Alucard & his weapon attacks:

Since my last video was put out I have been diligently hard at work on Alucard’s weapon attacks. Keep in mind that at this time his weapon sets are FINALIZED and the weapon types he will have are:
  1. Knuckles
  2. Knives
  3. Swords
  4. Clubs
  5. Katanas
  6. Spears
  7. Great Swords
So far I have managed to complete all of his knuckle, knife, sword, and club basic animations and attacks (this means the normal ones, not unique ones like the nunchakus, or crissaegrim, etc.). Basically this involves taking one of each weapon type to act as a template, and matching it up with each and every corresponding frame of Alucard’s necessary attack animations.
Tomorrow I will be starting on spears and great swords. Hopefully  I will be able to start on katanas in the next few days (currently only the WEAPON animation for the standing Katana attack is done; please don’t confuse this with Alucard’s katana animations which are finished) but I am waiting on one of my sprite artists who is diligently working hard on it for me (and doing quite a good job I must add).
In the meantime, I can always start on the critical arts for each weapon (every one will have one; some will have two) or some of the more unique weapons.I could also setup his shield/blocking animations, but those are VERY easy to do.
The critical arts are also finalized and are as follows:
  1. Knuckles: multi-fist strike (same as in SOTN)
  2. Daggers: rainbow slash (similar to the holbein dagger but with better damage and range)
  3. Swords: the crissaegrim/valmanway’s attack
  4. Clubs: a move that increases damage, is faster than a normal attack, has slightly more range, and may lowers an enemies defense (animations similar to the star flail/holys rod’s extended range attacks)
  5. Katanas: swirling slashes from SOTN; a fan favorite.
  6. Spear: throws the spear like the old javelin weapon; goes thru multiple enemies and does extra damage
  7. Great Sword: a massive sword attack similar to soma’s same critical art
As stated, some of the better weapons WILL have 2 critical moves.To do critical one, double tap forward and hit the attack button. To do critical art 2, simply HOLD BLOCK while doing the motion (this was changed from the original half circle motion planned to make it easier). These also can be done in the air. So far for secondary critical arts I know that teleport slashes will be present, triple stabs with a spear, thunder beam with a spear, the fist of tulkas’ blue fireball, moon rod’s crescent blasts, etc. etc.Long story short: none of the good and unique stuff will be left out so don’t worry! 🙂
More updates to come on this post as I complete more of his attacks/critical arts. Stay tuned peoples.
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14 Responses to Alucard & his weapon attacks:

  1. Hey, I was looking for an appropriate place to make a request. I have all the sprites to do it, but for the life of me I can’t figure out the animating order of Alucard’s Nunckuku/Tonfa weapon. Do you have a .gif, .png, or .bmp, of this? I’ll even be happy with a messy jpeg. Just any visual example of how this goes together will do. I cannot use youtube for this either. Any help would be really great if you have a minute.

    • Esco says:

      It is a combination of stabbing, and then swinging the sword. However, I will not supply resources from the engine to anyone ahead of everyone else. You can simply download the epsxe emulator, set the video speed to be 10 fps and watch it in game to find out easily. The sprites can be found on

      The alternative is you can wait until I release the source for the next release of the engine and just use mine.

  2. Edwin Obando says:

    Sry I didnt Read the main post cause google drop me in your last post. So Game Maker, this sounds awesome. Good Work…

  3. Shiru says:

    Awesome !! Keep doing the good work ^^ ! And I have some questions !

    “Will Alucard katana’s attack animations be different than SOTN ?? I mean a REAL katana attack animation instead of the default sword attack animation ?”

    Example :

    “What do you mean by : Katanas: swirling slashes from SOTN; a fan favorite ?”

  4. nukesheart says:

    awesome! I’ve been away for a while because of work and when I come back here there are LOTS of progress already! Keep it up! This is going great! 🙂

  5. Gado says:

    now im getting exited, i want to see the great sword animations

  6. Omarzuqo says:

    Thanks for you hard work!
    And don’t forget the land, backdash and dock canceling for advanced players! 😉
    Because you’ll include them, right?

    • Esco says:

      If you are referring to duck canceling as being here you have that one frame window where you can changing from a standing attack to crouching, no it will not be included. It is useless, and actually can cause you to miss an attack. I’m also pretty sure it was a glitch in SOTN, since it has not been included since.

      All the other things you mentioned are present though. 🙂

  7. Julius Belmont says:

    this is fantastic to see there is so much progress already you sir are a genus and i can not want to see the finished product keep up the great work :))

  8. Leon Belmont says:

    Looking good. Keep up the good work! =D

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