9/5/11: The dialogue engine is complete!!!

Well although I have been busy over the last few days I managed to finish up the dialogue engine for the Hack. It duplicates almost EXACTLY the original SOTN version of it. This includes the text that is typed at a speed that matches the dialogue. I figured out a way to do this using the SIN BASS AUDIO DLL, and the function that lets me read what position (in BYTES) is playing in the sound. I also enabled the ability to skip the dialogue using the start button.
The only piece of bad news is the fact that for each conversation I have to manually code in the timing of the text with the sound. This took about 2 hours to do for just the intro conversation in the new English Dialogue. Luckily there aren’t too many points in the game where there is dialogue like this. However, this also means that if I do Japanese or Old voices I have to adapt the speed (as well as the dialogue itself) to match up with this one by one. Not a hard task; just a time consuming one. But on the plus side, I am astonished to see that it works so smoothly and is bug free!
The scripting also takes into account slow down in the game. Because although the game might slow down, the audio would not in general. My code makes sure that even if this happens due to PC lag on a system, that the text will STILL match the audio the way it should.
Next up: designing a script to automatically move the player when needed, some more documentation, a few minor bug fixes, and then I can FINALLY start on the engine for the monsters and enemies! Stay tuned for more updates!
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7 Responses to 9/5/11: The dialogue engine is complete!!!

  1. Dante says:

    Looks awesome. Will keep an eye out for this… have to go load up the 360 to replay SOTN now.

  2. Maikson says:

    LOL you two must migrate to skype T-T

  3. Jesse says:

    It keeps telling me that this Live service is down right now, but it will add you when it comes back up. In the meantime, is there anything specifically you would like me to work on?

  4. Jesse says:

    Could you try sending the request again? Please and thank you =)

  5. Maikson says:

    OMG just to hear you say… MONSTERS… Give me chills, there’s monster with 3d on it, complicated spells, transparency, 2 parts moving separately, monster with pet, bosses, voices on enemies, Lag issues because of enemies, monster vials, spells with swords to summon monster’s, hope you are visiting the church to don’t loose your faith 😀

  6. Gokajern says:

    I have probably said this before but, fuck yeah! it’s exciting to see this project taking form. Cheers!

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