Update 10/1/12: a few things that everyone should read:

Since I changed over from trying to hack the original game in Memhack, for the past year or so, I have been diligently and CONSTANTLY working on the SOTN Hacked Engine in game maker. Day after day, after day, AFTER day, for hours at a time. The reason being that at the time, other than a small Ebay business I have going, I had been unemployed. Thus I had a LOT more free time.
 …………… that has changed as of the end of August. In addition to now taking 2 classes, having my online business, going to the gym, going out with my peoples, seeing my fam, spending time with my girl AND STILL doing all the usual stuff like cleaning my place, cooking, laundry etc. (I have my own place and live solo….. and it is so FUCKING GREAT) I now have a full time job again. The only saving grace is that it is a work at home position. But that is still 8 HOURS LESS A DAY, 5 DAYS A WEEK that I have to spend working on the engine.
 So to be blunt, that is why there haven’t been any updates on here. I have been too busy with making my $$$, and making sure that I don’t end up like the average American (who BTW, only reads at a 5th grade level; a proven and PATHETIC statistic if I may say so) who works their whole life, and then has LITTLE TO NOTHING to show for it. And so far, considering the fact that I make about $20 an hours just SITTING at home WITHOUT my accounting degree finished (less than 2 years to go)…. I don’t seem to be doing too bad at it. But to be blunt I want more out of life.
 With that all being said, I could either
a) focus on living life
b) on coding an engine that while it WILL turn out amazing, will still be forgotten after a few months (which is normal and to be expected).
……………… my choice is obviously A.
 What does this mean for all of the fans out there?
  • It means that the engine will still be worked on, but just at a slower pace. Just like when I was working before.
  • It means that you all will not see as many updates on here. Does that mean some of you should start panicking and thinking “OMG, the project is dead?” Only if you are a fucking idiot. But otherwise, NO it absolutely is not, and probably NEVER will be.
  • It means now is the PERFECT TIME to have people helping me to complete the things involving graphics and special effects that I can’t do by myself anyway
  • It means that anyone who is helping me, won’t hear from me as much. Which is exactly why I try to ONLY work with people who are intelligent, self-sufficient, reliable, and motivated. That way if they don’t hear from me for 2 weeks, and I then ask for an update I don’t end up getting only a screen full of excuses. But instead actually get shown progress. 🙂
That’s all there is to it. The engine is nowhere near dead, and is still WIP. But as I have said to ANYONE who has ever assisted me: real life comes first. A fact that everyone here just has to deal with. Simple.
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3 Responses to Update 10/1/12: a few things that everyone should read:

  1. jerkass says:

    Mira me! Yo soy el hijo de la gran puta! Dale me la gorda por el culo!!!!!

  2. Inccubus says:

    Congrats on the job, man! I’m in a similar position myself right now, but if you anything relatively small you need help with I can fit it in on the weekends. Anyway, I’m glad to hear you’re doing well. Cheers, mate!

  3. JVC says:

    Followed you before followed you after,everyone must know what it is to put something in front of your daily basis,if by taking it slow means you can get better in life and getting it done,then by all means keep it up friend.
    Believe me I wil spread the word about this incredible game once its finally done,it wont go into darkness after some time,promise :).

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