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Deciding on how to setup controls and languages (EDITED on 9/30):

I’ll cut to the chase: SOTN has always been, and always will be, primarily a controller pad based game. It was not initially designed with the idea of using a keyboard to play it for obvious reasons. However, I recognize … Continue reading

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Update 9/24/11: Start, load menu and file select screens are completed! (UPDATED ON 9/27)

Rather than trying to clarify what screens, just look at the pics below: First up: the Start Screen: Now the Load Menu: Lastly the File select screen; it now displays only if the current game is cleared, rather than redundantly … Continue reading

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Update 9/14: 3d clock tower, demo video, and more (updated on 9/16)

Well I recently completed the looooooooooooooooooong task of making the text line up with the speech during the intro dialogue, as well as completing Richter’s animations during the aforementioned conversation so that they match up with it too. I also … Continue reading

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9/5/11: The dialogue engine is complete!!!

Well although I have been busy over the last few days I managed to finish up the dialogue engine for the Hack. It duplicates almost EXACTLY the original SOTN version of it. This includes the text that is typed at … Continue reading

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