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THE SOURCE CODE IS OUT, along with release A15 R1 of the Castlevania: SOTN Hacked engine!

Hey everyone, this is version A15R1 of the engine; it contains a few gameplay tweaks and 2 very minor bug fixes. This is the full version for those of you who did not have A14R3: If you already downloaded … Continue reading

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The updated dialogue text timing script:

Normally I wouldn’t show something like this; but just for shits and giggles: if (global.dialogue_selection == “old”) {    if (count == 0 && num_steps != 2) {num_steps = 2; text_length[1] = 12;        text_length[2] = string_length(global.st0_dialogue_text[count]); byte_limit[1] = 180000; … Continue reading

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