Deciding on how to setup controls and languages (EDITED on 9/30):

I’ll cut to the chase: SOTN has always been, and always will be, primarily a controller pad based game. It was not initially designed with the idea of using a keyboard to play it for obvious reasons. However, I recognize that there are a few of you out there who do enjoy playing these types of games on a Kboard. So I have decided on a setup that will keep SOTN  primarily as a controller game, but also allow those of you with a keyboard only to still play it:
  1. By default, the game will check to see if it detects a joypad on startup; if there is one present it will automatically configure the game for use with a pad. However, a separate, and very small ini file will be included that will be easily editable. By changing the appropriate value from on to off, it will disable the pad, and enable controls through keyboard only. If the game starts and no pad is detected, the game will default to keyboard on it’s own but the INI setting will not change.
  2. If at some point during the game, your pad is disconnected (ex. if you accidentally pull it too hard), upon being reconnected the game will be setup to make sure that it will still function properly with the pad. The same will be true for the keyboard.
  3. The button config for the controller, will be done via a menu in game.. Button config for the keyboard will be done via an INI. To be blunt, I have ZERO interest in Kboard support personally, and do not feel like spending HOURS making a menu in game for it. This is one of those things that I am just doing for the fans
  4. Controller pad will NOT have different options for movement (meaning you move left, right, up and down with the pad); the keyboard will. ALTHOUGH I HAVE SET UP THE OPTIONS SCREEN SO THAT IF YOUR PAD DOES NOT HAVE THE STANDARD VALUES FOR MOVEMENT, it will still work.
  5. Changing from pad to keyboard and vice versa in the middle of the game WILL NOT be doable from an options menu. If you want to change, you have to edit the ini, and reset the game.
As for language support, as of right now the only one I have enabled is the new English voices from the PSP version. The reason is that there are a LOT more clips for Richter, and with the judgement sounds a lot more for Dracula and Death (they have the same voice actors as the PSP SOTN) as well that I can use. As for the OLD English voices from the original game, I am not sure if I will include them or not. Since that would mean that some parts would not have a sound clip for them in game (since the voice actors are different); but I may have a way around this.
As for Japanese voices, well to be blunt I have had SEVERAL people volunteer to help; thus far none of them have produced anything. I know that several of you out there want to have the option to use these, but I personally do not care about them. So with that being said:

If you guys want japanese voice overs included I will need a SERIOUS volunteer to do the following:

  1. Be able to understand both japanese and english; this will be necessary for the 2nd and 3rd tasks
  2. Be willing to match up the Japanese dialogue with the american text: I know what clips go where, but the text speed would have to be programmed to match the speech like in SOTN. So in other words the text types out with it’s equivalent dialogue. This is very easy to do, but somewhat time consuming. The volunteer would be provided everything that he/she needs. They would then just run the program, and note at what point on the display timer for the sound each bit of text should be typed out at, sentence by sentence (word by word would take too long, IMHO).
  3. Lastly, there will be a few sound clips from judgement (maybe 10) that I will need matched with their English equivalent. The same for the PSP version (maybe about 5 here).

Let me make this clear: if I do NOT receive a volunteer to work with the Japanese voices, I WILL NOT BE DOING THEM!

More updates to come soon……….
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7 Responses to Deciding on how to setup controls and languages (EDITED on 9/30):

  1. 8mike8 says:

    Sounds about right, not too fussed with keyboard support either, more hassle than it’s worth imo…

  2. ne says:

    Thank you very much esco for your time on doing control setup for Keyboard.
    It would help for many of us, who don’t own PC controllers for some reasons..
    The setup you posted here are great enough :3
    Keep it up, everything’s looking perfect!

  3. Munchy says:

    I would be sad if there were no way to access the original PSX voices, but it’s definitely not game breaking since there’s so much else being done with this version.

    What would be incredibly hilarious is having the voices be garbled and nonsense to go along with words appearing on the screen like in Okami or Dante’s scenario in Viewtiful Joe, but I’m not seriously going to expect that unless you’d want me to spend a day or so with a mic and a couple of vodka shots.

  4. Mico says:

    about voices, mmm.. is hard to choose, u know old richter’s voice sounds kinda tard, but in game (while fighting) sounds better.

  5. maikson says:

    The first person to have this opnion, the PSX are so amateur but I like the echo in the voices, sounds like the castle is a castle

  6. The OLD English voices from the original game are so much better than the PSP…

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