Update 6/8/12: The wolf is 100% done!!!! (UPDATED)

I knew it was going to be the HARDEST thing to code before I did it (in 2nd place would be the mist) because of all of the little intricacies involved…. and boy was I right. But at least…. the wolf is almost completely done. So far I have completed the following for him:
  1. All of the angling and arrangement of his pieces when he walks up/down hills (both small and normal size slopes; yes there were 2 kinds), jumps, dashes, etc. is done (god was this hard to figure out).
  2. His idle action is complete, as is walking,crouching,  and jumping. When idle now, he will growl instead of sitting down after a set time (yes it has a new animation). He still will fall off a ledge if his back legs are over empty space like in the original, but it is much easier now to walk forward and keep yourself on the platform if this starts to happen.
  3. The wolf can now double jump AND high jump; these function the same as Alucard’s, except he won’t stick to the roof. Meaning no more low jumps like in the original, and no more of that annoying having to hold up and hit jump to get a descent height jump.
  4. The wolf can still dash, and it will start up quicker now. You can also turn around, and you will keep dashing (though when you turn you will have to speed up again; this is different than  in the original where you would just start walking and have to double tap again). If he hits a slope now, he will follow it, instead of jumping off the ledge like in the original (which was VERY annoying). However, his top dashing speed is now significantly slower, though it is still VERY quick, and invulnerable at top speed. If you crouch while dashing you stop much quicker now too. You can also jump/double jump during this, and as long as you don’t change to moving in the opposite direction, you don’t lose speed or invulnerability. If he rams into a wall at top speed, he will bounce back, and cannot take action until he lands, rather than changing back to Alucard..
  5. He can still use his wolf charge special in wolf form (which takes MP and is done by holding blocking and hitting attack1; this is the same as richter’s frenzy whip special in the demo), and if you hold forward afterwards, you will keep dashing at top speed after it ends. He can also wolf charge IN THE AIR NOW!
  6. Besides his bite attack (which is much quicker now with better range), he can also use a howling attack that takes hearts. This uses his old sitting animation, and a new head one. Howling lasts until the echo ends (about 2 seconds), starts fast, and the animation is about half a second long. Howling will destroy all projectiles that appear on screen while it is still echoing and the wave effect is on screen. This is very useful since the wolf has NO shield. When howling a wave like ripple effect is made over and over while the move is in effect
  7. The wolf controls much less stiffer now, and overall moves much faster, and is much more fun, and very powerful to use. He is also excellent in the air, and does not feel clunky, and heavy like in the original game.
  8. The effect where you change to and from the wolf is done!
  9. A new stomping move his been added; by pressing down+jump near an enemy or candle, you will bounce off of them, doing very minor damage. This acts like the dive kick in that after doing this, if you have the leap stone you can then double jump again. This can be used to bounce from object to object in mid air.
The only things left to do for the wolf are his change to wolf/change from wolf effect (which since I have the one for changing to and from bat already will be relatively easy), his pain animation (which won’t be done until I do the rest of Alucard’s), the “wave effect” for his howl, and his version of a dive kick (a move where can he can jump off enemies and candles, but doesn’t dive downward basically).
Besides that, that means the only things left to do for Alucard himself are:
  1. All his animations for his various weapon type attacks (relatively easy; I just need to put in frame speeds. Aligning the weapons with the animations is very simple; the weapon animations themselves will be done later).
  2. Spells (hellfire and dark inferno are simple, as is dark metamorphosis. Summon/tetra spirit may be time consuming to get the effect perfect. Soul steal WOULD be simple if I used the original one, but I plan to use an effect similar to in castlevania HD so it maaaaaaaaay be slightly time consuming)
  3. His pain animations (easy; though the petrified one may be a nuisance)
  4. Death animations (simple too)
  5. Sub weapons (simple; but will take time to do the various levels of each and effects)
  6. Status effects (relatively simple; the colored overlays may just take some time to perfectly duplicate in GM)
  7. Familiars (this one will take time and involve me figuring out the AI for each; but it’s not that serious honestly. Just time consuming to do them all.).
Though the above list looks long, the majority is done, and the worst things are over (the mist and wolf; oh thank god!). Hopefully I will be able to put out another video sometime in the near future showing the wolf, mist, and bat in action.
Stay tuned for more updates peoples, and thanks to everyone who has shown their support recently! Though I do not reply to many comments, I do see each and every compliment that I get, and it is always good to get support on my hard work!
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12 Responses to Update 6/8/12: The wolf is 100% done!!!! (UPDATED)

  1. EinTrigger says:

    Always a pleasure to see some sick progress, Esco. After seeing what was going on at E3, I’m way more excited for this hack than any of the new CV games coming out this year! Keep it up!

    • Esco says:

      The sad part is while I am actually looking forward to both new games (ESPECIALLY LOS 2), I am looking forward to working on this engine even more. To date, no one has quite gotten making a 2d platformer for the current generation right IMHO, which is sad. And it’s all due to the developing companies being too cheap and lazy to do the job they know they should do and aspire to a greater level of quality. 😦

  2. Bigorados says:

    Dominating, Unstoppable, Godlike, Legendary,and here goes an suggestion, you could make the wolf dash like, instead of pressing 2 times a direction (→→ / ←←) could be holding down a button and then press any direction to dash .-.

    • Esco says:

      Not a bad suggestion, but the motion itself would seem unnatural to many people, and there is also the possibility of someone hitting attack and holding it down just slightly too long while walking and accidentally causing them self to dash. That could cause a problem and annoy people.

  3. ltior says:

    masomenos cuando lo lanzaras para descargar a y ponle modo boss rush

  4. chronic says:

    cant wait, these updates are great

  5. Inccubus says:

    Great work as always. The speed at which you’re working basically on your own is impressive. I have only one thing I’d love for you to add to Al’s wolf form if it isn’t too much trouble. Please, for the love of all that is holy, give him a palette that at least resembles a real wolf. Making him purple was stupid and pointless. It’s not like there’s a similar wolf enemy in the game that you might confuse yourself for.

    PS- I’ll be getting Game Maker Studio in the very near future since it’s been officially released. And that other thing I told you before I was working on that I was keeping on the down low? It’s done and and I’m ready to start working on commercial stuff as soon as I get GMS.

    • Esco says:

      Glad to hear it, and congrats my friend!

      I am open to palette suggestions on the wolf. I would need to see an image of the palette used on him, to know if it would fit needs or not though. 🙂

      • Inccubus says:

        I’ll grab a couple of frames and recolor. I’ll send you the suggestions on CVDF in a PM later.

  6. J dawg says:

    I’m amazed and impressed with all your progress – you’re not just reproducing something (which was already great), you’re improving it tremendously! Bravo!

    • Esco says:

      I appreciate that. I figured that just remaking the game, while a difficult chore, would not be ANYTHING for anyone else to get excited over. And there were always a LOT of thing in SOTN that I felt were not balanced right, or explored to their full potential. So I decided to fix those issues now that I can and add a lot of new fun surprises to the game. 🙂

  7. Nicolas says:

    😦 I couldn’t understand you very well because I don’t speak english, but I say CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, you’re a genius for doing this, I hope you can make it and the game was ready to play soon. I want to play it in your version xDxDxD.

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