Update 9/24/11: Start, load menu and file select screens are completed! (UPDATED ON 9/27)

Rather than trying to clarify what screens, just look at the pics below:
First up: the Start Screen:
Now the Load Menu:
Lastly the File select screen; it now displays only if the current game is cleared, rather than redundantly saying “replay” on every game after you have one cleared file saved. You can save up to 30 games. It also now displays an icon showing which of the 3 characters you are using in the save game. One of the new fonts is also shown in the pic:
I also created this for when the game is loading (which is only when you first run the game; otherwise there is NO LOAD time in the game):
I still have to complete the name change screen, as well the file copy and delete screens, but they are just all basically the file select screen with some minor changes, and can be done VERY quickly. As for the actual screen where you enter your name I will be doing that tomorrow. You will also now be able to select your own icon for your save file, rather than having one randomly assigned to it like the original SOTN did.
More updates to come soon…………

UPDATE: 9/27/11 –

all of the load menus are now complete. This includes the file select, name change, file copy, file delete, name entry and the new character select screen. I have also include the “journey back” screen and the intro video.

Here is a pic of the new name entry/change and avatar select screen:

And also a pic of the character select screen (you can’t tell in the pic but the cursor is over Richter and he is blinking and has some glow):

Next up I FINALLY get to start on the enemy AI, as well as the keyboard/joystick config. Stay tuned……..

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8 Responses to Update 9/24/11: Start, load menu and file select screens are completed! (UPDATED ON 9/27)

  1. Jack "spliffy" Obama says:

    Wow very exicted 😀

  2. Missing Number says:

    your project is interesting, is there a place i can get more info on it? doesn’t exactly feel like the place to ask every thing i wanna know…. (i.e. any more characters planned or possible after completion etc.)

  3. mico says:

    “player select” burrrr… i feel like a shockwave trough my pants, oh… i get excited

  4. bullockds says:

    Wow, sir! This is looking pretty spiffy! Plus, only one load screen? Magnificent!

  5. maikson says:

    1997 konami all rights reserved… 2011 Remake by esco and staff ;D

  6. Tremis says:

    Looking exceptionally good! Very excited for this!

  7. 8mike8 says:

    Sweet! keep it up man

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