Update 2/7/12: Item and Dialogue Text (updated on 2/11/12)

Sorry for the wait peoples, but real life has been beckoning. 😀 Over the last few days I have been tirelessly working away at getting the text names and descriptions for all of the items, weapons, armor, sub weapons, spells, relics, abilities, etc. done in the hack. I have finally completed them and I can tell you now that it took over 460 lines to do! Believe when I say most of you have NO IDEA how much stuff is truly in this game, until you have to sit down and do the actual text for it. -_-;
I have also been working on completing the text for the dialogue; this in itself is another pain in the ass as I have to not only do the English PSP text, but also the Japanese, and original PSX text. Not to mention putting in line breaks when needed, breaking the dialogue into its separate parts, and making sure that my punctuation is game accurate as well. In the PSX version in fact I actually had to CORRECT punctuation and capitalization errors. Sadly a simple copy and paste doesn’t work here, since all of the scripts I have found online for any of the SOTN versions seem to be missing things. So I am relegated to looking at youtube videos to ensure that my text is 100% accurate.
…………………….. is that slightly indicative of an OCD? Perhaps….. but it also guarantees GOOD and ACCURATE results! 😉
At this point I have to still do the dialogue for the center of the 1st AND 2nd castle, the dialogue when the orb is broken in the Richter battle, the dialogue for the 2nd Death meeting, and the dialogue for the two best endings. So THANKFULLY I seem to have gotten most of it out of the way. But believe me when I say that doing it is HEADACHE inducing work. And I haven’t even TOUCHED the text for enemies yet….. **SIGH**
Anyways, I’m off to take a Management test at the University, and then I will be back to work on it more. Stay tuned.
UPDATE: The dialogue text for all 3 languages is DONE! 480+ lines…. good god. Next up: enemy names and descriptions for the bestiary. **SIGH** the suffering continues. -_-;
UPDATE: 70% of the text for the enemy names and descriptions is now done. There will be about 15-20 new enemies/mid bosses/bosses now. I will be finishing the rest of the text tomorrow then starting on Alucard’s movement engine. More updates to come.
FINAL UPDATE: The enemies text is all done; now I am moving on to Alucard’s movement engine.


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12 Responses to Update 2/7/12: Item and Dialogue Text (updated on 2/11/12)

  1. maikson says:

    Put something in the alucard engine, Moonwalk shoes. Desciption: Walk like a master
    Effect: moonwalk like michael jackson

    Lol, just kidding :p

  2. Jackson says:

    I want, very want, to play this game hacked. I crazy for Castlevania!!!
    I admire you for your work. It’s a nice work.

  3. Excellent! I’ve been keeping a close eye on your progress and I’m always impressed. Remember, you need any more audiowork done, just let me know and I’ll slap it on the top of my priorities. :3

  4. Gokajern says:

    Your progress is frighteningly fast. I’m afraid to say “keep it up”. I guess it makes more sense to say “looking forward to more” Cheers!

  5. Lelygax says:

    Good work, but dont to forget to rest when needed, ok? xD

  6. 8mike8 says:

    Excellent job dude!

  7. antoniobn says:

    Great job!
    Up the SotN from Brazil…

  8. Inccubus says:

    I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been working on an excel spreadsheet for over a year that compiles data on all the different jobs from the entire Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest games while simultaneously reconciling differences in game engines. So cheers to your dedication, my friend! Huzzah!!

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