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Release A10 R1 of the Castlevania: SOTN Hacked engine is out (CLOSED)!

This is an old release and is no longer supported. Controls: Movement is done with the d-pad (there is no analog support at this time, and probably never will be) or with the keyboard (TO USE THE KEYBOARD “USE JOYPAD” … Continue reading

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Place all bug reports here! (Updated 1/7/12)

READ ME BEFORE POSTING: This post is made for any and all bug reports; please make sure that you are playing the most current version before submitting a report, and that you have attempted to reproduce the bug at least … Continue reading

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Artistic Suggestions Post: place all of your graphics suggestions/critiques here.

This post is for anyone who sees something in the SOTN: Hacked engine and thinks “Ooooh, I know a way to make that look cooler” or “Oh, I can think of a neat effect to put here instead.” Feel free … Continue reading

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EDIT: the first demo of the SOTN: Hacked engine will be put out tomorrow on 11/22.   My apologies for the delay, but I have been hard at work finishing off all of the effects in the prologue stage! Those … Continue reading

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Castlevania: SOTN Hacked Engine: demo video # 1: prologue

This is a quick video showing of a few bitss of the prologue stage with Richter Belmont. There are a few sound issues, and the framerate is VERY slightly degraded, but this occurred when I recorded the video. The game … Continue reading

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Time is up; thanks to all who contributed and showed me their support; it is greatly appreciated. Questions and answers are now up! If your question was not answered I apologize, but my blog received well over 350 views in … Continue reading

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