Update 2-1-12: Working on Alucard and info on him (updated as needed).

Wussup peoples! Sorry about the lack of updates, but with the demo of the hack and source code out, I am now hard at work again! This time, I have begun putting Alucard’s graphics into the game; while this does not sound like a HUGE task, it actually is. Besides the usual nuances when putting in over a 50-100 sprites, all of the sheets I found on the internet from SOTN for him had his cape colored the EXACT same shades of black as his body. This created a huge issue for me, since unlike in SOTN, game maker does NOT have palette support. Meaning without the cape being a unique set of colors I would not be able to easily and efficiently have different colored cloaks. I have found a way around this now, but it involved me re-ripping the gfx from SOTN myself from in game with the josephs cloak on. A time consuming process in itself; not counting the time it took to make sure I got all the frames from each animation, aligning them, setting hit boxes, etc. But this also ensured that my animations would also be 95-99% identical to the original SOTN.
But getting past these boring technicalities, more importantly was the fact that I had to figure out what new features and tweaks would be implemented for Alucard himself. I mean let’s face it: the Castlevania franchise has become stagnant, and SOTN itself is over 15 years old. Some changes have to be made to make the game more fun, more interesting, more challenging, and to balance it out in general. The problem with this is that at the same time I want to keep the things that made the game great and made it SOTN in tact as well. Or this whole project would become POINTLESS, lol. Although I am aware that it is impossible to satisfy everyone, I also wanted to do my best to keep in the things that the majority of fans out there like, and make sure that my changes improved on the game, and did not detract from it. But the bottom line is that Alucard just had too much stuff before, and didn’t use 75% of it. While Richter & Maria definitely needed more options.
With that being said, here are a list of some features and changes planned for Alucard specifically (NOTE: that some of this stuff may not be final, and that things will be tweaked and balanced as needed):
  1. Alucard’s weapon sets will include the following:
    • Fists
    • Knives
    • Swords (there is only one short sword type here; the rest are the longer types)
    • Clubs
    • Spears
    • Great Swords (DOS/POR version of them; yes the animations are already done for Alucard)
    • Katanas (act similar to a mix of the original 2 handed swords, & katanas from DOS; but improved upon. Also uses new Alucard animations that are already done)
  2. Shields will still be used for blocking. However there is much more to them now:
    • There is now a shield meter that decreases every time you block based on what attacks hit it. This meter restores only with time.
    • If your shield is knocked off due to the meter emptying from something hitting it, the shield is disabled for a short time. Then the meter begins restoring as normal.
    • Shields have greater durability meter length wise as the game progresses, but otherwise do not effect stats at all.
    • All shields found in the 2nd half of the game do attack damage too (dark shield, skull shield, medusa shield, fire shield, alucard shield).
    • Shield spells will NOT be used for Alucard; THIS IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE AND ANY COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS ON THIS SUBJECT WILL BE ERASED! Sorry but at this time I cannot discuss this further other than to say someone else will use them. Just trust me when I say I know how this sounds to some, but I love these spells and still plan to include them in the game. 🙂
  3. Alucard will have a slide; it will be the one from Castlevania HD.
  4. Alucard WILL have a dash; yes I know for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time I said I would never give him one. But no one wants to spend 20 minutes getting from one side of the castle to another. The fans win on this one! 🙂
  5. The high jump costs no MP; but can only be used once now until landing again, and is not invincible
  6. Form changing will be different:
    • The bat and wolf will both be made much more versatile and useful.
    • While bat/wolf form changing will no longer be invulnerable, getting hit in either mode, will not change you back to Alucard. If hit while transforming however, you do turn back to normal. Also wing smashing into a wall will drain your bat’s meter a bit (see below for info on meters) but doesn’t change you back.
    • The bat has a dash; the wolf still runs as always.
    • The bat and mist will both be less abuse-able.
    • Bat fire is much cheaper mp wise now, is faster, and does more damage.
    • Bat echo does more damage now but you are stopped in place while using it.
    • The wolf is now offensively much more powerful, and can jump normal height and double jump, walks faster, has a hit AND cut element attack.
    • Wolf charge, and Wing smash will be useable while still in Alucard’s normal form.
    • In mist form, the longer you stay as mist the more MP it uses
    • Changing to bat or wolf in itself costs mp, but doesn’t drain mp after.
    • All 3 form changes have a meter:
      1. for the mist the longer you stay mist, more MP you use.
      2. For the bat it is how long you can stay as a bat, and decreases with time.
      3. For the wolf it decreases each time you get hit and MAY also decrease slowly over time.
    • The bat will have areas designed for specifically it’s use now to get thru them; there will be no form change time limit in these cases.
  7. The back dash will be made more useful on the ground, and MAY also be useable in the air now.
  8. Sub weapons now level up, which may add new effects & abilities (ex. boomerang can become flaming boomerang). You can also carry ALL of them at once, and can switch between them by tapping a button. However, Alucard no longer has MOST of Richter’s sub weapons. The ones planned for him right now are:
    • Yagyu shuriken (acts similar to a dagger)
    • Shuriken (POR version)
    • Boomerang (acts similar to a cross)
    • Bwaka Knife
    • Pentagram (inflicts dark at first, and eventually dark/curse/stone; hits all enemies, costs low mp. Mostly used to inflict a status effect)
    • Holy Water
    • Stopwatch
    • Dynamite (upgrades to TNT with huge blast effect)
    • Bible
  9. A new spell: black lightning; it is similar to Shanoa’s lightning bolt attack that arcs a thunderbolt towards enemies.
  10. Old spells have been tweaked:
    • Summon spirit: no longer freezes the action now, and goes directly at the enemy. It can be used in the air too.
    • Hellfire can be cast without teleporting or with it; same for dark inferno. When teleporting you can make it longer or shorter time wise.
    • Dark inferno is acquired as a separate spell from hellfire, and does much more damage.
    • Tetra Spirit: much higher damage now
    • Dark metamorphosis: heals for much less now but it is % based off max hp. Each enemy will only bleed a certain # of times when hit. It also slightly boosts your STR and lasts a LONG time.
    • Soul steal: has a new effect now; won’t hit candles, projectiles or non enemy objects. Only hits a certain # of times then ends. Heals for less hp (% based off max hp also). Some enemies MAY be immune to this. Does dark damage.
    • Sword Brothers: does holy damage, can only be used once sword familiar has reached a certain level. Eventually can be charged up for more damage
    • Wolf charge & Wing Smash: can be used as Alucard or a wolf.
    • NOTE: some spells will even improve as you level up Alucard
  11. Familiar changes up the ying yang. For one thing, they gain levels quicker now, but gain them from SP which are given by killing enemies. There is also a cap on their levels based on Alucard’s level (no more overpowering them by grinding early) also. By level 50 though they can all reach level 99.
    • Fairy: has 2 modes: auto potion on and off modes. In off mode will not use potions, high potions or super potions. Can boost resistance to elements or your basic stats for a short time if you find the right items. Costs 1 MP per second to have active. Much more useful familiar now. BIG NOTE: you no longer need the fairy on now to use the death doll (used to be called the life apple)
    • Bat: costs 2 MP each time it attacks with it’s charge. When Alucard is in bat mode, the fireballs shot by the bat familiars are smaller, and do less damage than the normal one
    • Ghost: costs ? MP each time it attacks; does dark & curse damage. Randomly drains a soul from an enemy that heals a small % of your Health.
    • Devil: costs varying MP based on which attack it uses. Can use normal mode, fire, ice, lit, or dark mode.
    • Sword Familiar: Has 2 modes of attack you can set: slice or slash mode. Does holy damage eventually in addition to cut. Learns sword brothers as it levels up, and eventually can become the strongest great sword in the game.
Also here is some info on a few of the systemic changes to be implemented:
  1. No more limited use weapons like there was in the original SOTN. All of the unique weapons (like monster vials) are still in the game, but will be used for another character. I do not plan on leaving ANY of the neat unique equipables out. I cannot elaborate further on this at this time so please do not ask. 🙂
  2. Healing items (potions, tonics, uncurse, etc.) are used from a separate menu now. Death doll used without fairy now, and does not have to be equipped at all (only heals 25% Max HP).
  3. Status effects are tweaked:
    • Curse lasts a while longer now; anything attack wise that uses the attack 1 or attack 2 buttons will also not work with it on.
    • poison drains HP repeatedly for a set time, but doesn’t effect atk and defense as much. It drains about 10% of your max hp FOR ONE ENTIRE POISONING NOT PER HIT.
    • stone is harder to shake out of, and each hit during it does % based damage
  4. The equip menu has the following slots for him:
    • Weapon1
    • Weapon2
    • Shield (blocking only. Doesn’t affect stats)
    • Head
    • Body
    • Boots (various special & unique effects; minor stat boosts)
    • Accessory 1
    • Accessory 2
  5. Cloaks are now equipped under the accessory slot and still boost various stats. There is a menu for cloak color specifically with 3 options:
    • Off: uses the default black cloak for Alucard regardless of equip
    • On: uses the colors of the currently equipped cloak
    • Custom: uses the custom color set by you; regardless of cloak equipped, and even if you don’t have one on (must have joseph’s cloak RELIC)
  6. Accessories now all have unique effects. They do not just mainly boost stats anymore.
  7. Updated equipables list with lots of new stuff
  8. More relics with unique effects; many changes to the old ones.
  9. There is a MND stat and a M.DEF now. It affects how much damage most projectiles and some attacks do.
  10. Library card can only be used in areas that have already been beaten; when this item is used a teleport pillar is created outside the librarians rooms which if reentered teleports you BACK to the spot you initially came from as well.
  11. Equipment and items can now be sold
  12. Teleport rooms also let you teleport between castles
  13. Food items are instantly used now; you cannot carry them. There are far less different ones now too, and they all restore based on % rather than a flat numeric amount, making them ALWAYS useful and effective.
  14. A change will be made to the drop system; it will now include something I nicknamed a “guarantor.” This system is being put in place because to be blunt, having to kill an enemy 500 times in a row to get an item is fucking annoying, and not fun in the least! Here is how it works:
    • After killing a set # of a particular type of enemy, and you will be GUARANTEED a drop. An example of this would be killing 20 axe armors, guarantees they will drop a copper armor.
    • If you pick up the item after it is dropped via this guarantor, you have used up your one guarantor and cannot do it again for the rest of the game for that particular enemy type.
    • If the item vanishes, or you leave it, the counter resets. So to use the above example again, if you leave behind the copper armor, you now have to kill 20 more axe armors to get another one.
    • In addition to the guarantor system, items can STILL drop randomly from luck. So if you kill 19 axe armors and get a copper armor by luck, then kill the 20th one the guarantor drop STILL occurs. And the opposite scenario also applies; you can get the guarantor drop for the 20th kill, and then get another copper armor by luck on the 21st, or 56th kill, or 103rd kill, etc..
    • The # of kills you have, and how many you need total for the guarantor item will be listed in the bestiary (accessible via start menu)
    • More common items probably will not have a guarantor; just the rare and unique ones.
    • Luck and special items like the thief ring now have a much greater effect on how often you get item drops.
I know that some of the changes here might freak some of you out, but believe me when I say everything fun will still be included, and things will be tweaked as needed to ensure that the game feels fun and complete, yet balanced.
Stay tuned to my blog for more progress, updates, and changes as this thing progresses.
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38 Responses to Update 2-1-12: Working on Alucard and info on him (updated as needed).

  1. J dawg says:

    This looks simply amazing. Have you considered an item that would bring enemies back to life? Maybe a “death orange” (the inverse of “life apple”). I always thought that could be useful when hunting for rare drops, or just re-fighting bosses that were fun.

  2. Maikson says:

    The guarantor system is revelutionary for all kinds of RPG’s it’s awesome, it’s a genius Idea, I love it so much, I’m a 23 years old gamer and that’s quite a time that I see a good idea like that, must to love it!!

  3. zergmico says:

    This make me reminds when i was trying to get that damn sword from Last Guardian and i think i’ve reached a level over 9000!!! before get it.
    Oh, the other day some friend told me there was a video on YT, that shows how to “don’t gain EXP” making the entire game to be accomplish in level 1, wonder if this could sounds interesting for you.
    And finally thanks for all your work.

  4. 8mike8 says:

    Any chance you’ll include 8 way whipping for richter? I had the idea that you would be able to introduce a relic that would allow latching onto grapple points like in castlevania 4.

  5. legopowa says:

    I’ve been eyeing this project eagerly for years, and it’s looking promising!

    Just wondering if it’s possible for the guarantor system to be disabled via config, since there can be some fun in grinding for that 1% drop which just refuses to appear.

    • Esco says:

      No. And in fact your response is the exact reason for me putting it in; thanks to IGA and co. they have actually brainwashed people into believing that spending hours getting one little 16×16 pixelated icon with some text and generally a minor stat change is “fun.” It is not. You should have to spend hours beating enemies, searching for things, figuring out the path to get thru the game…. you know actually PLAYING the game instead. 🙂

      • Mike says:

        To some people, getting that drop IS fun. You don’t decide what is fun for someone and what isn’t. It would not be hard to make an option to turn the Guarantor off.

        The converse of what you are saying appears in a lot of current games. Video game companies are catering to the babies that play them and just hold their hand. Golden trail in Fable, Clairvoyance in Skyrim, and in FFXIII-2 you can “retry” any battle and auto battle. I straight-up died on a mini-boss and the “retry” option was locked. I game over’d. But you know what? It LITERALLY loaded a second before I fought the enemy. I lost NOTHING.

        Some people don’t like getting their hands held. They like the sense of accomplishment by getting an awesome item that’s really rare. And some people like that sense of randomness in getting one of those super rare items. I love sitting there for like an hour farming for the Crissaegram. When I finally get it I’m like YAY!!!!!!! Knowing I WILL get it after this many kills takes a good amount of the fun out of it.

  6. maikson says:

    What are you thinking about the rare drops and the gameplay? Because the most non sense thing in the original game was that, only when you finish the game and get 99+ LUCK you can get the most wesome itens, but, we don’t needed them anymore, the itens was weak, just cool and with awesome effects. That’s SUCKS”

    Another BIG PROBLEM about the Design was the second castle, the effects and enemies was OK. BUT… WTF we can simply go to ANYWHERE and pick random difficult, the game could be easy to hard and you don’t make any Idea what to do FIRST. The game couldn’t handle the ability system with the scenario design.

    So I a came to a simply solution, Why don’t make a system like megaman Style? I will explain, lock the CLOCK AREA, the teleports are all opened, BUT we can’t access the clock room and another areas. The Clock room should be a main room, that will connect everything, the underground room should be the last room, only opened when clear all the others room first, should be hard as f#ck.

    We only know the first boss and the boss will do a drop with a shield or weapon who will kick the next boss in the ass.

    Is not the best solution I know, but just an Idea that you can get something useful.

    What about a Design suggestion topic, about system, numbers, status and everything else.

    • Esco says:

      Thanks for your suggestions, but I have already come up with a solution for the drop issue; it will be posted shortly to the alucard blog post. I have also already elaborated on what will be done for the 2nd castle on a TON of occasions and how I want it to be more linear.

      Also, please stop double posting Maikson. I have ignored it a several times now, and once in a while is fine if you forget something, but you keep doing it. Make sure to include everything in ONE post, before sending it. The next time it happens I will have to block your comments. Please do not forget. 🙂

  7. Xerxes Lover says:

    Would I be able to add custom enemies I created to the hack? Another question, how do you add custom enemies to the original game? The hack looks way beyond kick ass. The dude abides.

    • Esco says:

      Yes you could; it is a gamemaker file. That is easily done. Also adding custom enemies to the original game is not doable, UNLESS you are talking a palette swap of the enemy in the stage with a new AI. And that would take too long to explain.

      Also, please be careful not to double post. I got your comment twice. 🙂

  8. Claimh says:

    Hey, Esco. It’s Claimh.
    Dunno if you addressed this already, since I saw nothing about it (may have missed it), but I’mma suggest it.

    Could you remove or change the effect of the relics that show enemy names, show how much damage you deliver, etc. and instead make them A) available from the start and B) able to be switched on/off in the main menu? I thought finding them was pretty useless, and the option to on/off them in the relics listing was kinda crappy.

    Also, the Cube of Zoe could be done without.

    If you already addressed those, forgive me for repeating it. ^.^

    • Esco says:

      Hey Claimh, sorry but changing their on/off location is pretty pointless. And I do plan to include them in the game, BUT they will all be in the first intro stage for Alucard, will be along the route he has to take, and will be REQUIRED to pick up to move forward in the game.

      • Claimh says:

        Aight, that makes it more sensible. That’s all I was really asking for. Going out of your way to get that extra bit of HUD didn’t make sense to me.

        Alrighty, good luck. All the Alucard changes sound pretty awesome to me. Looking forward to it. 😉

      • Cass says:

        Yeah, the Fairy Scroll and Spirit Orb were cool findings that added useful effects (In terms of story, Alucard had no way of knowing the monsters’ names, until he found a complete guide in the library listing them all), but I think we all know that Cube of Zoe’s the most ridiculously pointless item in the whole series.

  9. Hey, I’m glad you’re considering overhauling Alucard’s gameplay, sounds like it could make SotN much more modern and interesting!

    Anyway, I know you mentioned a long time ago that you don’t like unsolicited gameplay suggestions, but seeing how your account on the boots aligned with my own thoughts, I thought I would bring it out anyway.

    What I was thinking as a basic equipment philosophy is this: Items have two tendencies, to either add to the player character’s mobility, or to add to his stats. Each piece of equipment adds to stats or enhance the character’s mobility in their own way. Something like:
    – Helmets: modify intelligence and mdef for stats, make spells and subweapons faster to cast with less stun time for mobility. An extreme mobility example would be an item that gives no stat boosts but allows the player to cast spells with no interrupting animations (crissaegrim effect for spells). An extreme stat boost could incorporate a charge meter and require stationary charging to cast spells.
    – Body armor: modify str and def for stats, modifies how far Alucard flies and how long he’s stunned when hit for mobility. An extreme mobility version of body armor would be one that confers no stun to the player and has no stat boosts. An extreme stat boosting armor would cause the player to remain stunned on the ground throughout the entire invincibility period whenever hit but give really high defense bonuses.
    – Boots affect jumping and dashing, and since this is such an important aspect to mobility, they can boost multiple stats. An extreme mobility set of boots could confer forward and back dashing (like Harmony of Dissonance) including the ability to do directional dashes in the air, the ability to go from a ground slide into a jump while maintaining momentum, going from an air dash into a ground slide while maintaining momentum, as well as letting dashes interrupt almost any action (though in the cases of actions that normally can’t be interrupted, additional actions would be locked out until the player finishes the dash animation). Actually that’s sort of overpowered sounding, so the extreme mobility version could probably place a major penalty on defense, opening up the possibility of extreme finesse gaming. Oh, and the extreme stat boosting boots could do things like give you a pathetic second jump, and decrease the height in which you make a hard landing.


    Moving on to something less grand in scale, I think it would be interesting to incorporate knockback force as a gameplay element. It was sort of in SotN, but only in extreme cases, like getting knocked across the screen when an attack takes over 80% of your health (hardmode before you meet death, take off your equipment, get hit by a warg or zombie). It could also add some extra distinction between blunted weapons and bladed weapons – their damage might be lower, but they have much stronger knockback force, meaning it takes less hits to stagger a strong enemy and when it can one-hit stagger, they are knocked back further.

    Anyway, I’ll be willing to contribute as unskilled labor if you need some small projects done. Better assign me to something small though ’cause I don’t trust myself to be able to finish a large contribution 🙂

  10. maikson says:

    I was about to have a heart attack when you said that will cut off the shield specials from the game, no more shield rod. but then you said that will use the animation, so I’m ok now 🙂

    One thing that was too annoying to everyone was when you want to have 100% of the castle and you don’t know what part was missing, how about a differente color for the Completed areas?

    And one more thing, put the monster library on the start menu, it was horrible use the library castle just to know if that enemy don’t has released a specific item, or just change the enemy background color.

    • Esco says:

      In reference to the map color, that is a good suggestion, however I plan to implement something like that already involving a %. I may also add your suggestion in too though. 🙂

    • Inccubus says:

      I think moving the monster encyclopedia to the main menu instead of having to go to the librarian is a great idea. How about making it an item you can buy from the Librarian? That way you preserve the way the game handled it.

  11. 8mike8 says:

    Is dashing something that will be available for Alucard from the start or will you have to acquire winged boots for example?

    A suggestion I have would be to apply more use for the sitting function. It would be cool if you got a special item or weapon, or at least an easter egg for sitting at the table with count olrox. I also was always quite disappointed that the confession booth only gave you a pretty useless small item. It would be good to see such a sinister scene yield a larger secret, like maybe if you were to sit there with a certain item equipped it would unlock the route to a secret location with harder enemies but some unique rewards to be found there, kind of a lot like the nest in portrait of ruin.

    • Esco says:

      That is an excellent suggestion; I will probably use something like that in the game. 🙂

      As for dashing, you start out with the ability to do it now. Not having it at first would make things slower and somewhat tedious which detracts from the fun factor.

    • Bakarai says:

      Making more use of the sitting function is absolutely sick. Especially if a secret path was incorporated.

  12. DarkLordSoma says:

    Are there any items or weapons that will deal Holy dmg… If so how about using the that holy effect that was in CV: DoS & PoR.

    Also are you considering on putting a treasury area in the game like in SCV4. If so my suggestion would be that you can probably use the some of the tile sets from SCV4… Just a few suggestions

  13. Omarzuqo says:

    I agree with Inccubus’ suggestion on poisoning Alucard. Please consider it.

    Also, keep it up man, you have my all support (and my donations as soon as I receive my credit card, because you accept paypal donations, right?)

    • Esco says:

      Thank you for the offer, but if you truly want to help, tell me instead what skills you have, rather than trying to send me $$$ which I will not accept. 🙂

  14. Bakarai says:

    Does this mean no more secret items from the librarian from mid-air high-jumps?

  15. Inccubus says:

    Hey Esco. I was just at CVDF and someone mentioned about the poison status. Here’s my 2 cents I posted over there:
    “Personally I don’t think I agree with poison causing damage, not from a design perspective, but from a story perspective. Alucard is half vampire and as such should have 2 features the Human characters don’t have, a light HP regen, and negation of poison damage. While Poisoned I think it would make sense for Alucard to not take damage and not be able to regenerate HP on top of halved stats. Human’s should take damage slowly and have severely reduced stats. The amount of damage would be reduced by their stamina stat or whatever the hell helps determine defense.”

    Here’s what I’m thinking would be cool:
    (Alucard Only) – When standing still HP is regenerated for a tiny amount like… 1% or minimum of 1 hp every few seconds. This would make things easier at the beginning of the game while Al’s HP is low, but pretty much useless later on.


    (Alucard Only) – Nullifies his HP regen and reduces his stats with a lessening of the stat penalty based on his stamina.

    (Humans Only) – Causes HP damage as you suggested with amount reduced based on Stamina also. At 10% of max it would kill your players in 10 ticks, that seems like a lot unless they’re spaced out over longer intervals of time. Maybe make it 5% of max?

    (All Characters) – Poison could be made more dangerous also by having it reduce the effect of healing items by 50%. This makes sense logically since being poisoned makes it harder healing to occur in real life plus it would heighten the sense of danger.


    (All Characters) – To make this one more interesting besides screwing up your ability to fight, how about making it nullify or even reverse healing item effects? As a matter of fact I think this would be good because it would curse status even more dangerous and it would give the Amanita Mushroom more of a purpose beyond using it while equipped with a poison ring. Hell that would also give you an excuse to include the rotten set of food items. Just make them very rare.


    I got nothin’.

    • Esco says:

      You misunderstood what I meant by 10%; that is for one ENTIRE poisoning not per hit. I updated the post to reflect this as well to avoid any confusion.

      Good post, the healing item being weaker suggestion while cursed sounds good; I may use that in some way or form. But otherwise I do not intend to change the status effects. I will simply tweak them slightly as needed to make sure they are not annoying or too detrimental. 🙂

      As for poison food items, they will be used too in some spots; but basically food now is instantly used on the spot. Including poison food, so if you touch it you get damaged and poisoned. This could be put to good use strategically to make things more interesting.

      • Inccubus says:

        Ah. Yeah that bit about the 10% does make a huge difference. I forgot about the food being instant too. Say, since the foods are going to act like in classicvania are you gonna put them back into breakable walls? I had an idea while I was writing about the poison mushroom. What if instead of them being just on the ground or in a wall you made like a little patch of mushrooms as part of the background. And when you attach the center of it a mushroom pops out? You could put in a regeneration timer so that every once in a while the player can come by and eat a single mushroom. Just a cool little way to present the mushrooms. Details like that are good. Gives the player more ways to interact with the setting and make it seem more like a real place. That’s what I hated about LoI, all this pretty stuff in the background and I couldn’t demolish any of it.

      • Esco says:

        That is an excellent suggestion! Now this is the type of feedback I can use. I will definitely be using that idea at some point!

  16. K.G. Morder says:

    Why exactly would he need a Dash? I understand the intent behind it, but isnt that what the Wolf form was always for? Just run and dash through enemies quickly?

  17. 8mike8 says:

    Dos alucard was missing some standing idle sprites, as well as his vertical kick sprites and balancing sprites for when on the edge of a wall etc.
    I’m liking the changes myself, especially to the wolf and bat. Hopefully they’ve been sped up a fair bit.

  18. Bigorados says:

    Fantastic….. i have a question though…. if i would do an menu, would u send me some instructions like…. do sprite X separated from background, and what you want… bcuz im pretty sure that i can make Richter Score screen look better, and do an better Menu for Alucard with the options u implemented, that’s it, about the Richter sprite i am pretty sure serios sheet would work perfectly on the game, so why wouldn’t u use it? lol i dunno if I should’ve posted this on artistic suggestions…. if so, i am sorry ~_~

    • Esco says:

      Ok…. if you want to do Richter’s score screen, show me a picture of what you can come up with.

      And yes this should have been under the artistic section. 🙂

  19. serio says:

    if you needed the alucard sprites, you could just ask.

    i have them with separated colors, so you could either use that or a watered down version that looks more like sotn, except with ability to control all 3 parts of the cloak (outside, inside and the lining) rather than just 2, and without the random blotches of black outfit on them.

    and with the collar part of the cape also colored to match the inner part rather than not changing colors at all for whatever reason.

    • Esco says:

      Thanks Serio; sure I might be able to use it some still. I still have a few I haven’t done. Can you put up a link to the sheet?

      • serio says:

        it’s palettized so you can change each color, including the color separated hair/skin colors as well as the capes and the silver lining on them.

        the flame effect for hellfire’s also separated to look better.

        it’s ripped from dos, but i don’t think it had less sprites than sotn.

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