Checklist of things that still need to be done for Richter in the Intro stage (EDITED on 9/14):

This is just a list of what still has to be done for “old richter” in stage zero before he is complete. Please note that as things are done they will be crossed out below so keep checking back here for updates on my progress.
  • Pain animations sprites must be put in, animation must be coded, and info to send him into it (this will be done after dracula is done so I have a way to test them).
  • Richter’s Sprites for his conversation with Dracula (very, very easy to do).
  • Cross sprite, along with particles for the shadow trails and sparkles.
  • Holy water bottle and flames (this is a simple one)
  • Grand cross light, and 3d crosses (to be done tomorrow, 7/25)
  • Hydrostorm particles
  • Dust particles for richter’s sudden stop, slide, and hard landing
  • Shadow trails particles for when richter is dashing/tackling./etc
  • Heads up display gauge for life, tackle gauge, and heart counter must be put in (yawn… easy).
  • Pause box (another very, very easy task)
  • Child maria’s sprites, beasts, sounds, etc (pretty easy).
  • Flame particles for flaming vampire killer
  • Blinking effect for when richter has the whip power up, and the rainbow colored ring that goes into him when he first does it too.
  • All the effects for when Maria powers up richter.
Although this list looks long it really isn’t; that majority of the stuff left is particle things involving sprites, and some stuff with surfaces that I will need someone to tutor me on a little since I seem to be having some small issues with them. But once I know a little more about them, they will be very easy to do. Richter already has just about all of his animations and all moves that he will use in the intro (plus his high jump and double jump), including one of the hardest ones to do: his actual whip attack.
After this is all done the next step is starting on collisions between his weapons and candles/enemies (another pretty easy one since the hitboxes for his attacks are already done), and then coding in dracula. After that will be getting someone to tutor me a bit on how to do the demo videos at the start of the game, the title screen, loading screen, saving files, doing the intro map & text, the dialogue screens between richter and dracula, and then duplicating the tile effect when you beat dracula’s first form, and how to snap the picture. It sounds like a lot, and it is a pretty good amount, but one of the hardest things (coding the actual player) is almost done, and the rest afterwards isn’t so bad or time consuming.
Plus with old richter done, I would also have a template that I could use to make Alucard, Maria, and New Richter. Which will creating them much faster and easier for me.
Stay tuned for more updates.

UPDATE 7/24: Amazingly my cross, holywater, flaming vampire killer, and hydrostorm are among just a few of the things that actually look WAY better when done in gamemaker. I mentioned just these 4 because they took quite a bit of work (especially the cross) to duplicate and I am actually astonished especially that they came out looking so gorgeous and truly improve on the originals! I also completed jump thru platforms today, which leaves only mud still needing to be done.

UPDATE 7/25: Grand cross is done; light pillar, giant crosses, sparkles, sounds, white screen overlay, additive blending, and all.And it looks great!

UPDATES 7/28: Life and MP gauge is done, as is sub weapon and hearts display. The pause box is also complete. Later today it’s time to do some code cleanup.

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4 Responses to Checklist of things that still need to be done for Richter in the Intro stage (EDITED on 9/14):

  1. Maikson says:

    The demo will end where?

    You did not input the

    the dracula’s animation
    and the swirl on the background (this will be a pain in the ass)

    How did you do the grand cross animation, you are a 3d artist now?

  2. Claimh says:

    Damn you, Serio… One-upping me by making a better Fatal Rain animation than I did. >.>

  3. serio says:

    concerning dracula, i got bored and made those for him so use them if you want.

    upper row without left hand movement, lower with. i think it looks more dynamic with it.

    • Esco says:

      Hey bro, good to see you on here. Wow that is really nice looking man. Thanks a lot. As usual you don’t just meet my expectations with your stuff, you GREATLY exceed them. That thing looks REALLY good.

      And yes you are right; it does look better when both hands are moving. 8)

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