UPDATE 6/12/12: Alucard’s Weapons (video included) and some info on how elements now work

For the last few days I have been hard at work completing all of Alucard’s sword animations. As I said some time ago, in the original SOTN there are literally 40+ swords that use just one animation. For the most part very very few of them had unique animations; that was something that I wanted to change, and have succeeded in doing. I also wanted to remove a lot of redundant ones and minimize how often you have to go into the menu to change weapons. To be straight up, nobody wants to keep having to go in and out of a menu, just to change to the same weapon again with just another point of damage added on. It disrupts the game play and is just plain annoying.
Keep in mind that great swords, knives, and katanas fall into their own category and are not considered swords. THIS LIST IS FOR THE NORMAL SWORD TYPES ONLY!
I succeeded in minimizing the # of swords Alucard will have to 12; before any moans and groans start let me assure you guys that while some of the swords with neat effects weren’t included, the effects on them will still be used, just for other weapons. Thus allowing me to expand on Alucard’s other weapon sets more. To list some of these as an example:
  • Instead of an icebrand sword you now have a frost flail
  • There is no thunderbrand sword; instead there is the gungnir spear
  • The terminus est is now a dagger weapon
  • The rune sword and sword familiar are now considered great swords, and thus not included in the list below.
  • Gurthang: it’s special effect when bloodied has been added to a katana and improved upon
  • The holy sword is gone; it’s effect and special ability were added to the holy rod and improved upon.
  • The mourneblade is now gone; it was definitely a game breaking item. However when using the critical art for the holbein dagger (which costs MP) there is a % chance that it will steal a soul and recover some health for you with each hit.
I also removed all of what I call the “downgrade weapons” (the firebrand sword which is a poor man’s levaetian, the vorpal blade which is a low quality valmanway, and the alucart sword as well) as they just cannot compare with their full powered versions.
I also removed useless weapons like the tyrfing and the werebane. And sadly there were one or two unique weapons that I just did not include in any form at all for various reasons:
  • There is no badelaire: it would have been game breaking if I left it in as is! The only alternative would be to put some limits on it, which thus negates the purpose of having a sword whose attack goes up with game time. I also wanted the ultimate sword to be the Alucard sword.
  • The mablung sword is gone: Alucard no longer uses shield spells (which will be used by someone else). Thus making this a pointless weapon.
And lastly, here are the 12 swords that I DID include (AGAIN, keep in mind that katanas, great swords, and knives have their own category and are not listed here). The base critical art for every sword is to do a single valmanway attack that does about 2x normal damage, and is an excellent defensive move:
  1. Short sword: lowest range of all swords
  2. Shotel: has more range, and a unique critical art where he throws the shotel like a boomerang
  3. Gladius: slightly better range and attack than the previous one.
  4. Broadsword: yet even more range and attack (YAWN!)
  5. Mormegil: a dark elemental sword with a great range that is almost a necessity against one particular adversary….
  6. Milican’s Sword: a sword with lass range than the mormegil, but that can petrify with a touch
  7. Joyeuse: the remade jewel sword basically; a sword made of pure gold, that spit 1-8 coins out every time it hits an enemy and increases the chances of enemies dropping more gold when killed (note: jewels were removed from the game).
  8. Damascus Sword: a powerful sword with a great range, that can actually do critical hits (25% chance)
  9. Leavatain: a sword that spews out gouts of flames and has a 2nd critical art that will incinerate enemies all around you.
  10. Alucard Sword: a devastating weapon, and the ultimate sword. It’s 2nd critical art is powerful and teleports you out of danger. Alucard my even be able to make this sword even more terrifying if he unleashes the darkness within him…..
  11. Heaven Sword: a sword that will always return to it’s thrower; it’s critical art is the old special that was done with both attack buttons when you had 2 heavens swords equipped.
  12. Valmanway: unleashes 4 slashes that will do more damage the closer you are to Alucard when they hit, but still do pretty weak damage overall. It has been remade, 3d primitives and all, and balanced to be a useful weapon, but not overpowered anymore. It also has NO critical art.
Another subject I want to discuss is elemental damage. The be blunt, the system used in the metroidvanias is shitty. It makes no sense hitting a frozen shades with an ice sword for example, and her being invulnerable to it or recovering health. The sword itself should still lop a tit right the hell off! It is also annoying as hell having to switch between say a club, and a sword, over and over, NON-STOP, just because some enemies are strong to strike, and others are strong to cut.
With that in mind I have revamped the system to include a # of changes to it when it comes to damaging enemies. Here are some of them:
  • There are 3 base weapon types: cut, strike & pierce. Enemies are very rarely strong to any of them (the exception being some unique spiritual enemies who are designed to be killed with magic or subs, and armored enemies which have special attributes)
  • There are 7  magic types: fire, ice, lit, dark, holy, spirit, and explosion
  • Holy water and the dive kick have their own unique type.
  • for strike, cut, and pierce, if the enemy takes normal damage we then look at the element attached to the weapon: if weak to it, they take 1.5 or 1.25 dmg. If strong, immune or absorb this element, they take normal dmg. 
  • If an enemy is weak to strike, cut or pierce they just take 1.25 dmg or 1.5 dmg based on how weak they are to weapons and the element attached is ignored.
  • If strong to strike, cut or pierce, we look at the element attached again; if weak to the element they take 1.25 or 1.5 dmg; if strong or absorb they take 0.5 dmg.
  • If immune to cut, strike, or pierce, the element attached is irrelevant.
  • The damage levels are normal, weak to (1.25 dmg), very weak to (1.5 dmg), strong (0.5 dmg), immune, and absorb. This was inspired by the damage system in lords of shadow.
  • Status effects are no longer elements; enemies can either be afflicted with them, immune to them, or EXTREMELY affected by them (ex. for stone normal is to be petrified once and un-petrify after a set time; for weak to it, they stay as stone forever. AND NO… you will not still take damage if you run into them, lol). The current status effects are stone, curse, poison, armor shatter, stopwatch effect, and a special type of stun called paralyze.
  • Enemies with armored status have unique properties: they are strong to some attacks (cut type attacks, some pierce type attacks, some subs, etc.) by a % based on an armor level that goes from 1-3. Also some sub weapons will bounce off them or shatter on impact (bwaka knife, cross, daggers, axes, etc). Armor status CAN be removed however with certain attacks.
As you can all hopefully tell, the system above is designed to make attacking enemies much less tedious, but also allow me to implement some strategic type mini-boss & boss battles as well.
Last but not least, here is a video of Alucard using each of his swords (sorry about the lack of sound), as well as a demo of one weapon of every other type being used (except katanas, which are still WIP). Enjoy!
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22 Responses to UPDATE 6/12/12: Alucard’s Weapons (video included) and some info on how elements now work

  1. Sean says:

    Chiming in as a long-time follower of the project just to say that I can understand where you’re coming from removing the Alucart equipment, but some players enjoy gimping equipment, particularly because I always found using stronger swords made the original game too easy, so I’d do my runs entirely in Alucart almost everytime, and usually with the luck code (stat gimping) if I had it available on the memory card.

    Since the game is going to be incredibly hard as you’ve designed it I can understand this sort of thing won’t feel necessary. But I do have a question: having removed the “gimping” aspects of the game, will you be including anything for players to provide themselves with extra challenge? Will you include the old “Luck mode” for instance? Sorry if this has already been answered.

    • Esco says:

      No; luck mode was lame. And it barely provided any challenge either since you did MASSIVE dmg critical hits. I have things in mind, but nothing like that and nothing I can discuss yet. Great question though.

  2. Gado says:

    holy hell you changed the claymore animations. good job man

  3. Valiant Warfighter says:

    Hey whats up!

    I have a couple of questions and yes, I am a noob.

    1. What programming code did you use to program this wonderful hacked version of Castlevania?

    2. Can we add our very own creatures from the game? I have a couple of ideas for some badass creatures and I think it would be awesome if you could add them to the game.

    3. If we can add creatures, then do we use Game Maker to add them?

    4. Where do I download this wonderful hacked version of Symphony of the night?

    5. Is the hack open source to where we can edit the code?

    I hope I didn’t ask any stupid questions and I’m sure most of these questions have been answered. If they have been answered already, then I apologize. What you’re doing is a work of art and is the most impressive display of work on a game I’ve ever seen. Just a wonderful job.

    • Esco says:

      1) GML which is a simplified version of C; it is coded in game maker.
      5)Yes, the current source is found above.

      Thanks for the good words too. It’s appreciated.

  4. DarkLordSoma says:

    Wassup Esco! I was wondering were you considering using the glowing red colored MP bar from Saturn version for Alucard… IMO I think it symbolizes alucards vampire half… Or mabie it could be use for specific equipment… For example… Dragon Helm, Alucard Mail (I would rename it “Dragon Mail”), Alucard’s Sword and/or Alucard’s Spear… The player could have unleashed alucard’s full power… The blue MP Bar would then turn into a glowing red bar… You did say his sword suppose to be the best weapon in the game… So why not up the anti just a lil… Just a thought… Please Don’t be mad.

  5. Eliwood says:

    How is the mourneblade game breaking, are you saying it was in the original cause it was more of a novelty than anything in the original and retarded to acquire and it was just a watered down version of soul steal in a sword(which was easy to cast to begin with), if you are talking about its attack power I can see where you are coming from A LITTLE, not complaining or bitching that it was removed because it is quite useless overall but that as a reason? you have got to be kidding.

    also removing holy sword…man I liked that sword and the special was fun to use, the holy rod was boring tbh actually most rods in the game were just too fast and too broken or too slow and not conventional enough

    I see you left the marsil(or something like it) in but took out the icebrand and the thunderbrand (which I can see why the gungnir spear sounds pretty cool) is there a possiblility that you plan to make marsil style weapons for the ice and thunder elements like I don’t know a thunderstorm AOE sword that works like the ring subweapon just more flairy or a snowstorm AOE sword that freezes enemies and posssibly encases them in ice like the ice elemental does to alucard?

    Otherwise great work looking forward to the katanas, I always disliked the great swords but great solid animation, can’t wait to see weapon specials and how that works out

  6. buttersoft says:

    Hey Esco.

    Great stuff as always. I wanted to comment on your changing Terminus Est to a dagger though. It comes from The Book of The New Sun, and is Severian the Torturer’s sword. It’s an executioner’s sword with a square point (to lengthen the straight cutting edge without adding weight) with a channel in the centre full of mercury (which means when you hold it poised above someone’s neck, the weight is near the hilt, but when you swing it, it becomes top-heavy)

    Minor point, really. I guess if you wanted to you could add some sort of funky effect to that.

  7. Dengo says:

    congrats with the great changes esco =D

    but one thing , i saw alucard’s animation stops shortly before you hit with the weapon or its something with the video ?

  8. DarkLordSoma says:

    1 Word, 3 Syllables, Outstanding! 🙂

  9. Shiru says:

    Reducing the weapons list is a good idea ! I’ve to admit that a lot of weapons were useless in SOTN !

    Weapons effects are nice ! Good work with Alucard’s different attack animations !
    Good job Esco !

  10. zergmico says:

    Esco, if i remember correctly there was a special move u can do when u equip two heaven swords , r u goin to add that on your project?

  11. Omarzuqo says:

    Congratulations! I love how each sword has it’s own animation.
    A question, though:
    Why did you decide to ditch poison attribute/status?

    And a couple suggestions:
    Why not instead of removing the “downgrade swords” you make them “upgradeable” like Johnatan’s skills in PoR? For example, the Firebrand becomes Leviathan after you kill a certain amount of enemies with it.

    I think you should include a really weak sword (Red rust, for example) to start the game with and for those who want a minimalist playtrhough challenge.

    Thanks for your selfless effort!

    • Esco says:

      These are excellent questions:

      1)I did not ditch poison status; just the element. It is now considered just a status effect with enemies

      2)Because each character already has enough stuff that you can buy with exp. This is a descent suggestion, but given the option of upgrade a sub you will use for the rest of the game, or a sword that can be replaced by another, most people wouldn’t opt to upgrade the weapon. 🙂

      3)the game will be hard enough; fuck adding joke weapons like the red rust. lol

  12. Inccubus says:

    kewl. Ummm… typo. Joyeuse. Good call turning the Jewel Sword into this. It’ll go really well with the graphic effect it has with the multiple colors because of this:

    The 11th century Song of Roland describes the sword:

    [Charlemagne] was wearing his fine white coat of mail and his helmet with gold-studded stones; by his side hung Joyeuse, and never was there a sword to match it; its colour changed thirty times a day.

  13. Justin says:

    This sounds very good. I’m all for some streamlining. Looks good, man.

  14. Enrii says:

    I like what you’ve done with the elemental stuff. But you removed alucart sword, is that not needed for the alucard +30 luck bonus, or do you intend to make changes to that. Also, do you intend to add the “third hand” slot in inventory for food and stuff like in SOTN saturn version?

    • Esco says:

      The alucart equipment was pointless and has been removed. It required three useless items together, dropping your stats to shit, just to get a luck bonus.

      Food is consumed instantly upon being picked up. Useable items like potions are used from the items menu instantly when clicked upon.

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