THE SOURCE CODE IS OUT, along with release A15 R1 of the Castlevania: SOTN Hacked engine!

Hey everyone, this is version A15R1 of the engine; it contains a few gameplay tweaks and 2 very minor bug fixes. This is the full version for those of you who did not have A14R3:
If you already downloaded A14 R1-A14R3  here is the link for the A15 R1 EXE only (simply delete the old exe and replace it with this one to upgrade):
The source code is found here:

NOTE :if you choose to use this source in your project, I ask that you give me the proper credit for it.

To use the source code YOU must have the full version of the game installed, and place the source code file in the same location as the exe. You will need Gamemaker 8.1 and up to use the source.
As usual please place all bug reports here:
And all ARTISTIC suggestions go here:

Controls (NOTE: xbox360 pad users will need to use joy2key for some buttons):

  • Movement is done with the d-pad (there is no analog support at this time, and probably never will be) or with the keyboard (TO USE THE KEYBOARD “USE JOYPAD” IN THE EXTRA,INI MUST BE SET TO OFF!)
  • Square: whip
  • X: Jump/Confirm
  • Triangle: Backflip (on ground, or in air before falling downward)
  • Circle: Cancel (in menus)
  • L1: switch sub on or off (let’s you power up whip if you want)
  • R1: item crash (there is a delay after each crash is used; you know if you can use it if the hearts counter is blinking)
  • Hold L2 and hit square (frenzy whip, costs 10 MP)
  • Hold Up and hit Triangle (high jump, costs 10 MP)
  • Start: Pauses Game and Skips Videos
  • Hold Start, and Select for about 2-3 seconds for a soft Reset
  • Hit ESC or click X button to exit the game
  • F4 goes full screen
  • Crash costs: 20 hearts
  • NOTE: these are the only controls at the moment that are completed, although more appear in the extra.ini. Double jumping is disabled also.

Bug fixes:

  • fixed bug where you could hold down at the end of a ground frenzy whip and the animation would repeat partially
  • If you quickly pressed up then down (this must be done EXTREMELY fast and with the right timing), Richter was be unable to move left and right until you whip or throw a sub weapon
  • More code cleanup was done, and the source code was more thoroughly notated.

New Features and Changes:

  • High Jump now costs 8 MP and does 48 dmg instead of 24
  • All crashes now cost 20 hearts
  • Candles no longer refresh if leave a room and come back
  • if a statue is hit, even if you don’t pick up the money and come back, it will NOT respawn
  • You now have only 3:10 minutes to beat the stage to get the best score (since you no longer need to grind hearts I had to lower this slightly).
  • It is easier to get B & C rank
  • Using more then 10 hearts now has a smaller negative overall impact on your rank
  • To get the top score for hearts you still can only use 10 hearts; but you no longer need to run back and forth “grinding” for hearts. You can just grab all available hearts once instead (that brings you to 55, allowing you to use 10 without an impact to rank/stat bonus)

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17 Responses to THE SOURCE CODE IS OUT, along with release A15 R1 of the Castlevania: SOTN Hacked engine!

  1. Satoshi Kura says:

    Hello, I’m attempting to play the demo through Game Maker (Not using the EXE, the actual source file). I’m having a problem where, after the title, the File Selection menu is completely unresponsive and doesn’t even show up until after I Alt + Tab out of the game and change focus back to it. Even then, the options don’t highlight themselves. Pressing ESC is also very unresponsive, it takes around five seconds to show up so I can quit it. Is there something wrong, or any fix?

    • Esco says:

      No idea; never had that issue and neither has anyone else that I know of (so far). Have you tried it on another system? What are your specs, os, etc.? Does the demo exe itself work?

      BTW, Follow the directions if you want help.

  2. Sargeant_Styrofoam says:

    I keep getting this error message every time I boot up the game:

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Other Event: Game Start
    for object start_and_end_game:

    Error defining an external function.

  3. SirAileron says:

    I’m really getting to like the way this engine handles, though I’m a bit confused as to how to tackle the Dracula fight. As it stands now, I’m seeing a few attacks where I have no idea of how they’re supposed to be dodged. I’d love to A-rank this, but as I play more I’m starting to wonder if it’s even possible. o_O

    • Esco says:

      It is easily possible. You just need to use your special moves sparingly; frenzy whip is the charging move Richter does. It involves holding L2 and hitting square; apparently I incorrectly had R2 listed there because I am an idiot. lol I corrected that. Sorry.

      • SirAileron says:

        Ohhh, ok. I’ve definitely done that move, then. Got to the second form with almost no damage only one time, though. Dark inferno seems incredibly difficult to dodge when it’s almost all low shots. Not too sure what to do in those situations, but I guess since he doesn’t do the flame pillar attack at that low health, I can spare a tackle or two. o_o;;

        After that… I suppose I’ll have to figure out how in hell to dodge the fire breath in form 2. I can’t tell what hits when I’m invincible, so that gives me no frame of reference for learning how to dodge anything there. XD

  4. derp derp says:

    what’s with the changing of special moves? Up and triangle is high jump? what’s wrong with down up jump?
    Are the other special moves still intact?

  5. Allerius says:

    The demo’s very cool, but very hard. I would say TOO hard… please Esco, don’t make the entire game insanely hard or we’ll still have a difficulty problem.

    I mean, Dracula’s fight can be as hard as you wish, it’s impossible to lose anyway. But the rest of the game could be a bit less difficult, at least in the beginning. It could have a progressive difficulty level. Passing through the alchemy lab and defeating Gaibon and Slogra should be somewhat easy, while defeating Death should be very hard, for example. I would greatly appreciate if you made the hack harder than the original but not so hard that only a few veteran players would have fun playing it.

    My concern here is only with the difficulty of the game. The rest (art, sounds, playability, dialogues, etc) I found top notch, five stars, very very cool. =D

    Keep making the great work man. I will love to play the complete hack.

    Greetings from Brazil.

  6. Kyle873 says:


    Edit by Esco: I’ll pass on your help. And request granted. Have a nice day. 🙂

  7. Leon says:

    hi Esco,

    very very nice work here, you made me change my perception of GameMaker itself.
    (not that i’m gonna make anything out of it)

    just wondering whether you have the “super jump” and the “blade dash” enabled in this demo?
    i am using a keyboard and i tried doing the moves like i do when using ePSXe to play sotn.
    i searched around this website, and i looked in the INI files and i tried pressing the various keys but i could not get anything out of it.

    many thanks for your time.

  8. dengojin says:

    i have alucard’s dash sprites if u need them i will send them to u

  9. Bigorados says:

    Y dont u make richter have an backdash and do the backflip just if u press backdash while in air? i had also did an frame of backdashing richter on serio’s richter spritesheet, here:

  10. zergmico says:

    Feliz Navidad esco, i gonna need a bit of time before get download this one, keep your nice work towards upcoming year.

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