Sprite help needed for the project: (UPDATED 04/20/13)

This thread is being put up because I am always in constant need of sprite help for the engine. I will be putting up any and all things that I need assistance with graphically in here. If anyone wants to help with anything listed below, please leave me a comment, and I will reply ASAP. This thread is ONLY for sprite help related things!
If you volunteer, please be serious about completing whatever it is you start on. I only say this because a LOT of people in the past have volunteered, but then all many come up with is 101 excuses why they never finish what they start; which doesn’t do anyone any good.
Please write me before attempting to make any sprites; this way I can let you know EXACTLY what I need and make things much quicker and easier for you. I know how hard making sprites can be, so this way I can let you know what I need in greater detail. 🙂
I appreciate any and all help that I get, and will gladly give you full credit for your work. Thanks.
Now on to the list (listed from newest to oldest). There are many more things that I can use help with besides these but here are a few of the older things I still need:
There is also an animation for one of Alucard’s critical arts that I need help with: a standing uppercut. This amazing animation was made by one of our own forum members here. Sadly I asked for a minor tweak to it almost 6 weeks ago, and haven’t heard back from the artist in a bit so I am forced to put it here.
For this one all I need is one or 2 frames added after frame 7 that are the same as it EXCEPT that his cape and hair are at rest and no longer still in motion. The last of the new frames will be where his animation stops for a short time after the move is done, BEFORE transitioning to the last 2 frames which put him back in idle stance.
Here is the current uppercut critical sprite sheet: http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r160/Esco1979/alu_fist_crit2_strip9.png
Here is an actual animation of it; as you can see the issue is on the frame where it pauses the cape and hair are not at rest and look like they are frozen in mid air: http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r160/Esco1979/alu_fist_crit2.gif
And here is the author’s original sheet; please note that sprites 8 and 9 on this sheet are NOT used in my animation above as the fist on them just does not stop in the right place. But since it shows the cape and hair transitoning to no longer being in motion I figured I would include them: http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r160/Esco1979/uppercut-sheet.gif
As usual PM me if anyone wants to assist me. It would be greatly appreciated guys.  8)
1)I am in need of someone to redo the cyclops from Castlevania: Harmony of dissonance (his sprite sheet is found here: http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r160/Esco1979/cyclops2.png ).
  • He needs to have his colors tweaked slightly to be darker and fit better into SOTN. An example of one that was done already for Serios’ game that is pretty good can be found here, but I want to see if anyone can come up with something better: http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r160/Esco1979/cyclops.png .   For this request, I recommend looking at the lesser demon’s colors, or the blue axe knights colors, as something close to either of them from SOTN would probably fit him very well (though I think something like lesser demon’s might work best). Both sets of sprites can be found here: http://www.spriters-resource.com/psx_ps2/cvsotn/index.html
  • He needs to have his hammer edited out of all of his frames and made a separate single frame sprite; the shade of greenish silver used in the above pic works fine for it, but you can feel free to experiment some if you want.
  • I am in need of several new animations to be done for him: a new one for when walking where he walks while upright, similar to in castlevania III. A video of this can be found here at the 5:00 mark (note that it doesn’t have to be this EXACT walk; the artist can be a bit creative here I just want him to walk upright and be tall enough that he cannot be cleared with a single jump): NES – Castlevania 3 – Mad Forest + Meeting Sypha Belnades
  • I also need an animation for him where he throws his hammer straight up above him. This will probably be a fairly simple one.
  • I need a new death animation for him; something where he drops his hammer, and holds his eye while falling to his knees. There is an animation somewhat like this found here near the bottom (though it is in major need of editing to fit into SOTN): http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r160/Esco1979/CyclopsFinal3.png .  My intention is that when killed, his eye will burst in a bloody mess, and flames will begin spewing forth from it. So he then tries to hold it in pain, as he falls to his knees. Then he pulls his arms back out to his side as flames spew out of his mouth too, and the rest of him burns up. But I will program all that myself, I just need the animation for the cyclops
  • Lastly, I would also like a short turning around animation, and one for when he does a hop backwards. These two animations can be found on the sheet I linked to above, but they are both in need of major work (the author did a great job, but it just doesn’t fit into SOTN as is and wasn’t originally drawn with that intention in mind).
Please note that the animations requested above can be as many or as few frames as you choose. As long as they look good I do not care.  ;D
I am willing to offer a reasonable amount of pay for this above work (since it is SUCH a big request). Leave me a comment to volunteer please. If anyone has any questions or needs anything clarified, please feel free to leave me a comment as well.
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14 Responses to Sprite help needed for the project: (UPDATED 04/20/13)

  1. Cristian Ceron says:

    by the way, I’m a begginer but sadly I can only help you in the saturdays, luckly for you I can spend the entire saturday on the project.
    Are you ok with that?

  2. Fernando Felix says:

    hey man, are you using a revision control system like google docs, github or sourceforge?

      • those are original sprites
        animation doesnt take that long for me… the longest part for me is the initial frame
        after that its a matter of few hours… thats why working on already made sprites sounds pretty easy since that implies working on already made frames
        what takes me long is to make background… that forest background took 3-4 days
        and you can add me to msn you have my email..
        if somethings takes me a weeks… then its a pretty big project.

      • Esco says:

        Ok, sounds reasonable, and your work looks outstanding. When is a good time to jump on msn to chat? Please tell what timeframes over the next few days that you will be available.

  3. Alissom says:

    Sorry For My Arrogance Esco I have Send The Wrong Thing
    Here iS The Correct Sprite Sheet

    • Esco says:

      Hmmmmm……….. a good attempt but there are a lot of issues with it. Primarily the depth in the first 2 frames where he is pulling out the knife was removed and it looks flat now. Also the shading looks like pillow shading and the colors are way too bright for sotn. Thanks for attempting it, it’s appreciated but I cannot use it as is unfortunately.

  4. gadesx says:

    lol no, I did some sprites edits after the uppercut move showing movement of the cape, well the last 2 are like the other with changes in the cape

    • Esco says:

      Ah now I see what you mean. But the cape still looks like it is mid motion on the final frame where his fist is still up. It should look like it has completely fallen into place and stopped moving, since he will be in that final pose for quite a few steps/ticks before going to the next one

  5. Irrlinchen says:

    I’ve started work on Pazuzu a while ago but it’s slow, about 50% done now. I can send you what I’ve done so far if you like. Also if you find someone who can finish it faster you can just give him my sprites as a start.
    So far I have done the following :
    – Resize
    – Increased colors
    – plenty of half-done frames and a few finished ones (I’m planning to add at least 40 frames to his animations)

    Also you probably just uploaded the wrong spritesheet, but that Cyclops is the one from HoD, unmodified. The one I made is way more complete and has all of the things you mentioned in the description.

    • Esco says:

      Hey Irrlinchen. I haven’t heard from you in probably a YEAR, so I had no clue what was going on with you, and I of course assumed nothing was being done. This is excellent news and I would like to see what you have so far, but let’s not do that on here. Reply with your msn messenger name and we can chat on there privately please.

      As for the cyclops, thanks for the heads up I updated my pics, but I still need everything I posted man. It is a very nice sprite sheet, but it needs a few tweaks here and there to fit into SOTN. 🙂 I can give you more details on messenger.

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