Progress log for Alucard (last updated on 4/7/12):

What’s going on peoples? This blog post will be used to document my current progress on Alucard.
Although I already had to do a good amount of the movement engine itself for the intro stage, the fact is that it was my first time coding something like that. So suffice to say, it was a bit messy and there was room for improvement (anybody who looked at the code would agree). What I have done is taken pieces from my former code, and reorganized it much more, and recoded several bits to make it easier to find things, and just make the code easier to read in general and more efficient.
Alucard is a very intricate character, and it is amazing how many nuances, and animations he has for just specific things. So far here is what is done for Alucard:


  • Mist form completed; this includes changing into it, movement, particles, primitives, warping, etc. All that is left is some minor fine tuning. Video to follow in the next day or so.


  • Put in dust particles for when alucard starts walking, backsteps on the ground, or comes to a sudden stop
  • Corrected wing smash ex to come to a gradual halt instead of a sudden one
  • Fixed an issue where surfaces were not aligned with the alucard sprite when he was rotated.


  • Completed the bat fire attack as well as the “manual” explosion ability for it
  • Tweaked bat controls some
  • Completed wing smash in bat form and particles
  • Completed the 2 overlays used for it when transforming, and wing smashing
  • Fixed issue with player trails not looking correct when sliding
  • Modified the “trails” left by alucard to change from transparent white to blue like in the original SOTN.
  • Added in several new sound effects


  • Completed the bat echo effect (talk about a pain in the ass!)
  • Completed the AI for when bat echo is used
  • Completed the bat’s controls
  • Completed form change from bat BACK to alucard


  • Removed Alucard’s dash; he instead now walks quite a bit faster (or dashes constantly, however you want to see it)
  • Walking up a slope no longer slows you down like in the original game (this was just annoying)
  • If you walk off the edge of a ledge you no longer move less horizontally then a normal jump (another VERY annoying thing in SOTN)
  • Completed his wing smash special
  • Completed the ex version of his backstep (goes slightly further and faster, costs MP and is invulnerable for a short time)
  • Completed his form change from alucard into bat, including the unique special effect
  • Started on the bat’s controls themselves
  • Created a white overlay effect


  • Tweaked and improved upon the dash even more
  • Fixed a few small bugs
  • Completed his sit and church sit actions (sitting in chairs)


  • All bat animations have been coded into GM
  • All wolf fragments and their animations have been coded into GM
  • Alucard’s slide from Castlevania HD (my first true sprite with multiple pieces to it).
  • Alucard’s Backstep
  • Alucard’s Air Backstep
  • Alucard’s Backstep Ex. (an invulnerable version of the normal one that costs MP to use)
  • Alucard’s Dash
  • Alucard’s Dashing Jump
  • Dive kick is now angled straight down, or at an angle based on whether you choose to go straight down or not.
  • Various bug fixes.


  • All normal Alucard animations (not bat or wolf ones) have been encoded into GM
  • The cloak has been colored in a way that will allow me to enable multi-color support for it
  • Standing idle normally and standing idle near an edge/on a slope (yes he actually has a unique animation for both scenarios)
  • Preparing to throw a sub weapon by holding up (he has one for flat surfaces, and also one for when near an edge/on a slope)
  • Walking
  • Coming to a sudden stop(he has one for flat surfaces, and also one for when near an edge/on a slope here too)
  • Turning Around (he has an animation for this action)
  • Crouching & Standing up from it
  • Falling (including the ability to still jump during the first frame of this animation)
  • Jumping (forward and straight up; both have unique animations)
  • Double Jumping
  • Changing from jumping up to jumping forward in mid-air, and vice versa (yes, these also have unique animations)
  • High Jumping, including landing on the ceiling for a second
  • Landing normally and hard landing (occurs whenever vspd >= 7)
  • Dive kicking (this can now be done after a single jump with no leap stone on, or after the 2nd one with it on; so you start the game with it in other words)
Next up, I plan on working on the wolf mode, as well as the mist transformation, followed by spells.

Stay tuned for more updates as progress continues!

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19 Responses to Progress log for Alucard (last updated on 4/7/12):

  1. Gokajern says:

    So, why was the dash added and then removed?

    • Esco says:

      Because tapping forward forward constantly gets annoying fast, and also slows the pace of the game down. Versus just walking fast normally. It allows the enemies to move and react quicker, and makes things more exciting. If you have doubts go play one of the touhouvanis and see for yourself.

  2. David says:

    The networking things are just an idea. I want to talk about a standard development approach to things like sprite position and animation. And i would like to ask for mentoring in 3d rendering. Specifically how you either copied or recreated that flying spiral behind transformed Dracula. I have closely recreated the spiral in the background behind death in the prelude. My progress has been brought to a standstill cause when i got the 3d stuff to appear right my origin went somewhere else and my 2d images did a 180 about the x-axis. GameMaker probably does these too but if you can me i can help you.

  3. David says:

    I googled 3d model rips and found this. And I really want to talk to you. I recently started a similar project in Python. Sotn. Multiplayer! . Kinda like Harmony of Despair except more like SotN. I have half of Alucard done. world collision 75% done. I’m having to build my engine as i go too. I just got the 3d perspective to work. I’m drawing all my stuff with OpenGL. I’m ganna be using a SDL type module for sounds I’m currently using it for joysticks. I’ve hit c++ got my opengl thing to start but i couldn’t figure out how to load an image and gave up. I’ve seen GameMaker but I didn’t think it was a good place for me to go. Python syntax spoils you. Contact me. As to Troll status(I’m 19 and this request is real). I hope we can help each other out. I’d give a link but i don’t want everyone to see it. I have more i could say but… end

    • Esco says:

      Ok…. in what ways could you assist me please? 🙂

      • David says:

        I can talk about techniques in doing all kinds of things. And things that i have theorized that i haven’t gotten to yet. In helping you specifically because i know how code works i may be able to give you suggestions. For example. Game maker probably does this for you but. I converted my game from frame based to time based. Time based measurements in general. How to manage textures, you probably have that covered. I think it would be cool if we made our games relate to each other. If you can get your game to send a string through a TCP or UDP socket for example they can network. I feel that we could collaborate something cool together. I have 2 artists that are going help me make original content. I’m trying to say that i can’t brainstorm possibility’s until I know where you stand. Your knowledge base, Problems you’ve had, Ideas for the game. I would like to talk in some kind of voice conference if we could schedule something…I think i CAN help. I would like to meet for a detailed explanation of the ways we could collaborate. I would like to use a voice meduim if at all possible. I prefer Skype. Hope this can go somewhere. ttyl

      • Esco says:

        Hey David, sorry but I do not use video conferencing. But if you want to talk, send me your MSN screen name and I will write you. 🙂

        As for mentoring you in 3d sorry but I know nothing about 3d in general. The black hole was made for, and all of the code associated with it can be found in the source code. Look for the black hole 3d object and use it as you want.

        As for collaboration, while I am willing to accept your help, I should make it clear that is what I am looking for: help with my project. As selfish as it sounds I do not have time to help anyone else with theirs, other than offering you the option to use any of my own code, objects, sounds, etc. I know that sounds a little bad it is the truth. It also honestly sounds like your are a more skilled and experienced coder than myself. Still I think we should take some. 🙂

      • David says:

        I wasn’t hoping for a video chat, just voice. I hate typing so much. But ya if i am more experience then I’ll help i was expecting the other way around. I also stopped using msn cause its a memory hog but i’ll get it. Another reason i like voice chat is i can continue working without having to type. Like Code :P. Spring breaking JUST hit and I’ve got a codethon brewing. **CENSORED** on msn. Hope to see you there soon. BTW there is voice chat on msn too ^.-

      • Esco says:

        Ok, I sent you an invite on msn messenger.

  4. Hentai says:

    Hey Esco I’ve been following your hack for a long time. Anyway its a minor thing but I really used to think it was a cool effect, the blue aura around subweapons after they drop from a candle. Could you possibly add it back in? Thanks

  5. Simon.b. says:

    How about this. The ability to throw your sword/knife/weapon and pick it up again. Once you throw it it’s outlined in green so you know it’s something you can pick up or something like that.

  6. luciano says:

    buen trabajo..saludos

  7. 8mike8 says:

    I was thinking about save spots and consequences for dying. Will you be applying a respawn function that will allow you to retain all of your experience, items, etc upon death and just start back at the last save point, or will you literally lose everything after the last time you saved?

    I was also wondering if you were going to put save points close to bosses, elminating a tedious trek back to them if you die, or were you going to do it hardcore DarkSouls style, putting them a bit of a distance back to the boss room?

  8. antoniobn says:

    The Gemini idea is great…

  9. Omarzuqo says:

    Seems like alot of tedious work.

    I can’t thank you enough for doing this.

  10. Gemini says:

    I was thinking something about water surfaces. Instead of going the original route (i.e. damage zone) why don’t you reprogram them in a similar way to Order of Ecclesia? I mean, they could still damage Alucard, but also prevent him from going underwater (the underground cave doesn’t allow you to explore much of its bottoms anyways until you get the Holy Symbol). You could be implementing this as an extra scenario for the possibly new areas in the castle, like an underwater section (example: sunken ghost ship). I suppose this would add so much depth to the original gameplay and create brand new situations for the players.

    • Esco says:

      That’s a funny coincidence that you mention that bro, because I was planning to do exactly that. Great minds definitely think alike man!

    • Cass says:

      Great suggestion from Gemini, and it’s great to know it’ll probably be used. This “surface swimming” looks much more realistic and adventurous-like, besides it makes the Holy Symbol (which is a weird name for a Snorkel) look like a greater improvement. And on top of that, there are the brand new situations Gemini mentioned, like, let’s say, long courses in which the player, unable to attack, must avoid bats or frozen shades that stalk at him with cautious swimming. Gameplay improvement at it’s best.

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