6/9/12: A Demo video of Alucard AND his completed form changes!

I think the title speaks for itself; this video shows alucard’s different animations, forms, and also different types of tiles such as jump thru tiles, sitting in a seat, a grate (it turns from purple to blue) and even shows the wolf hopping off candle objects (jars). This is a debugging environment, so the background and room are just very basic, as are the zombie in the screen. Enjoy everyone.


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20 Responses to 6/9/12: A Demo video of Alucard AND his completed form changes!

  1. !!! says:

    Excellent stuff! Loving the improved use of the forms.
    Some requests:

    -Please Make a hard mode.
    -Allow the player to have influence over the growth of stats (attributes) somehow.
    Obviously it needs to be balanced, how about equipment that grants additional permanent boosts per level, example: Ring of Vigor. Every level increase= +1 Strength. Breaks after 5 levels.
    Then reduce the default values per level increase for balancing. It would make the gameplay have more depth, having some extra choice in the growth of Alucard’s power. But there would need to be some way to stop players focusing on one attribute only, such as strength.
    -Please significantly reduce the effectiveness of soul steal. Make it a single projectile you have to manually aim at targets, but if direct hit deals/absorbs damage based on intelligence attribute and magic defense or whatever. Soul steal is ridiculously overpowered.

    Keep up the excellent work. Will be bringing this to people’s attention.

  2. derp derp says:

    Looks awesome. i like the new possibilities for the different forms and especially the wolf dash out of normal form.

    I do think that the mid air wolf dash feels a bit out of place. I think that’s more fitting for the bat form. maybe a short bat dash or a way to cancel the bat dash at any moment?

  3. Max Cavalcante says:

    i had replyed in a old post…sorry…but…i am working with GM and i’m trying to make a Castlevania…and i need to know those scripts to make Alucard turning around+keep walking = animation=2; how can i do it? what script i must to use…i am in a very long time to make this….please…help me……

    • Esco says:

      Not to be rude, but if something like that is taking you a LONG time to figure out, you really need to stop and learn the basics of coding; it is extremely simple. Otherwise there is no way you will ever finish an engine if you cannot do something so small on your own. However there is no quick way to answer your question, because it all depends HOW you coded your movement and controls. But basically you just check when the player goes from left to right, or vice versa and play the animation.

      Other than that, all I can tell you is you will just have to wait like everyone else until I release Alucard’s source code. Which won’t be for a few months since he is still WIP.

      Also………. please do not double post again. I saw your question the first time, no need to ask twice.

  4. Gado says:

    dude i once mentioned on your youtube video if you were gonna add a wolf slide.
    im not sure if you took my suggestion but im really happy you did it

    also (well from here on its just me being a silly fanboy with stupid ideas, and im not sure if you allow this)
    can you by any chance make the hippogryph to work like CoTM/AoS so you don’t have to make the command down and up, it was quite of a hassle for me.

    keep up the good work man

    • e-COS says:

      I think you want to say hiper jump, isn’t it? Anyway, congratulatios for this project Esco. It’s the best castlevania game made in game maker that I’ve saw in my life.

  5. Bigorados says:

    Hey, I was wondering…. the spells…how are you going to do it? like, i don’t have any problems doing Summon Spirit, Hellfire, Dark Metamorphosis, Wing Smash, Wolf Charge, Sword Brothers and Tetra Spirit; but man…… Soul Steal (←→↙ ↓↘←→ + ⇹/O), that was an hell of a command, omfg, like, there was times that i didn’t have patience and just mashed buttons randomly and (not pressing up, bcuz theres not up in Soul Steal) while pressed square, and like magic the spell was executed… you could lower the speed that it needs to be executed or, make like a magic button for example while keeping block button pressed and press X, Circle, Square to activate the magics, just please give it a logical solution to it ~_~

    • Esco says:

      I have actually been pondering this issue myself, but the fact is I have almost ran out of buttons combinations with block. Holding block and hitting attack1, attack2, triangle, circle, L3, R1. That only leaves l1 (change sub), R2 (use invulnerable move, I.E. mist) & R3 (change weapon 2).

      I am not sure what I will do yet. But I will figure something out. Some of them may keep their original motions too.

  6. Claimh says:

    Man, this looks amazing already, but I’m sure you get that a lot. 😉

    There’s only two questions I have to ask.
    1) Is it possible that Alucard could have a different animation for his air backdash? The one he has now looks a little awkward. Though I’m cool either way.
    2) Is the red box that Alucard is inside his hitbox? I’m just curious, since I’ve toyed with game design on a few occasions before but I’ve never known what that box was.

    • Esco says:

      1)He sure can: if you make one, submit it, and I like it. 🙂

      2)It is his hitbox for collision with tile objects only

      • Claimh says:

        1) Alright, I’ll get to work on it sometime if I have the time. But jeez, I have not touched sprites in a while.
        2) Ah, I see. I messed with a program called Stencyl for a while, and that box is there off the bat, and I always wondered what it was, since it didn’t explain that in the tutorial.

      • Esco says:

        YEAH RIGHT, LOL! Nothing personal bro but with that kind of response we both know you won’t be doing SQUAT anytime soon! lol 😉

        As for the hitbox, nowadays most games use 2 hitboxes like I do for platformers. One for collision with tiles, the other for collision with everything else.

  7. meowstick says:

    I’ve been following this project for quite awhile now, and at first i would just check back once in awhile to see if it was done yet. Now i read every post you make and even the tiny details feel like a big deal. I will never look at a well-made game the same way ever again, the time an effort put into it is just amazing. Keep up the good work!

  8. Omarzuqo says:


    I’m SO glad you’re making this. I was very disappointed with the announcement of that dumb Lord of Shadows spinoff for the 3DS instead of a proper Metroidvania. But thanks to you, I have a Castlevania game to look forward to!!!

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!

    By the way, you’ve probably answered this already, but have you considered adding some enemies from other Castlevania games? For example, the zombies from Dawn of Sorrow look much better than the ones from SOTN in my opinion, and the programing is the same, only the sprite changes. It would be great to have many kinds of enemies and not just the same one plateswapped many times.

    • Esco says:

      If an enemy has sprites in SOTN, I will be using the SOTN ones. I will also be adding a few enemies from other games too though. 🙂

      • Inccubus says:

        You know, as far as the zombies are concerned, that might not be such a bad idea. I mean it would be an evolution of the original SotN Zombie concept of having 3 different palettes that show up randomly. I mean logically speaking there no real reason for all the zombies to look exactly the same, right? Plus they have very few animation frames so why not pick a couple of alternate zombie graphics and do 3 random sprites instaed of three random palettes? It would a cool little detail to add.

  9. Derek says:

    You’re done such an admirable job on this project, everything seems so polished. I’ve been trying on and off to recreate a Metroid Zero Mission engine for the hell of it, but these videos have shown that you’re a far better coder than I am at these type of things. I have only one suggestion, the Wolf Form looks kinda odd when it’s super jumping, it doesn’t quite right with the animation you have now. It would look a bit more realistic if he had his paws stretched out, and angled so his body was aiming upward while super jumping.

  10. Justin3009 says:

    I’m quite enjoying what’s becoming of this. It looks just like the original, but plays even better than it did. A very incredible job!

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