Update 9/14: 3d clock tower, demo video, and more (updated on 9/16)

Well I recently completed the looooooooooooooooooong task of making the text line up with the speech during the intro dialogue, as well as completing Richter’s animations during the aforementioned conversation so that they match up with it too. I also fixed several bugs in the game and implemented the first 3d object: an actual 3d clock tower (made by Jorge Fuentes). I have also completed the “auto move” script that automatically moves the character into place for dialogues, and several other times during the game. Next up is the orange overlay with a circle gradient for when Richter powers up the whip. Then I can finally, FINALLY start on Dracula. After that, I will be working on setting up the start screen, as well as the loading/deleting/copying save files screen, and the intro videos (the videos should be very easy and quick).
Here is a quick demo video showing off some basic stuff in the hack:

UPDATE 9/16: I have finally managed to get the orange overlay for Richter working (when he uses the flame whip power up). Special thanks goes to XOT from the GM community who figured out the bug in my surface, and what blend modes to use. I have also put in the Konami logo video from the start of the game, and converted the other 3 in game videos into WMV format so that I can easily play them when needed.. Special thanks goes to Incubus from the Castlevania Dungeon forums for teaching me how to do this.

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22 Responses to Update 9/14: 3d clock tower, demo video, and more (updated on 9/16)

  1. DarkLordSoma says:

    I have to say my self that music is them BOMB! 🙂

  2. maikson says:

    Rasmus Sorber

    LoL, your music is amazing, esco, please take this guy with you 😀

  3. I do indeed. rasmussorber [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. Bigorados says:

    hoho….. not that i dont wanna make the sprites buuut….. look wut I found:

    so if u will use these sprites (serio`s) twill be alright… if not ….. then ill continue making

    • Esco says:

      ………. yeah ummm you really are clueless aren’t you? I have already placed that sprite into my game looooooooooooooong ago and I even mentioned Serio’s sprite by name in my previous post.. And I only meant that I wanted to see a demo of what you could come up with for the sprite, as in one SINGLE frame for Richter. I hope that you are not making an entire sheet for it, before even giving me a chance to see if I like your work or not. I would hate to waste your time for nothing. 🙂

  5. http://tindeck.com/album/uuwkn

    I suppose this can serve as a demo of sorts. I usually work with symphonic metal and this is a fully original instrumental album of mine. So if you like certain parts of it and think that style would be fitting to any of the inverse castle areas then I’ll happily get to it. :3

  6. Hey, Esco, if you want some OST remakes for the game, I can compose and produce em. (Thought of it since you mentioned support for MP3 and similair formats somewhere).

    If you want the original soundtrack in place then thats cool too, since I’m a huge fan of it myself. :3

    • Esco says:

      Thanks for the offer, and to answer your question I plan on using all of the original music in the game. However, I will be putting in some new tracks as well (since the 2nd castle does not have enough) so if you have a site with a demo of a song for SOTN, or a remake of a track from another Castlevania game, feel free to post a link to it.

  7. México says:

    EDIT: if I do not post your reply once you probably DO NOT want to repost it like you just did. Strike one.

    I also recommend that you read the faq; as it clearly states how I feel about Saturn gfx there (which is where the Richter Sprite is from that you are linking to).


  8. Bigorados says:

    yes, sure, ill do some rely well maded sprite
    that was just to give an example….. i now that u told that u r welcome to helps then ill sure help u and do a decent work 🙂

  9. Bigorados says:

    Man, ok…. not that Richter isnt nice…. truly he`s very very cool, but… ot would be EVEN “nicier” if u remake the Richter Sprites, like (everyone knows the SotN Richter and Rondo of Blood/Dracula X Richter have diferent costumes) u could do the SotN richter withh all his clothing and the long hair and etc, so its a suggestion .-.

    • Esco says:

      Richter’s sprites will get done when people stop being lazy and expecting me to do it, and get off their asses and do it themselves. I am not an artist at all. So far the only one who has put forth the effort is Serio, and I am very happy with his work.

      As for the sprite you did in 20 minutes, come on man, give me a break. You know that thing looks nowhere near as good as the other sprites in SOTN (although it is better than anything I could do). I would never place something out of place like that in my hack. Lol

  10. México says:

    Hello there I can see you are an expert.. it is just an excellent work man, please keep going on it, sigue hací hermano, te apoyamos y si necesitas ayuda solo dilo porfavor… Por cierto, the mist in the saturn version of the game is a lot cooler than the sprite of the mist in the psn game, solo como sugerencia, podrias transferir los sprites de la version saturn a tu hack? solo un consejo para que se vea mejor alucard jeje… por cierto espero no estar haciendo el ridiculo hablando spanglish xD pero se reconoce a un latino donde sea, suerte.

  11. Holy fuck, I thought this whole project was dead… Esco, you are a god damn superhero for keeping this thing going! If you ever need any alpha or beta testing done, I’ve got a fair share of experience doing just that and tons of time playing CSotN (like most everyone else here I imagine.)

    You rock!

  12. mico says:

    looks actually great, i just want to say what those crosses needs to have better sprites… just an idea

  13. Maikson says:

    LOOOOOOOOL That to good to be true, keeep the work, some animations in the sprite is looking a bit of screen with some objects, like the staircase, i don’t know why, perhaps, this should be just the resolution that is much better than PSX version :DDDD

  14. JVC says:

    This is really looking good ESCO,best wishes for you and keep up the awesome work :).

  15. Bigorados says:

    man… nice work, i mean REALLY nice work….
    btw are u going rly to REMAKE the whole game in gamemaker like from entrance till final inverted castle and all the items(crissaegrim pwning sword) and ….ok you get it… but is that so? and i think ill try to make sprites to contribute go the game…. and KEEP GOING 😀

  16. 8mike8 says:

    That’s insane! you’ve done a crazy good job at making this accurate! I see you’ve added in a double jump for Richter too.

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