Time is up; thanks to all who contributed and showed me their support; it is greatly appreciated.

Questions and answers are now up! If your question was not answered I apologize, but my blog received well over 350 views in just yesterday alone, and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many questions for me to answer them all.

I plan to do another one of these sessions in a few months, so if I didn’t answer you this time, feel free to try again then. πŸ™‚

There were also a few questions asked that have already been answered on the FAQ on here, so for those of you who have not read it, please do so now.

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  1. Hi Esco,

    I’ve spoken before of my opinion on the subject of “Moves” in the game – the perhaps streetfighter-II-esque quarter-circle and back-forward moves which i feel were one of the touches that set SoTN apart, and helped make it the classic it is. I also asked you once if you were planning to add more of these, or even different ones. You answered no. I said i loved flying with the gravity jump and hoped you’d remove or move the bat and mist, to force you to fly using the super-jump, but you said you had other plans.

    Is that still the same, and will at least some moves be kept? (As in, will you remove many or all of the ones that exist by removing weapons or features?)

    Thanx, still looking forward to the hack with glee,


    ANSWER: Yes, my response is still the same and will NEVER change. πŸ™‚ The way I have the controls setup now, you can easily jump and whip, then frenzy whip, then double jump, then high jump with the greatest of ease, and without even touching the ground. It makes the controls feel MUCH more fluid. But let me clarify one thing: weapon specials still might require a controller motion to do, as will spells.

  2. vladct says:

    Will it still be possible to navigate using the original SotN castle map?

    ANSWER: If you mean will there be an onscreen map that you can pull up like in the original game, yes for sure.

  3. Hi Esco, good job on all of this hack.
    It was amazing in the Memhack one, this one will be 1000th times even better, like what the Original SOTN should have been.
    Thanks for working on this for all this time! πŸ˜€

    My question will be, will you make a sort of menu that allows Richter and Maria to heal via potions/Healing Items/Status Healers? Or will you make them immune to aliments per se?

    I thiiiink, that should be a question like how you wanted them. Sorry if I couldn’t be clearer enough.

    ANSWER: It’s cool, your question is very clear. Yes they will have menus just like Alucard, and WILL be vulnerable to status effects. This is what I meant on the FAQ by EVERYONE will have a full game. πŸ™‚

  4. It does seem like there’s a number of morons posting msgs. Don’t worry about them, Esco. Just ignore them or block them and put your time into creating a kick ass sotn remake. I think the game community will really appreciate it once it’s closer to being finished. Thanks.

    ANSWER: Although this is not a question, I feel the need to respond to this: first off I thank you for your support, but I can assure you that I never lets haters, morons, rude people, etc. bother me. I could care less what they think and I simply block them; problem solved. πŸ™‚

    And honestly, I do feel like I already get a lot of appreciation as is. An average I am getting around 5000 views a month now. And for a blog made by someone who isn’t famous at all or even important, that is pretty damn good. That type of stuff motivates me even more, and makes me want to work even harder than I already do.

  5. Mico says:

    well, there is so much question to ask, here i go:
    do you plan to add something like an ultimate attack? or hi-ogi ( speaking of other games ^^’ )

    ANSWER: That is an interesting question……. for Richter I do plan to give him hunter’s assault (the POR special attack) but it would be much stronger, and keep the enemy in place until the combo ends. and For Maria, I do have a dark maria mode planned. But for Alucard, no he is fine as he is. Although the sword brothers spell can now be charged up to do MASSIVE holy type damage, at the cost of using MP to do it.

    P.S. I have no idea what a hi-ogi is.

  6. Rian Q. says:

    What do you have in mind to fix the issue of drop rates in the Castlevania series in general? As in, killing a monster with a 1% drop rate several times resulting in you gaining several levels of experience in the process. Are you going to plan something for this such as higher drop rates, conditional drops, cumulative % chances, or just let it be?

    ANSWER: This is an excellent question: drop rates will be increased, and dropped items will generally be less valuable and less powerful than items that you find. Also since enemies now can have different levels, a level 5 bloody zombie, may not drop a rare item that a level 20 zombie might drop. Some drops may also be set to not occur if you already possess one of the item. There are many things I can do here, but right now it is all WIP. But I can assure you that the final method will be MUCH more balanced than drops are now. I see no point in someone having to spend HOURS trying to get one item. It is just aggravating, and not fun at all.

  7. Killo says:

    Hey, so um esco regarding weapons and such, you’re going to add weapons from other castlevania 2D games right? Like Dawn of sorrow, Aria of Sorrow, Harmony of dissonance etc, and if you are going to (sorry yeah another question) Is alucard or richter going to change their sprites for special outfits? such as like wearing Juste’s clothes changes the sprites of richter’s or Soma’s “Casual Clothes” changes the sprite for Alucard, Or even Dracula’s Mail changing alucards outfit.

    ANSWER: Sprites will not change based on equipment 99% of the time. The exception to this is things like capes changing outfit colors to an extent. That will be included (ex. cape changes alucard’s cape colors/richter’s outfit colors/maria’soutfit color). But I still have to figure out how this can be done quickly and efficiently in GM.

  8. Zachary Rodell says:

    First Off I want to say I like how the game is progressing so far. I have a lot of questions but suppose the most important to me honestly is if the game is based on symphony or the Saturn version of the game. While symphony is the version a lot of people liked, Nocturne (while it didn’t look as good) Seemed and felt more complete to me.
    Rereading that it occurs that it may be asking more than one question in a question so ill sum it up.
    Will you be using the Saturn map (with the extra areas in it) or the Playstation map?

    ANSWER: I am glad that you like the way that it looks. However, this question has already been answered in the FAQ here; please read it. πŸ™‚

  9. BullockDS says:

    Are you planning on giving Richter familiars, or are those gonna be exclusive to Alucard?

    ANSWER: Richter will NEVER have Familiars; Belmonts are real men, they don’t need no stinkin familiars, lol. Maria might have one to represent each of the four Chinese gods; but that is an idea that is still WIP.

  10. torgalexx says:

    Hi, Esco! Can you post link with your alucard or richter object for Gamemaker? I try to make Castlevania game myself but I can’t figure out lot of things and your object would help me lot.
    Thank you.

    ANSWER: Now…….. here is a perfect example everyone of the type of question NOT to put up. It should be common sense not to ask a developer for bits and pieces from his game. Not only that, but this person has already asked me this question once, and I deleted his comment.

    Well torgalexx, since you lack the sense to know better than to ask a COMPLETE STRANGER to give you HUGE parts of a project that is IN DEVELOPMENT let me answer your question for you: NO! HELL NO! HELL MOTHERFUCK NO!

    On that note: IF YOU DO THIS AGAIN I WILL BLOCK YOU FASTER THAN THE FAT CHICK IN A GROUP OF HOT GIRLS!!! You will not get another warning, and I better not even see a response from you to this.

    And everyone can also feel free to thank this genius; he has now wasted one of the responses I was going to put up.

    EDIT: This user still decided to comment back even after I told him not to above; he is now banned from commenting.

  11. JVC says:

    My simple question is:
    Will the castle be completly remodeled or simply enhanced with some more rooms?

    Thats all.
    Thank you for any response whatsoever :).

    ANSWER: The first castle will MOSTLY be the same, with just a few changes (although the game flow will be different; meaning the player will have to tackle the stage in a different order).

    For the 2nd castle some will still be reverse versions of the first castle, but others will be changed and new. There will also be more rooms in both castles.

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