Update: 5/21/12 – First normal enemy’s AI has been coded!

It’s been a little bit, so I figured I would make a quick update here. I got sick for about 2 weeks there, so I wasn’t able to work on the engine during that time. However, I did make a bit of progress during the rest of the time:

  1. The mist form for Alucard is completely done; this includes the normal version, extended version, and gas version.
  2. The basic framework for the relics system has now been implemented for Alucard.
  3. I have begun work on the wolf form. So far he can walk, jump, double jump, dash, crouch, and fall off ledges. I  also began working on getting his body pieces to angle properly when going up/down slopes, but I am currently waiting on an answer to a question I have with this on the GM forums before I can proceed. The good news is that I figured out HOW it was done in the original game, and just need to reproduce/improve on it in GM now. I also figured out how to tell the wolf when he is walking on and off a slope, and thus should start changing the angle of the body pieces.
  4. A good number of bugs were fixed in the engine.
  5. I put the finishing touches on the control rewrite for the engine as well (not sure if I already mentioned this in a previous post… but whatever).
  6. Alucard and Old Richter’s entire AI (ALL of the scripts) were rewritten. They are now much easier to read, manage, and edit. This was a massive rewrite, but it was well worth it.
  7. Particle scripts were also rewritten for both characters. The dust particles when stopping/landing hard/etc. now look much more like the ones in SOTN, and the code is also much easier to modify now

I also coded the AI for the first actual enemy: the Zombie. It will now turn around after a set time if the player jumps over it, rather than just brainlessly walking in one direction. It has been coded so that it can be spawned in one of 3 ways:

  1. It can be setup to rise from the ground as soon as it is within a screen’s range of the player (letting you create a legion of zombies around you, or above/below the player as a trap, mostly with the spawner.).
  2. It can be setup to rise when the player is ONLY within a certain x distance from it. In this case, the zombie will also only rise if the player is within a certain y distance as well (these can be used to “surprise” the player unexpectedly).
  3. A zombie spawner can also be made; this lets you specify how many to make, how often to make them, and what is the farthest left and right they can pop up. You can also specify the MAX you want it to have active at once.  And it won’t make more than that # on screen at a time. The spawner also counts how many zombies it created that you killed. So if you kill 20 and it is set to make 20, it won’t make anymore. If you want it to make an unlimited # just set it to -1. This eliminates the need to have multiple spawn spots in a flat room (unlike the original SOTN).

With these 3 options, I (or anyone who uses my engine) can setup some pretty NASTY traps, with just zombies alone if they wanted to. I also setup an object that will disable all active enemy spawners if the player touches it. This can also be helpful in quite a few cases.

Hopefully the next time I update, the wolf will be done, and I will be able to put up a video of him in action. Along with a few more enemies (skeleton and blood skeleton are on my immediate list).

Stay tuned for more updates.

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7 Responses to Update: 5/21/12 – First normal enemy’s AI has been coded!

  1. Martin says:

    esco thank you so much for doing this i know everyone here really appreciates all the hard work you are putting into this game and i know when it is finally finished i will be one of the first ones lined up to play it 🙂

  2. nicolas says:

    my english is poor, i speal spanish but I’ll try… I hope you can make it Esco, I love this game and I’d like to play yours. I’d like you to create the two areas that don’t appear in play station version (secret garden and I don’t know the other area’s name). please let us know when you have done it. sigue asi y exitos!!!

  3. gadesx says:

    Well fistly its finish the game, but you though about add more areas later? Its will be cool see some areas based in other CV titles.

  4. Leonmuse says:

    Hey Esco, i follow this process for a while now, and after having played Castlevania III, i have to ask you if you plan on putting the Blood Skeleton with the Whip from that game. If you’re planning on doing so, you could put him in one of the two Sega Saturn areas so that the PSX were kept untouched, but you know what you want, so… Just a suggestion, that would be great. Good luck with the work, and please don’t stop this, i’m sure we all will love the final thing

    • Esco says:

      I have considered putting a whip skeleton in; but with as many enemies as I already have I probably won’t. Good question though.

  5. Omarzuqo says:

    It sucks that you were sick, I hope you’re all good now.

    I must say, it’s remarkable that you worked on the game despite bing sick. I cannot thank you enough.

  6. Dengo says:

    smart moves !!!! you esco is the man

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