Release A10 R1 of the Castlevania: SOTN Hacked engine is out (CLOSED)!

This is an old release and is no longer supported.


  • Movement is done with the d-pad (there is no analog support at this time, and probably never will be) or with the keyboard (TO USE THE KEYBOARD “USE JOYPAD” IN THE EXTRA,INI MUST BE SET TO OFF!)
  • Square: whip
  • X: Jump/Confirm
  • Triangle: Backflip (on ground, or in air before falling downward)
  • Circle: Cancel (in menus)
  • L1: switch sub on or off (let’s you power up whip if you want)
  • R1: item crash (there is a delay after each crash is used; you know if you can use it if the hearts counter is blinking)
  • Hold L2 and hit square (frenzy whip, costs 10 MP)
  • Hold Up and hit Triangle (high jump, costs 10 MP)
  • Start: Pauses Game and Skips Videos
  • Hit L1, R1, L2, R2, Start, and Select for Soft Reset (with a keyboard just hold start and select for several seconds)
  • Hit ESC or click X button to exit the game
  • F4 goes full screen
  • NOTE: these are the only controls at the moment that are completed, although more appear in the extra.ini. Double jumping is disabled also.
This demo ends once you have beaten Dracula completely and gotten PAST the dialogue screen that comes afterwards. Although a save file will be created when you pick an empty slot, at the moment other than some very basic stuff (name, icon picked, character, etc.) data from in game is not saved since it is only 1 stage lon. This will be enabled at a later date and is not a bug, and save files automatically will skip the intro movie and journey back screen if you go into them, rather than creating a new game; so your game starts slightly quicker.
Also the only voice selection available now is ENG; if you try to change it in the ini or options NOTHING will happen.
Keyboard controls must be setup in the SOTN DATA/extra.ini file. Joypad controls are setup from the options menu, and can also be set in the ini if you know the numeric values for your pad and buttons. All other settings in the extra.ini (except the one to skip the logo video, which is for debugging purposes) can be changed from options.

A list of some of the GM features used:

  • 3d objects
  • surfaces
  • views
  • particles
  • parallax scrolling
  • high resolution timer 2: by yourself
  • external sprites
  • external OGG music and dialogue
  • Keyboard & Joypad support
  • ini configuration files and save files
  • automatic tile to object placement: by TheouAegis
  • GMMOVIE DLL: by Ravotus
  • GMMOUSE DLL: by icuurd12b42
  • SinBassAudio DLL: Sindarin


  • L.SPIRO: without Memhack none of this would be happening)
  •  SERIO: for more things than I could ever list here.
  •  THESNIDR: maker of the gorgeous looking black hole when fighting dracula’s 2nd form, and he also duplicated the bottom and top skys in the original SOTN (to be used later elsewhere)
  • OLIVIER: expert maker of 3d objects and an all around great guy
  • L: my sprite artist and one of the most devoted people I have ever had help me
  • INCUBUS: for helping to get me started on GM and spending a MASSIVE amount of time tutoring me in the beginning and for all his support!
  • JORGE FUENTES: maker of several of the new background effects in the engine and the clock tower as well as the final 3d Grand cross!
  • ICEMETALPUNK: for assisting me with several things on the GM forums
  • GEMINI: taught me a massive amount about ASM & game mechanics, made an item editor for SOTN and a translation hack for it
  • LUPUS ERECTUS: maker of the SOTN map editor
  • NYX: taught me quite a bit about game mechanics too and solved the issue of changing sprites in VRAM in the original SOTN.
  • CONNOR4312: for creating the initial 3d grand cross
  • XOT: a GM Admin who has helped me on several occasions
  • and anyone else that I may have missed who contributed to this.
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9 Responses to Release A10 R1 of the Castlevania: SOTN Hacked engine is out (CLOSED)!

  1. Hi esco, just remenber of a game that you might wanna play this x-mas, is a castlevania parody made by the producers of the touhou series, in the first game was fan made kind but espetacular, the second one they get profissional dub.

    Theres a lot of new ideas but i think they don’t fit with the SOTN itself, just for fun 🙂

    the first one:

    and the second:

    I think you can figure how to download and emulate a image and play the game, it’s quite easy.

    The bad thing is that you can finish the game in 2 hours or less but it’s an awesome experience.

    The soundtrack is SOTN ailke and its superb too.

    Have fun 🙂

    RESPONSE BY ESCO: thanks for the links, but I am already well aware of this game and have been since it’s initial inception. 🙂

  2. esco podrias subir el engine a megaupload que por mediafire no se puede descargar?

  3. Nice work Esco.
    Initial reactions to the demo are: Find it weird that you can hit dracula when he’s already disappeared. Not sure what the logic behind that is. I would have just made the whip take off more damage instead of being able to hit D more times. The uppercut taking a lot of magic seems like a good decision but I thought Richter needed to do that move many times in a row to travel upwards in the castle to get to places he otherwise can’t get to. I guess you’ll change that in some way for the full release. Richter seems to jump a bit higher.
    Everything else looks good.
    Also I can confirm that joystick support doesn’t work and the game crashes during dracula transforming into 2nd form when using wineskin on OSX :p

    RESPONSE BY ESCO: Sorry to hear that. But I do not have a MAC, or any way to test it so this program is designed only to work on Windows based platforms. There is no support for MAC. Later on when I release the source code if someone wants to make a MAC port though, I will not object. 🙂

    Also…….. Richter does not jump higher, at all; he falls faster now in fact. And why you can whip Dracula while he is teleporting out is simple: it makes the battle more fast paced. But he is not hittable once invisible. Good question there.

  4. xnamkcor says:

    Why WMV? I can understand if Game Maker requires them, but if not, I’d like to know why you’re using WMV.

    RESPONSE BY ESCO: A better question would be why not? The quality is the same as the original video, it runs perfect, is highly compatible with every system out there, and the file size is very small. Everything else is irrelevant.

  5. VladCT says:

    There are a couple guys in the Dungeon forums (not naming names, but you know who they are) who couldn’t be arsed to make a WordPress account just for bug reporting, perhaps you could arrange a compromise for them?

    RESPONSE BY ESCO: ………..No.

    If they cannot take 5 minutes to do something, I cannot take 5 minutes to help them. Also there should be a way to post without an account.

  6. DarkLordSoma says:

    Yo Esco! This hack is SWEET! It runs so smooth too!

  7. Jussi Hippi says:

    This was unlike anything i expected. The new difficulty was awesome, if it wouldn’t be for Maria, my sorry ass would’ve been handed to me by Dracula. =D This demo makes the wait for the full game even longer for me, i can’t wait! Full story mode with my fav character Richter? Oh god. Hated the original SotN for having the half-assed run-through-the-castle modes for Richter and Maria.(but at least you can play as them)

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