Artistic Suggestions Post: place all of your graphics suggestions/critiques here.

This post is for anyone who sees something in the SOTN: Hacked engine and thinks “Ooooh, I know a way to make that look cooler” or “Oh, I can think of a neat effect to put here instead.” Feel free to put up any of your ARTISTIC comments, critiques, and suggestions here. It is for suggestion things like effects, changing colors, sprite editing, etc, text editing.
If you have BUG REPORTS please place them here:

Any posts made like this will automatically result in the user having their comments ignored. Please follow directions everyone and there won’t be an issue. πŸ™‚

Before posting, please read these rules:
  • If you are going to make an artistic suggestion, a pic must be included of what you are suggesting. Telling me that the text color should be darker, or that the score screen lettering should be red doesn’t help for obvious reasons: there are millions of darker colors, and thousands of shades of red. Also I am not an artistic person, so I cannot just picture these things in my head. Please be descriptive and specific.Any artistic edit suggestions made without a pic will be deleted, and the user will receive a warning.
  • If you suggest an effect (I.E. blur the screen) please include a link to a video that uses the effect so I can see what you mean. If you have links to Game maker scripts that can duplicate the effects, by all means include them too. Remember, I am not psychic, and while your idea may be an outstanding one, I cannot picture what you are thinking and won’t know how great it is unless you show me. πŸ™‚
  • Do NOT put up the same post more than once; I will not be able to respond to every post I see on here, so if I do not reply, do NOT post the same suggestion again. If I see a suggestion I like and choose to use it, I will give full credit for it (I do not steal ideas). Please understand that everybody has ideas that they feel are good, but there are countless reasons why some of them may not be feasible, or just might not be what I am looking for.
  • If you truly want something done, be ready to contribute. Telling me something like “Oh, I think hi-res sprites would look great” but not being willing to work on them will without a doubt get your request ignored, while the person who writes me and says “hey what about a sprite edit for gaibon, I made this frame as an example” will definitely get a response from me.
Other than that, feel free to post away. Who knows, your stuff could end up in the next release of the hack. And believe me when I say I am always very appreciative and supportive of anyone who assists me, or makes a worthwhile contribution. Just ask anyone who has done so in the past.
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42 Responses to Artistic Suggestions Post: place all of your graphics suggestions/critiques here.

  1. That Guy says:

    Hey, i’m not sure if you’re still taking suggestions here or not, but i was wondering (assuming you’ll work on the color animation for the twilight cloak) if you could somehow create a customization option to make the cloak flash between different colors (say, blue and white, just as the twilight cloak flashes between red and black). Also being able to change the speed of the flashing would be a cool addition, but not too necessary. I’m sorry i don’t have an example of how this could be done, i have no idea if it would be a simple addition or not. use it or not, i’m looking forward to this game more than dark souls 2.

  2. Ricardo says:

    why not use the Richter sprites from the Serio’s Castlevania fight game?

  3. Stein (a.k.a Bigorados) says:

    heya esco long time no see, you probably dont remember me , but i was working on some katana animation
    you asked me to do something to look like that > so i made a draft that turned out like this:

    if you like it i’ll continue, i honestly dont aim on working to get paid, just tell me if you want and i’ll try to make it, mainly because i’m not certain if i can keep up dates, and most mainly thant that, i think you are the one who should be earning some money out of your work, thats it πŸ˜›

    • Esco says:

      Thanks for the offer, but I will have to pass. I need people I can rely on to get the job done in a timely fashion; I would rather pay someone and have them get it done on time, than have someone do it for free and be weeks/months late.

  4. D_Durango says:

    Hey there Esco! I am a sprite artist and I’ve been thinking on ideas for your engine, specially concerning more detailing in the character and monster sprites. Of course, the best solution would be remaking them in a higher resolution, but that would also require remaking ALL backgrounds in the game and that would take forever. (not to say Alucard’s almost 300 frames lol).

    So, while maintaining the current resolution, I thought some little palette changes would help a lot. If you take a closer look to the PCs and NPCs sprites, you’ll notice that their palettes look nothing like the original colors that Kojima used in their concept artworks. As you probably already know, that was necessary because game consoles can handle only a limited set of colors, but fortunately Game Maker doesn’t have this limitation. So why not to use this to make it all look better?

    I did my best to match the original color from the artworks and did some tests with some characters. That’s what I came up with:

    Alucard and Master Librarian

    Alucard and the Ferryman


    (I didn’t do Richter because I don’t know which of his sprites will be in the engine.)

    I inserted then in the game scenes to get an idea of how they would exactly look during gameplay, and I liked the results a lot. What about you? If you like them, just ask and I can make all the frames for these characters.

    Also, here’s a sheet with the sole frames and their palettes:

    Hope you like my idea. If you do, just tell me what else you’d like to see, including enemies and bosses!

    • Esco says:

      Thanks for the offer, but I will pass. What I need is someone I can pay regularly that can draw new sprites for me. I have no need for palette swaps or adding 2-3 more colors to the enemies when I need so many more important things done .

  5. Arikado84 says:

    -Make a nude fairy. (by optional secret code perhaps…) Her falling of Alucards shoulders will be awesome.

    -Add familiars changing form after a certain level has been reached, the Bat can get bigger, the Ghost could likewise grow into a size similar to the giant skulls, the Fairy could be able to create potions after a certain time (as for her changing form I guess a simple palette swap will do, and make her sing a lullaby when Alucard falls asleep which slowly regains his health), Demon can simply grow into a huge demon that attacks less often but uses elements every time and throws projectiles,

    -Add new familiars such as:

    -The axe armor (the one you can wear) running around in its goofy way killing stuff fast but comically jumping like crazy in a attempt to reach higher up enemies (since his jump is laughable on its own), and make him fall over (and the struggle to get up) when the enemy touches him, he could simply remain down when not able to follow Alucard, or simply teleport at his location, while you can create him as a comical familiar you can also make him transform into something really bad ass, and be extremely powerful at the latest levels…

    -A genie, making your wishes come true, actually granting you something for each level you gain, you get three simple options for each level, first small (like potion, 100 cash, or something silly like “world peace” picking the silly choice for several levels gets you a great secret reward at the end, he does NOT help you during fights, but rather floats fading in and out somewhat like bitterflies, oh and his “wishes” get better as his level grows, especially if you choose the “silly” wish many times).

    -An Efreet (you will be able to pick either the Efreet or the Genie and you will fight the one you did not pick as) he WILL fight besides you, and will grant you three wishes, while there are negative consequences at random, for example if Alucard pics “level” he may actually go down a level, the higher the level the higher the risks and the rewards, Alucard can also choose to accept none if the options sound bad like “poison” “harm me” or “remove item”, but there can be obvious good wishes like “Increase my hearts” “Kill my enemy” or “give me a sword”, and substantially more rewarding/harming neutrals such as “Power” “Item” or “weapons”

    (A small scenario can show them quarreling over something, where they both offer their services to Alucard but refuse to join him together while the non chosen will get angry and attack Alucard triggering a boss fight)

    -A sentient Iron maiden will clamp down on a foe and keep squishing it making blood gush out so Alucard can heal with dark metamorphosis. Higher level the greater the size and thus the enemies it can hold, can only attack bleeding creatures, and perhaps make non bleeding enemies do so later… How this will be incorporated…

    -A Succubus Alucard can now choose to let the Succubus live and she will charm enemies into standing still, while at higher levels she could charm the enemies to not harm you at all (you just pass right trough them) and at the later levels, the enemies will fight for you (only every so often of course) This could of course trigger the hidden PSX ending and it could be the succubus that possesses Maria if equipped while fighting Richter and defeating him rather than breaking the spell, starting a special fight where Alucard has to fight Maria And Richter at once.

    -A Penguin, a familiar that can lay eggs containing items, slide on its belly to attack enemies, and in later levels grow and fly. (yeah another comical one, but this one actually useful).

    -A fluffy bunny, (description: Legendary beast can only be killed by the Holy hand grenade) at.the first levels it will just look cute and gnaw on a carrot while in its idle animation, while at later levels it will leap at enemies and gnaw on their throats (those with necks anyways) until they die.

    • Esco says:

      First off: if you EVER spam my page again like you JUST did (six comments in a row? SMH) you are blocked…. PERIOD.

      Secondly: normally I would delete a post like this that didn’t follow directions (I deleted the other 5 without reading them due to your spamfest)….. but this is actually a VERY, VERY good one with some descent ideas and it is very detailed. The biggest issue with most of these would be sprites; I already have enough problem with finding sprite artists to help me with what I already need, without even thinking about adding in even more. Not to mention some of them are just plain…………. nuts (penguin and fluffy bunny? fuck no, lol).

      Also……….. no nude fairy. Just no.

    • A. Rox says:

      I really liked this idea, so i decided to try and see if i could provide some sprites as a representation of your comment, though i’m still an amateur i just did this for fun. What do you think?
      (Just pray i don’t mess up the link like i usually do…)

  6. Aldo says:

    why not use the richter sprites from the remake of rondo of blood from the PSP ?

  7. Alissom says:

    whether you noticed but Esco Adrian is a Vampire is not a Vampire Hunter. Then why not remove all of the Richter Sub-Weapons . These are my suggestions :
    To replace the holy water by an incendiary bomb that StartΒ΄s Like This
    And Later Can Be This
    and in place of the bible put a shiny aura with the same purpose of making damage when the enemies approach you like this :

  8. Bigorados says:

    Hey….here’s a Katana Animation that i did to Alucard, if you like the Idea… i can polish it so you can use in the game:

    • Esco says:

      That………… is actually excellent for a rough draft man. I already have a katana animation for Alucard that is very similar to that, but I could use the animation for the SWORD itself. That one actually looks perfect, except between frames 5/10 & 6/10 the sword should be straight out with no wave on it for 1 frame before it goes to the curved one of putting it away. Can you correct that? I could then use it for his ducking and standing katana. However I would need slightly different ones for when jumping and slashing diagonally downward. If you want, send me your MSN messenger name and we can discuss it privately there. If you don’t have MSN messenger, just DL it and setup a sn please, as that is the only form of online communication I use frequently. πŸ™‚

  9. Dengo says:

    esco here i suggested some unused animations/items from SOTN to make them usable on your game if you love to :

    20000 gil chest :

    Richter spin kick :

    i will edit richter’s spin kick sprite if you want to use it

    • Esco says:

      Those are already being used. However, if you are interested in doing some sprite edits, I could use the help. Please show me an example of some of your previous work. πŸ™‚

  10. Hey, after seeing that demo video of Alucard, I have a suggestion concerning the air dashes:

    At the completion of either forward or backward air dashes, perhaps you could snatch a frame or two from the “upside down alucard” animation you get when you space jump and hit the ceiling, to finish the move with a flip.

    So for a backward air dash, you take the earlier frame from the ground back air dash, and when Alucard begins to slow down you play through the rest of the frames (so it looks like he’s expanding backward), short pause, then a couple of frames of him doing a back flip before he begins falling.

    For the forward air dash, same thing except you take the frames from his “run start” animation, the one where he’s on one foot and covering his front with his cape, and finish with a forward flip.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  11. Cass says:

    Hey there Esco!

    Did you delete my last response, or did it disappeared due to some bug? Anyway, in the case it disappeared before you could read it, here it goes: man, I’m really embarassed, cuz I edited the very same pain animation you were using for Slogra, and I had no idea you were doing so. Also, let me explain that I’ll get my notebook fixed this week and an internet connection as well (I’ve been missing both of them since the last 6 months, thats’s why I was using my company’s mac for pixel art and contacting you) But now I’ve quit my job, so all work will get done at home. I only ask you for one more week to get stuff fixed (again). I know I’m being insistent about this, but I really DO look forward helping you out in your project, for free, just to see SotN get even better.

    • Esco says:

      Three things:

      1)Do not spam me…. ever. As the faq says post ONE comment to me at a time and that is it. If you forget something, it will have to wait until next time. I appreciate your offer to help, and after seeing your excellent work on Trevor I welcome it, but you are not exempt from the rules everyone else has to follow. Respond to me ever again with a comment or question in a rude manner (like the last comment you left, and yes I deleted it) and you are blocked, on the spot.

      2) I do not approve every comment I see on here; if it is a conversation between you and me (as this has been), I read the comment, then DELETE it. There is no need for some things to be left up after I read them like that, as they are not the rest of the world’s business. πŸ™‚ Now if it were a generic comment with a suggestion or a question I felt that SHOULD be left up then it would be. Otherwise it would go bye bye too, which could be for a NUMBER of reasons. It is never personal though.

      3)I do not check my blog 24/7; I have a very active social life, and I may not see comments until a day later. Patience is a necessity.

      Seriously…. if you want to help, I am very grateful for your help. But you still have to follow the rules.

      Also, I am sorry about your job, that sucks and I am sorry to hear it did not work out. About needing a week, that is fine, I will wait until you get setup. πŸ™‚ No worries there.

  12. Justin says:

    Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I am beyond impressed by your work. I’ve used GameMaker casually for a few years, but really didn’t think it was capable of reproducing SotN to the degree that you have.

    Anyway, as to why I’m posting in this section, I was wondering how you might feel about having a higher resolution logo screen/ logo for the project in general. I made a couple of quick mockups that you can view here:

    I’d be happy to make any changes or alterations. Or if you would like to keep the logo as is that’s totally understandable. Either way, best of luck with the project and I can’t wait to play more!

    • Esco says:

      That is a very nice logo; it looks very professional and I may use the black one. Please place them both in front of a plain bright blue/pink background so I can easily cut and paste them. If I do use them I will give you full credit. πŸ™‚

      Do you have any skills with sprites and tiles as well?

      • Justin says:

        I kept working on those logos earlier and came up with these that I am linking. I think this brings the professionalism of the logos way up. These are full resolution and transparent .pngs. If you would still like the other ones I’ll post .pngs of those too.

        I do make my own sprites and tiles, but I dont consider myself a pixel artist. I prefer working with vector images for my graphics. I’ll include a pic of my current project. It’s still VERY early on. It just so happens to be very SotN-inspired. X)

        So what in the way of sprites and tiles are you needing? I can certainly edit current tiles and whatnot. Create some variation or even whole new things. Making pixel art from scratch is all I stay away from.

      • Esco says:

        Hey Justin, it would mostly be touching up new sprites I have had made, as well as making new frames for currently existing sprite sets (for example, when Serio made me a snapping finger animation for Dracula). I do not plan on making whole new enemies, or whole new characters, if that is what you meant by making pixel art from scratch, so no worries there. That would be too much work, and we have more than enough as is to work with. πŸ™‚

        However, let me say that your work thus far is very impressive; both sets of logos are excellent and very professional looking. I would honestly still like a set of the first logos on a plain background too for sure. I really like both sets a lot. Do you have an MSN messenger screen name that I can message you on so that we can discuss this further privately?

      • Justin says:

        I don’t get a chance to get on messenger much, but you can email me at **CENSORED**. I usually can respond pretty quickly.

        I’m in the middle of a move, so it may take a day or two to get that first set of logos sent to you. All my computer things are spread out between two places. I’ll be sure to get them as soon as I get set back up though.

        Like I said, I’d be happy to do any edits or touch ups you’re needing. Just let me know. I want to help any way I can. I’d love to contribute some original vector art, I’m just not sure how it would look sitting next to pixel art. Maybe I could do some experimenting.

      • Esco says:

        Ok, I added you on. Congrats on the new place. Once you are setup in it, we can determine a time to chat about the hack.

      • Justin says:

        Thanks man. I’m all set up now so feel free to hit me up at that address. The one I sent was for emails, which I check most frequently. When I can get on messenger the address is **CENSORED** but that isn’t extremely often.

  13. Cass says:

    Hey Esco,

    Got Slogra finished in no time, simple stuff. I’ve set up things here far sooner than I expected, so I’m able to do some good work πŸ˜€ Actually, I was troubled cuz I currently don’t have internet connection at my (new) home, so all spritework will be done here at work. But now that I downloaded some tools and stuff, that won’t be an issue.

    Here goes the link:

    I missed his unarmed poses on purpose, just in case I have to fix something in the armed poses first.

    And for the second frame I made, I know you said his landing pose was ok, but I found really awkward that he would keep his feet straight flat while in mid-air, so I also edited that pose. If you like, you could use the original one for when his feet actually touches the floor. That’d be cool.

    Anyway, thank Serio for the great rip. If you’re happy with my simple edit, please, assign me more stuff! If you’re not, please tell me what needs to be fixed. Thanks!

    • Esco says:

      Hey Cass, thanks for trying, but I am sorry but that will not work; it looks like you rotated some sprite pieces that just didn’t come out looking good after, and the edges on the sprite also look bad and rough (there are transparent pixels everywhere). It is a good attempt, but just rotating/resizing sprites is not the way that you want to focus on making new sprites. However, it does seem like you have some serious talent and potential, for sure.

      If you want to try again, you are welcome too. To be more specific what I want is a jumping animation for slogra WITHOUT his spear. He will just be hopping forward like in my vid here at 3:28:

      If you are not sure whether or not your sprite looks good when done, compare it to other pieces from the set on spriters-resource or serio’s site. If your sprite doesn’t look as detailed as them or looks out of place, it probably needs more work. If it does look like it fits in, then you are good to go, and should then show me it.

      I look forward to seeing what you come up with. πŸ™‚

  14. Cass says:

    My point here is the relations between artwork and sprites. I noticed you used HoD’s portrait for Richter in the prologue, and it went sick, amazing indeed. But are planning to abandon Kojima’s original design for SotN? It would be awesome if you keep “Ryu-Richter” for the prologue and “noble Richter” for the rest of the game, as an older version of the former. (Of course, I’m not talking about those awlful Saturn sprites, but a complete sprite edit, with quality and elegance)

    Also for Dracula and Shaft, characters that don’t match their artworks as well: do you plan having sprite edits of them? Altough Dracula’s outfit in the game (and its baroque tones) are great, personally once I edited a Dracula pose with Kojima’s black detailed outfit, and it went really awesome! (Unfortunately I’m at work now and not able to upload it at the moment, but if you grow interest in the idea, I offer myself to edit his whole sprite sheet. I’m a great pixel artist, tough I have no works here to show you right now )

    • Esco says:

      I do not have interest in editing Dracula; however there are a ton of other sprites that I could use your help editing. If you are interested in doing sprite work, show me an example of one or two things you have come up with in the past. πŸ™‚

      • Cass says:

        Sure, I’ll show you ASAP. I have some past in Castlevania fangames, which included remakes of all NES games. The one I achieved more progress was Dracula’s Curse, before it was terribly cancelled. Here’s the video link:

        Well, the computer usage rules here at my work are strict, so that’s all I’m able to show you for now. However give me a week or two and I’ll be able to set things up here, and show you my pixel art in details. Then I can start working on your hack for real.

        BTW, could you name some of the edits you’re planning to assign me, so I’m able to come up with some ideas in the meantime?

      • Esco says:

        I have seen that video before Cass; however you didn’t actually specify WHAT is yours in it. πŸ™‚

        Anyway, please try to show me something much sooner than a week or two. Sorry to say that, but my thought process is this: if it takes that long just to see an example of your work, than imagine how long it will take you to just to do a few new sprites. However on that note, let me also clarify that I tell anyone who offers to help that I prefer they take their time (within reason) and do good work, then rush and put out trash that I then have to reject, lol. Plus real life ALWAYS comes first before game making, sprite editing, etc. πŸ™‚

        As for an example of a sprite to edit, a small one I would need is an animation for when Slogra jumps UP in the air; the part where he comes down is fine, but going up wise, right now all he uses is his pain animation, which looks retarded.

  15. DMA says:

    Hi Esco,

    I’ve been following your work on this project for a while now, and first and foremost I wanted to say THANK YOU for all you have done, and will do, on this project! Your efforts have been nothing short of spectacular!

    With that said, I have a suggestion: While you were working on the actual PSX file for your project, the name “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Hacked” made sense, since that was exactly what it was. However, now that you’re recreating the game from scratch basically in Game Maker, it seems the name should change to something else. Perhaps “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Redux By Esco”, or something similar? My thinking on this is that this is your(!) project, and you should take ownership of it. Just a thought.

    Again, THANK YOU for all you have done and will do!

  16. rasgarblue says:

    Sorry if I’m putting this in the wrong place – since this is for aesthetics, it seems like it should be in artistic. But this could also count as programmatic…

    Assuming that you will be able to implement the Joseph’s Cloak the same way it was in the original game, how hard would it be to apply that code elsewhere? I think it would be cool to have a “Joseph’s suit” or something that would allow you to change the colors of the rest of Alucard’s clothes. And since you mentioned having equippables for Richter and Maria, perhaps they could be color-customizable as well.

    • Esco says:

      Only the cloak will be changed for Alucard; nothing else. Maria and Richter will have color customization as well.

      BTW as for the sprites, for the black panther, I just need when he is first crouched down, and his running, and jumping frames. That is all for him.

      For the warg, I understand he is in pieces. But I will tell you what I tell anyone else: if you cannot do it correct, do not do it. I would hate for you to put some much time into something, only for it to be wrong and me to have to reject it.

      Anyway do you use MSN messenger? It would take up too much space to discuss this stuff here. Please send me your SN and I will message you on there instead.

      • rasgarblue says:

        Wow, I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I thought I was subscribed to this thing, so I was waiting to get an email so I wouldn’t have to keep checking the blog. Guess I’ll have to take another look at my settings.

        Anyway, I don’t really use a messenger of any kind. Someone tried to get me to use one before, and I never remembered to open it. I do, however, keep my email client open on my computer at all times, so I’ll definitely get your message if you email me. My email would be

        Sorry I’m not quite done with the sprites yet, been busy with a couple of other things. But I’m fairly confident that I’ll be able to put the warg together.

  17. VladCT says:

    So I decided to just mess around with the palette (specifically the shading of the clothes), and I actually figured out a good one for her:

    Does it need any more tweaking?

    RESPONSE: No, that looks good. I will try it out in game, and if I decide to use it I will credit you for the palette edit. Thanks.

  18. VladCT says:

    After comparing the three playable character sprites, Maria stood out for having poppy bright colors that don’t fit with the rest of the game well, is it possible to modify her colors to something like the one on Serio’s Castlevania Fighter character select image (sprite below)?

    I tried to swap the palettes on a spritesheet myself, but it came out ugly, so I assume some sprite editing is in order, and I lack the skill to do so efficiently.
    Oh, and I have no idea why Serio decided not to go through with it (if you compare it with the in-game sprites, you can see that he’s using the non-edited Maria sprites).

    RESPONSE BY ESCO: That, actually looks pretty good. But if you aren’t doing the editing it’s not happening. lol

  19. zergmico says:

    Everything went fine to me ( i’ve just play it about 6 times, i’ve managed to get the demo just this morning :P) i just want to say, ||about the “run movement”, Richter should keep running after make an attack, special move, using subweapon etc.||
    oh, and i have no words to describe my gratefulness, keep the nice work esco.

    RESPONSE BY ESCO: thanks but next time please make sure to put your response in the correct post. This one is for ARTISTIC SUGGESTIONS ONLY. πŸ™‚

  20. Josh Strife says:

    EDIT BY ESCO: Funny how I say NOT to put programmatic suggestions in this thread, and what is the SECOND COMMENT I see? Why a programmatic suggestion of course.

    Do this again and you are instantly blocked. I better not get a response from you either; learn to follow directions if you ever hope to have people take your suggestions seriously.

  21. Lelygax says:

    Im here to say sorry, I sayied to you that I wlll post some better idea today but I dont, sorry Im out of ideas for now, but I will help you in whatever I can, I only need have a idea in what xD
    Wait and you see

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