Demo Video of WIP Alucard:

Like the title says, this is a demo video of my progress thus far on Alucard:

Consider this my way of saying thanks to all of my patient fans. He has all of his basic moves and some advanced ones. Here is a list of some of the thing shown:

  • Idling/Posing when hitting up
  • Walking
  • Crouching
  • Jumping (including walking off the edge of a ledge and still have the small window to do the initial jump)
  • Double Jumping
  • High Jumping
  • Backstep(ground, air, and ex version)
  • Dive Kick (straight down and diagonal)
  • Sitting in chairs (both versions)
  • Slide (wolf charge)
  • Wing Smash (new version and the ex version in bat form)
  • A complete bat form (including all movement, bat fire, and bat echo)
  • All of his little intricate poses and nuances (I.E. stand on the edge of a ledge, changing from jumping straight up to forward and vice versa, etc)
  • A quick view of water with it’s included particles and effects.
  • Sound effects including many new ones (note: none of the sounds for alucard’s voice itself are included yet)

Keep in mind that since this is just a demo video, there is no HUD, it is done in a debugging room, and there is an invisible slope as well. Also Alucard has a pink and green coloring to his cloak for testing purposes. However, all of the necessary effects, trails, particles, overlays, etc are present for each move.

As you can all hopefully see, he is much more fast paced and mobile now, both as Alucard, and as a bat. I have designed the controls in a way that you can easily now do one move after another. For example. doing a double jump, followed by a wing smash, then high jump, then an air backstep, changing to a bat, doing a wing smash ex, then cancelling it after a half second, and dive kicking is very simple to do.

Next up I will be working on mist form, and wolf form, and then spells. Thanks for all of the support everyone and I hope you all enjoy the video.

EDIT: I apparently left out 2 things which will be corrected today. Thanks to those who pointed it out; THEY HAVE NOW BEEN CORRECTED!

  • the dust for the backstep was not included
  • Wign Smash ex comes to an instant halt when it’s done; it should come to a halt gradually instead
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7 Responses to Demo Video of WIP Alucard:

  1. EinTrigger says:

    I’m feelin’ rigid…

    Looks AMAZING, my friend. I’m so glad to see you still working hard at this. Alucard looks mobile, agile, and hostile in this build, and I like it! This is shaping up to be the closest thing to a sequel we may ever get for SOTN, and it looks GREAT!

  2. 8mike8 says:

    That must have taken you a very long time. Nicely done! I’m liking the looks of the bat.

  3. Inccubus says:

    Nice, dude! Looks like just with what you have it will be a new experience.
    One thing I noticed what that you have the bat shriek when it flies up like in the original. I have a suggestion since you’re having the bat fly by pressing jump. Kill the shriek. That will get annoying really fast. I suggest using the shriek for the echo of bat ability instead.
    Anyway, cheers on the amazing progress!

    • Esco says:

      Actually I did one better; there is only a 1/2 chance he will let out a sound now when jump is hit to propel you upward as a bat AND that is only if the sound is not already playing. This way it doesn’t get annoying. 🙂

  4. buttersoft says:

    Hey Esco,

    Long time and no posting for me, but i’m still following this, and it’s great to see the changes you’ve made!

  5. Omarzuqo says:


  6. nukesheart says:

    Programming wise. \m/

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