Esco says:

        I know what you are talking about now; sadly that area is WAY too bland too use. The tiles from the sewer in HOD would be nice, but they would need to be touched up to fit into SOTN.

        The sandy grave stage is a lousy stage in general. I would not even think of using it for my muddy tombs area. Sorry.

  5. King says:

    as i can see …
    for the bosses you may can ask Serio (The owner of the Castlevania Fighter Series)
    as for the stages you will have a major work on them mainly the treasury with that fucking fog layer and is a good idea to remove tiles from other games that are similar to Cv like Avenger and Ds Cv´s in that case i will search trough the web and later i will sugest u things

  6. Ju says:

    i´m glad to see that have one man in this whole wolrd that will do this remake of SoTN
    i want to help but i dont have any artistic skills –‘

  7. Alucard says:

    “Phantom Village – Dragon Zombie”
    great choice, hop the “big battle” theme will be there too 🙂

  8. Alissom says:

    hey Esco The Chinese series of Castlevania Have some good tiles to Fit In But the problem is that they are mobile games. but i think the work that u will have to put them in SOTN dont make the efforts whorty

  9. Abster says:

    Harmony of Dissonance is a GBA game, but the point stands.
    EDIT BY ESCO: OOPS! I didn’t even notice my typo until you pointed it out. I corrected it. Thanks.

  10. Inccubus says:

    I suggest taking tiles primarily from the DS games as they most closely match the style of SotN and would require the least amount of editing. I’ll have a look at maps and make some suggestions later.

    • Esco says:

      I was thinking along similar lines; but they will still need some touching up. Mostly palette and shading changes such as being darker.

      However, for some things like the skeleton cave, the COOLEST tiles exist only in Harmony of Dissonance which is a GBA (CORRECTED! Thanks Abster) game. That title has a lot of EXCELLENT tiles in it, that sadly would need a substantial amount of work to fit into SOTN.

      • Inccubus says:

        Agreed.There are some pretty neat set pieces in several non-DS games and eve some of Koami’s other titles. It might be neat to build a tilt set with several nods to multiple games.

      • Esco says:

        My thoughts exactly. As long as it doesn’t look like the nonsensical cut and paste jobs they did in Castlevania HD. That tile work was pure shit!

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