UPDATE 7/24/12: Alucard’s Knife weapons are completed (Knuckles too now – updated 7/26)!

Yup! Like the title says, I have completed ALL of Alucard’s normal knife weapon attacks.
The normal critical art for the knife is the holbein dagger’s normal attack: a multi-hitting move that does about 1.5 normal damage, is holy element, is faster than a normal knife attack, and has much better range than in the original game. However, it can no longer be used while walking. While the sword’s critical art (a valmanway attack) may have better range, the knife weapon’s critical art is faster, stuns more, and does more damage. Especially if used up close over and over again, the way knives are meant to be used.
NOTE: I am still in need of someone to do some sprite editing on the Katar’s and Cinqueda’s sprites. More specifics can be found in bullet points 1 and 2 near the top here: https://sotnhacked.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/sprite-help-needed-for-the-project/
The knife weapon set has been expanded from the original game, and greatly improved so that it is much more useful. For one thing, knives will do full damage against armored enemies (unlike swords) and now includes the following ones (please note: any knives that had the special where you could swing them like a normal sword have been removed, as the attack was useless, redundant, and was actually slower while doing normal damage):
  1. Basilard: your most basic knife type weapon
  2. Combat Knife: now just has a stabbing motion
  3. Terminus Est: a dagger that drips poison from it’s tip, and can poison enemies with a stab
  4. Katar: has a wider blade and better range than the terminus est, and can hit two times
  5. Cinqueda: a jewel encrusted dagger that can strike three times.
  6. Holbein Dagger: Same as the critical art, EXCEPT it’s attack power is lower, and it has a VERY small chance of randomly draining a soul (one per swing but ONLY if it hits an enemy, and it will only do so again if you then kill a few more enemies afterwards. Or, in the case of a boss, it will only happen again if you hit them a few more times with the weapon first) that restores 1% of your max hp. It also has no critical art. This is the ultimate knife type weapon and it is VERY powerful; there may even be a way of increasing the rare chance of it draining a soul if….
    (on a side note, this effect actually didn’t use 3d at all in SOTN; just multiple color palettes, scaling and rotation)
EDIT: normal Knuckle weapons are now completed, and have also been balanced out and given more range. Knuckles weapons have two critical arts: a multi hit strike, and also a massively damaging uppercut that has a short range. The knuckle weapons in game are as follows:
  1. Empty Fist
  2. Brass Knuckles
  3. Iron Fist
  4. Jewel Knuckle: now uses a yellow color instead for the animation
  5. Fist of Tulkas (it’s second critical is a powerful blue fireball instead of the uppercut)
  6. Blue Knuckles: powerful knuckles that give off a powerful blast of frost with each swing that does more damage the closer the enemy is to Alucard. It has much better horizontal AND vertical range now, does much more damage, but you can no longer walk while using it. The blue energy uses its animation from when alucard ducked and used it in the original game, instead of the standing one (which will be used for the critical art). This was another attack that used a 3d texture in SOTN.
With those all done, my next goal will be to handle club weapons. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!
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14 Responses to UPDATE 7/24/12: Alucard’s Knife weapons are completed (Knuckles too now – updated 7/26)!

  1. HACKER says:

    Hi Esco I Have one Sugestion
    : Can you make the Color Of The Alucard Sword Red Instead of Blue ?
    From My Vist Point It will Be more Beauty
    Greetings from Brazil

  2. ltior says:

    termina rapido quiero jugar¡¡¡¡

  3. oh i think i downloaded the wrong thing…can you give me the link to where I get this thing

  4. Esco says:

    Hmmmmm, very nice looking. I think I could definitely use your help. What is your MSN messenger name please? If you don’t have one, please just take 2 minutes to make one, since I communicate with everyone at once on it. Once you reply I will add you to my list and delete the comment so no one else sees it. Thanks.

  5. I am a good spriter and I can make some great sprites for you.

  6. DarkLordSoma says:

    Wassup Esco, I didn’t know where to post this, but are you in need of a new concept art for the title screens logo? If so I have a logo concept art that you can have. 🙂

  7. Dengo says:

    Looking forward to it !!!!!!!!!

  8. Justin says:

    I’m staying tuned!!!

  9. Inccubus says:

    Lookin’ good bro! I gots two suggestions:
    1) Probably goes without saying, but the critical arts of the other daggers should look different from the Holbein Dagger’s normal attack. Even if it’s just a different palette.
    2) I think you’re nerfing the the drained soul a bit too much. It seems pretty useless at only 1% of max HP. I suggest raising it to about 5% since it never happens repeatedly. Seems to me that 1% HP will not likely make much of a difference except by chance on extremely rare occasions.

    This update made me think of the Astral Dagger from the Saturn version, just sayin’. 😉

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