All about Alucard’s bat form (edited on 4/4):

I recently begun working on the bat form for Alucard. However, while using the EXACT AI for it from SOTN would be easy, I decided against this. The fact is that in SOTN the bat mode is not very balanced in the least. It allows you to do MANY game breaking things, yet in itself is cumbersome to move around in and attack with. There is also much wasted potential with it, as there aren’t many areas with obstacles or things designed specifically towards bat mode.

With that being said here is a list of things being done to the bat (anything in red STILL needs to be done):

  • It now moves faster overall
  • It has a smaller hitbox.
  • The bat now functions similar to the raven in bloodrayne. By this statement I mean that once in bat mode, hitting jump will make you fly upward some, after which the bat will be affected by gravity and start to fall. To stay in the air, keep tapping jump.
  • It costs 10 MP (this amount may change) to turn into a bat; when turning to and from bat mode you are NOT invulnerable. If while turning into a bat you are hit, you are knocked out of the transformation.
  • When changing out of bat mode, you cannot turn into a bat again, or high jump, air backdash, jump,Β  double jump, or wing smash afterward until Alucard has landed again.You can still dive kick though.
  • A walking animation is needed for when the bat is on the ground. If anyone wants to make one, feel free to message me.
  • Being in bat mode does NOT drain anymore MP. Instead you have a meter that gradually empties with time, when you are NOT attacking with bat fire or bat echo. When it runs out, you change back. Passing certain unique objects in the air will refill this meter in bat mode.
  • Getting hit in bat mode does 33% more damage to you, but will NOT knock you out of it.
  • Bat echo can now be used from the start; when using it you stop in place and let out the attack. The closer an enemy is to you, the more damage the attack does. The dark room effect from the original game will probably not be used, only because it would be annoying to maneuver blindly threw a room with such a fast moving bat.
  • Bat fire must be found, and lets you spit a powerful, fast, full screen fireball that explodes on contact, but cost hearts to use. It can also be made to explode manually by hitting the button again after firing it.Β  If you have the bat familiar on, they will spit tiny fireballs too. It stops you in place when fired, but you recover very fast from using it.
  • Wing smash in bat mode still costs 10 MP, but goes further, hits more, and is faster. When done you change back to Alucard.

If I think of more things to add to this list as time goes on, I will do so, in addition to updating my progress on the bat.

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8 Responses to All about Alucard’s bat form (edited on 4/4):

  1. David says:

    LOL, I can’t test your bat code without the hitbox object! XD And it’s “action” scripts. The variables that are referenced in the code I need. But i’ma try to do something of my own then..

    • Esco says:

      All that it references is whether to point the sprite right, or reverse it to the left, and also makes it follow the hitbox. That is all those references to hitbox vars do. You don’t need it really otherwise and I cannot send that object to you. It would requires sending too many other things. πŸ™‚

  2. David says:

    I added you but…. I’m trying to stay online as much as possible to catch you, i was on for 14 hours >.> .Catch you later >.<

  3. Inccubus says:

    I think it’s a great decision. The new mechanics will breath new life into the game and open up possibilities for some new content just for the new bat form. One thing that might be cool is to have a couple hidden areas added to existing area that require the use of the new bat form to navigate. Anyway. Cheers to the new bat.

  4. Simon.b. says:

    I think these changes are way too much. There was nothing wrong with the way the bat controlled. How are you supposed to get through levels like the spiked room when gravity affects bat form? It’s damn near impossible and just stupid.

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