UPDATE: 10/19/11: Damage effects and overlays completed; bug fixes, and starting on Dracula himself!

Since my previous post I have been hard at work fixing bugs that were anywhere in the code, and finalizing stuff for a beta release, optimizing some stuff (like the views code), arranging other things, etc. I actually did a MAJOR rewrite on the player’s code to make it easier for me to add in the other characters later too. Basically also trying to make the code easier to follow for anyone who wants to modify it.
In addition to this, I have also completed putting in the damage particles needed for the damage types (fire, blood, ice, lit, holy, and dark) and I have completed setting up the overlays used for when the player takes damage. I have to say that I am astonished at how good all of this stuff looks in game maker! My biggest usage of time seems to be just cosmetic stuff, since I just have soooooooo many ways of doing things. I tend to try several things, before I finally decide on what I want to do.
I also implemented the script for when the action is frozen in game (Like when Maria powers up Richter). In the original game, this was used quite a bit in game; however I no longer intend to use it for things like the summon spirit spell, or even shield spells. It just feels like it interrupts the game play and is unnecessary. There are other, better ways of doing stuff like that, without a sudden pause.
I have also completed putting in all of the gfx for Dracula’s first form. I am now beginning to code in the timing for the animations, and his AI. After that I will be starting on Dracula’s 2nd form and doing the same.
Stay tuned for more updates, coming soon………….

EDIT: some quick pics of the fire damage, and cut damage being inflicted on the player, and some pics of some attacks hitting some placeholder testing enemies:

Lastly here is a picture of Richter’s new intro stage portrait (taken from some DXC art and edited by Jorge Fuentes):

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22 Responses to UPDATE: 10/19/11: Damage effects and overlays completed; bug fixes, and starting on Dracula himself!

  1. Bigorados says:

    no it didnt take that long i did these tests on like 2 days… and i was testing the styles, alot of things happened so i didnt have time… ill stilll try until u say yes .-. … thats it .-.

    • Esco says:

      I asked you to demonstrate what you can do, and you did…….. so I gave you my feedback. πŸ™‚ If you can do something better than you should have presented me that instead. The images MUST be up to the level of quality of SOTN, or I cannot use them. Nice and simple. If you want to try again, feel free to but please do so within the next 3 days. Just 3-4 frames of an animation will do. Thanks.

  2. Oliver says:

    Hey Esco

    I’ve send you everything you need for the vortex,

    The only thing thats missing its the gradiant on each ring + the lighting, that must be done in GM

  3. Oliver says:

    Hey Esco!

    You’ve told me to report on sunday so here here I am (I’m working tonight so I wont be around then)

    Really its a tougher job than I expected. At first I go crazy with my tool, but i’ve stop since i dont really know what GM is capable of in 3D stuff (Lighting,multi-texture,ambiant color etc.)

    I’ve been looking very carefully at the video you sent me and really its more complex than i imagine. I think the model itself isn’t polygon at all ! it really look like a nurbs (pre-polygon era),
    that why the model is acting strange (like moving a little), give a neat on this thought. No FU***** way that GM support nurbs.
    But there is always a way to fake stuff and here’s is what I got so far (still working ALOT on the light, I suck at those 😦 )


    The animation look weird right now, but taht’s because i’m using a 1 piece texture, not tilable like the orginal…I did that because the hole does not look black enough with the original texture.
    Perphaps I could do that with a light maybe…Anway. hope you dont hate it too much, I think there a bit more work to do but still I want your opinion.

    BTW What version of GM do you use? I think im gonna try to maybe get around with it to know what really are teh capability of GM…For now I can only send you the OBJ adn texture…but the entire effect cant be export…it must be done in GM

    Anway see yah!

    • Esco says:

      Hey man, thanks for the heads up! I don’t see ANY animation in the image that you linked to, just a still shot that is WAY too rough, and triangular looking for me to use. I do not believe it is a NURB in the game; it is handled like any other 3d object from what I can see, but I could be wrong. It tilts, angles, rotates and zooms in and out; I controlling it myself in the video, to show it from various angles and speeds.

      It appears what they MAY have done is set up some kind of light/gradient that sweeps over the 3d object as it rotates, coupled with a flashing one in certain spots; giving it the ILLUSION that the texture is moving towards the center, when it is not. But I am not sure honestly. You can also notice that where each “ring” ends and the next one begins that it is always darker there too.

      FYI: The hole on the original was actually empty. It just had a black background behind it to make it look black.

      I use GM 8.1; if you tell me WHAT I need to be able to do in it I can make a post on the GM forums, and see what people can tell me. There are a lot of experts on there; if anything we should chat on MSN and you can give me more details. What times tomorrow are you free (EST)?

  4. normanfabian says:

    Hi esco. Look I am very interested but I am new here, I would like to know if you can help me.

    I want to ask you a favor… Can you tell me where do you get the sound effects for the game, I am doing an animation but I can get those sounds. Thanks!!!

    • Esco says:

      No problem, get the newest version of psound, get cdmage, and an iso for SOTN. Open the ISO in cdmage, all VB (not VH files) have sounds. Extract the file you want, and open it in psound. Go to configure, and then under sample rate you will have to try different values until the sound seems to play at the right speed. Lastly, extract the sound.

      For any other help you will have to experiment some, or look around on the net.

  5. Gokajern says:

    Looking awesome as usual, but what about “elementals” like hit and cut, are those gonna be implemented or you’ll just have only one type of weapon damage and leave the rest to actual elementals.

  6. maikson says:

    When I was reading I already though how hes gonna do the animations for dracula and the enemies, but you already are playing with effects and animations like elemental damages on enemies that were moving around.

  7. George says:

    Wow, this is awesome esco. I’ve been following the hack for a few years now. Amazing stuff! Thanks a lot too. We all appreciate it.

  8. Munchy says:

    I like the new element-color effect. It’s not nearly as hard on the eyes as the old one.

  9. Oliver says:

    This is awsome! Richter Portrait is pretty cool…but from what I see, you are using the psp voice sound am I right? 😦

    • Esco says:

      You will have a choice between PSP, and japanese voices. If the person doing the work on the japanese ones finishes hit part. I may also put in the psx voices later.

  10. vexxen says:

    The work is looking fantastic! Good job on progress man.

  11. Gemini says:

    And apparently wordpress didn’t like that link. Let’s try again…

  12. JVC says:

    Looking really good ESCO!!!
    Thanks for all your hard work on this on behalf of all Castlevania Fan gamers πŸ™‚

  13. Jack "spliffy" Obama says:

    Very cool, the portrait is a classy.

  14. Munchy says:

    Gnarly. I like Richter’s new portrait.

    Had a question about the hitting sound effects. I know you said you could change them, but do you do this by renaming a .wav file? Or is there a debug menu for it?

    • Esco says:

      If you mean from a user’s perspective It is in the options menu; if you mean from a programmer’s perspective I just use an if then else statement.

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