Fun with dialogue boxes and text (updated on 8/30/11)

Well, as I have said before I believe a picture is worth a 1000 words sooooo…………
I have begun working on the boxes for dialogue within SOTN. As I believe I mentioned a few weeks back I had already selected a font to be used in the game (thanks goes to Gemini for ripping this text from Dawn of sorrow, and using it in his text hack of SOTN), which you can see above. In SOTN when a conversation starts, we first have a red solid colored wipe, which then fades out to reveal a blue somewhat transparent background with a slight gradient, covered by another very transparent black background with another gradient. I have duplicated all of these and they work fine.
After this, it then scales up the image of the Character, places in their name, and begins writing text (all completed). After enough lines have been written, the text will scroll up, deleting the top most line of text, and writing the next bunch of text (so far mine just moves up and deletes the line without the scrolling; I will be experimenting more with this tomorrow using surfaces to see if I can duplicate it). When it goes to the next character speaking, it scales out the current portrait, scales in the next and repeats the text process. At the end it scales out the portrait one more time, then closes the black background to the left, and the blue one toward the top (they are scaled).
Tomorrow when I have some free time I will be continuing to work on this. I then also have to put the conversations sounds into my GM file ( I may keep them as just an external resource), and begin on the script for all of the text, as well as other variables related to it. But all in all, I am astonished at how much easier this is to do than I thought it would be.
This is of course not all that I have been working on lately:
  • Thanks to Jorge from the Castlevania Dungeon Forums I have finished the background to the intro stage; I decided against included the 3d moving clouds at the bottom. Mostly because although the effect was cool, it just didn’t look good or real at all. Instead there are mountains, and flowing foggy water (similar to DXC chronicles, thanks to Jorge again for the gradient that he made and the mountains that he edited for me).
  • For the clouds up top, so far I am using a 9 layer series of clouds that scroll horizontally and look much more realistic.
  • Jorge was also generous enough to create a 3d clock tower for me, which he is now tweaking so that I can replace the current 2d one, with the 3d one instead.
  • Jorge also created the 3d black hole background for when fighting Dracula’s 2nd form.
  • All of the stage specific things (moon, staircase, switch, etc.) are complete for the intro stage. This includes the parallax scrolling where needed.
More updates to come soon; hopefully by the end of the week, I will be done with the dialogue related things,  including Richter’s animations for the Dracula pre-fight dialogue, and then I can move on to the “automove” script (what moves the player when you can’t control him, like during dialogue, going thru red doors, etc) and then onto enemy collisions. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: 8/30/11: I have figured out how to get the text scroll to upward in a way that works fine and looks good. I have also figured out how to play the necessary sound clips (they will be external files, to make downloading updates easier and quicker for you all), as well as how to time the text to match up with the voice clip. Lastly, I figured out how to go to the next set of text, and sound to write/play as needed. Tomorrow I will continue working on the dialogue and text for the rest of the game (all of it needs to be done; which will take a few days), and also began on setting up the text boxes to close when done (easy to do) as well as setting the pause button to skip dialogue (this works once the game has been beaten once; this limit will be implemented later).

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9 Responses to Fun with dialogue boxes and text (updated on 8/30/11)

  1. Jesse says:

    I dont see the request..

  2. Jesse says:

    As I stated in the first post I have been working in Gamemaker for years. I am very familiar with all the lite features, just started in pro. I also am in my first semester of Computer Info Systems so I will be learning programming rather soon. I have been working on this on my own in the lite version and have the actual control very similar to the original game and have made Richter with all but sub items. I have become very good with using timers and variables to control animations and button sequences for combos and such. Mainly I am very good with problem solving and looking at different ways to efficiently and effectivly get similar effects. Also I have a lot of knowledge of SotN, as I beat the 360 version with Alucard and got every achievement including map completion in 6 hours, with the exception of the one achievement for beating it with Richter.

  3. Gekomees says:

    I don’t know about the quality of PSX-s soundtracks but are you going to implement higher quality soundtrack (from the OST maybe?)?

    Regardless, good luck with your project!

  4. Jesse says:

    I now have 8.0 Pro if you would be interested in my help.

  5. we are watching as well!

  6. Tremis says:

    I like the progress you are making! Keep it up. I’m sure there are a lot of lurkers like me who are watching as well!

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