10/25/11: WIP log – Dracula Battle (UPDATED 11/21, ALL DONE!)

This is a quick blog post that will be updated as I create and make more tweaks to the Dracula battle. It is designed to basically let everyone gauge how much more work I have to do before I can release a demo of the hack. Once the Dracula battle is completed, all that’s left is the picture snapped afterwards (a few hours of work) and the dialogue screen afterwards. I also need to implement a way to soft reset the game and a box to confirm to exit the game when escape is hit. All minor things.
I am considering now whether to make this release dxc English voices only, or include the old voices and Japanese ones as well. I may keep those for the next release, so I can get this out in the next 3 weeks (I am already a week and a half behind schedule). I really don’t want to keep you guys waiting too long.
I have also completed the parent object for all enemy projectiles: it is similar to the one in SOTN, however now projectiles get their own unique sound when damaged, blink white when damaged, and I have added some new features like weapons being able to do different amounts of projectile damage, which is separate from how much damage each strike does to an enemy. This will make it much easier to balance out weapon sets, and make the gameplay MUCH more creative.
A simple example of this is Richter being able to destroy a large Gaibon fireball by brandishing his whip with a hit, but taking 2 hits if he whips it with a normal strike (thus not allowing you to stand there whipping Gaibon to death while he fires, and making his attack more challenging).
Dracula (first form): OFFICIALLY COMPLETE!
  • Completed timing of poses during dialogue, and glass cup being thrown & shattering.
  • Completed his teleport effects
  • Completed his hellfire attack
  • Completed his fatal ray attack, projectile, and particles
  • Completed his dark inferno attack, projectile, and particle
  • Completed his flame pillar attack & all associated particles
  • Basic AI is complete
  • Input all necessary sounds for his DXC English voice
  • Input all sprites for Dracula1, and all of his attacks, along with their special effects.
  • Completed animation where he stretches out his arms and causes a white screen effect and all other nuances including sounds related to it.
Dracula (2nd form): OFFICIALLY COMPLETE!
  • Input all of the gfx for Dracula 2, as well as his attacks, effects, etc.Dracula (second form)
  • Basic AI
  • Copied AI for fireball patterns from Memhack file (easy and quick!)
  • Completed charge up attack
  • Completed Shotgun fire
  • Completed Gigavolt
  • Completed Plasma Rain
  • Put in sound effects (quick and easy too)
  • Put in new firestorm move
  • Completed death flames and sounds
Dracula (both forms)
  • Special effect to transition from his first form into his second form
  • Black hole completed (FINALLY!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to the Snidr who coded this object in FROM SCRATCH for me!!! Special thanks to Olivier who made the render video and initial 3d object, and also to Jorge Fuentes as well for being the first to attempt to create it!)
  • Effect where tiles in room break apart and shrink is completed! This was actually much more complex than I thought to make it look just as cool as it did originally!
  • Soft reset completed
  • Escape confirm box completed
  • Photo after dracula battle is FINISHED!
  • Stage Clear screen is done!
  • Dialogue Screen after battle
  • Final Stage: bloodlines at start of prologue completed


All done! First release will be on 11/22/11!


…………. nuff said. πŸ˜‰
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15 Responses to 10/25/11: WIP log – Dracula Battle (UPDATED 11/21, ALL DONE!)

  1. Milk Chocolate Ketchup says:

    Before I download this… just how much more linear did you make this? Personally, I LOVE the exploration aspect of SOTN..

  2. Munchy says:

    I love how Dracula is standing there casually with one hand in his pocket. So badass.

  3. George says:

    Anyways, I can’t wait for this “hack” to be complete. Maybe you should call it Symphony of the Night Redux. Like Apocalypse Now Redux. Esentially it’s the same base but a different experience.

  4. George says:

    Hey Esco, just wondering about the graphics. I noticed different background clouds. The original were I guess flat 3D images which looked awesome. Is there anyway to simulate that? Planning to?

  5. DarkLordSoma says:

    Hey Esco! It’s been a while sense I’ve posted here on the forum but far as Richter’s Main Game… Are you considering on taking out the blue “Name Bar” next to his Health for the his Normal Mode gameplay? (Not Classic Mode & Prologue) It would seem kind of useless in his Main Game? Or maybie instead for Normal Mode change the “Rest = 00” to “Level = 00” and in Classic Mode you could leave it at “Rest = 00”

  6. JVC says:

    This is too much,thanks for your deditation ESCO.
    Your the best πŸ™‚

  7. Tremis says:

    Lookin good!

  8. Jack "spliffy" Obama says:

    Gamers are pleased, πŸ™‚

  9. BullockDS says:

    Oooohhh~, “???SECRET???”, huh? Already sounds nifty! πŸ˜›

    Seriously, though, it’s freakin’ amazing how far you’ve come with this, considering you’re doin’ this from scratch now. Damn impressive!

  10. maikson says:

    The things is running much faster, much more than the memhack hack for the SOTN in epsxe

  11. Oliver says:

    Wow developement’s going down nicely! One question thought…did you implemented Richter badass whip control? I’ve never seen it in any other castlevania (exept maybe the 4 but it look crappy)

    • Esco says:

      Do you mean when he brandishes it in front of him? Not yet; but that move will never be available in the intro stage for my “hack” anyway. However it will be in the main game.

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