Update 8/9/11: now working on collisions with candles and enemies.

Well intro Richter is now 95% completed: he just needs his pain and conversation animations (which will be done when dracula & the conversation engine is done) and his orange overlay with the round gradient (the one for when Maria powers him up with a horizontal gradient is done.). The intro Maria is also done, so I have been working on collision with candle type objects for the last day; they are now completely done. The candleabras (all 3 sizes), giant urn, gold jar, and statues in the intro are all fully completed. They look exactly as they did in SOTN; flames, fragments, etc., and they also drop item’s like they should. Working on them has actually taught me quite a bit on how to better utilize the collision system in gamemaker. I am truly amazed at how simple coding in candle objects was, as well as how nicely I managed to duplicate the colored rings that appear in game when you do things like use a resist item.
Tomorrow I will be finishing off the damage script for grand cross, then I have to code in the script for your old sub weapon to be “spit out” of the player when you grab a new one. Then I will be moving on to putting things in like the stair-bridge, the moon, and most of the background effects for the intro. I also need to figure out the collision for how to get the hit spark to appear in the right spot when you damage something (it is in game right now, but appears in the middle of the object that the weapon hits, which is incorrect).
After this is done, it will be time to start on the scripting for damaging enemies (which will be a bit more complex than collision with candle objects), which will then allow me to finally start working on Dracula. Which is something I have been greatly looking forward to. Stay tuned for more updates.

EDIT: I also changed the font for the heart digits; it now uses the old SOTN one for it.

Update 8/9/11: I have completed the effect to spit the old sub weapon out of the player. I have also inputted a small size and large size font to be used for text and menus. The damage for grand cross is also done. I have also implemented a system which will not only allow me to setup which items are one time only grabs (meaning they can only be collected once like equipment), but will allow me to do the same for enemies and candles which have items that are only meant to be grabbed once.

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4 Responses to Update 8/9/11: now working on collisions with candles and enemies.

  1. 8-Bit says:

    This project sounds great, maybe Konami will learn a thing or two about level design and gameplay from you when you’re done. Keep at it, don’t lose steam!

    P.S. I have an interest in ROM hacking and game design, though no experience. Feel free to reach out if you start getting bogged down with real life or whatever, perhaps I’ll be able to assist. Given the nature of Real Life I can make no guarantees though 🙂

  2. Very Glad of you, dude. Keep up the work, I wish I was as smart as you so I could code and contribute n stuff. 🙂 But I’ll keep cheering. 😀

  3. 8mike8 says:

    good job man! keep up the good work!

  4. Lauren says:

    This is awesome and exciting keep up the good work!

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